Super work from Year 6!

Wow! Year 6 have really impressed me today! We have been focusing on the book ‘Tuesday’ and today they had to write questions they had about the picture book. They blew me away with their questions and collaboration. Just look at their awesome work! Well done my lovelies! You really are superstars!

Crew Piper Shout Outs

This morning we had our first virtual assembly as a Year 5/6 phase.  It was great to hear how well everyone has done during the first two weeks of our new, but somewhat different school year.

Well done Lilly and Aurora who have been awarded my shout outs today.  You have both impressed me so much with how hard you have been working this week.

Crew shoutouts!

We haven’t had much of a chance to catch up as a full 5/6 phase but today we did our first virtual assembly. It was lovely to hear what fabulous things our children have been doing in class and their highlights of the week as well as celebrating successes! Well done to everyone in 5/6 this week you have all been awesome but a bigger shout out to those children who received a shout-out from their teachers for their howls this week! Well done superstars! I am very proud of you all! #Crew5/6

Welcome Back Year 6s!

What a fabulous first day back our new Year 6s have had!  Every single pupil made my jaw ache due to over smiling! They have been an absolute credit to themselves and welcomed our new class mate with open arms – so to speak. Today we have worked as a crew – playing a variety of games whereby the children realised that if we work together, our journey can be achieved quicker and with a deeper understanding of what we need to do to make our journey successful.
I’m really looking forward to tomorrow but for now, my feet need some TLC.
Well done 6H. Here’s to an awesome year!

New 6H Meet the teacher

Good morning everyone.
Below are the two links for today’s meet the teacher hangouts.  I hope to meet as many of you as possible later on…

The above is the link for the 11 o’clock meet the teacher session.

The above is the link for the 2 o’clock meet the teacher session.
I hope they work and to see as many new 6H pupils as possible.
Mrs H 🙂