Good afternoon year 1 & 2!

Reminder that we have our school trip on Wednesday, please turn up at 8:50am promptly in your normal place with your crew leaders! Ensure your children are wearing school uniforms and comfortable shoes with a warm/waterproof jacket in case of bad weather.

Thursday afternoon we have our jubilee celebration out on the field! You can come dressed as queens/kings/ princesses or in red/white/blue. If you’ve made a crown bring it for this afternoon, this will also be when we have our Great Plover Bake off!

On Friday children can wear red/white/blue clothing as we will be having a jubilee themed maths and English day!

We kindly ask that all KS1 children donate something red (chocolate, sweets, food, drink, candles, clothes, toys, games etc.) to be put into hampers for prizes at the Jubilee picnic!

Thanks everyone #LovePlover

KS1 Trip – Wednesday 25th May

Good afternoon KS1

All of KS1 are looking forward to our school trip on Wednesday 25th May, to visit the spectacular Danum Gallery Library and Museum and two places of worship!

Can I please ask that those parents who have not yet paid £10.50, please do so before 3pm tomorrow, as it would be a shame for your child to miss out on this valuable learning experience. Unfortunately, those children will remain in school with another year group if payment is not recieved.

Any questions please speak to Mr Meade or KS1 Crew leads.

Thank you for all your continued support 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! #LovePlover

NEW: Doncaster Museum, Archives, Central Library and Art Gallery in 2020 -  Doncaster Mumbler


Despite the fact we started our day with a test most of year 2 have at some point told me that today has been THE BEST DAY EVER! We had a very special surprise – THE ICE CREAM VAN, followed by an afternoon of fun on the field. We raced, we danced, we performed and we even got the parachute out! Thank-you year 2 for being awesome we are so so so so so so so so so proud of you for your hard work this week!

Also well done to Aseel and Methmi for winning the yellow t-shirt! You always try your best, you are engaged and you are both the perfect example of what it looks like to follow the plover pledge!


Thank-you year 6!

It meant so much to us that year 6 took the time to congratulate us in completing our SATS! We really look up to the year 6’s and we hope we will be as awesome as they are when we get to be 10 and 11 years old! Thank-you year 6!



Thank-you Lena for letting us know that Claire had her last day today working in our kitchen at Plover. We appreciate all that the dinner staff do, cooking us super tasty meals every single day! Lena designed a very special card and as you can see it made her very happy!



We did some team building games today and used hoops to represent our ship! We had to race to the finish line but the catch is that occasionally we would have to climb inside our hoops and stop (SHIPWRECK!)

Teachers v Children!

As the children have worked so hard over the past few days on their SATs test we had lots of fun this afternoon on the field! We played ‘catch the robbers’ with all of the year 2 children vs Miss Free, Miss Barker and Miss Millington! It was difficult for the children because we are all as fast as sonic but they beat us – can you believe it!?

Outside Maths!

We made the most of the sunny weather yesterday afternoon by taking our maths lesson outside. We collected a range of objects – both natural objects and playground equipment to create arrays! Then we used to chalk to write the multiplication and division number sentences to match.


Talented Year Twos!

A massive shoutout to all year 2’s today from all of the KS1 staff. You have completed your first SATs test! Each and every one of you has shown resilience and tried your hardest and I’m sure all of your parents and carers will share our pride. Keep it up for the rest of the week – I went home with a massive smile on my face!