The aim of ARCHI is:

  • To provide an inclusive mainstream environment for severe to profoundly deaf children, who due to their deafness, have a severe language delay.
  • To ensure that pupils are fully included in school life and that they achieve their full potential.
  • To ensure appropriate adaptations and support are provided both academically and socially.

Support Throughout

With the support of a qualified teacher of the deaf and specialist learning support assistants, pupils with a hearing impairment are enabled to work and play alongside their peers from the Early Years Foundation Stage right through to Year 6.

The resource team members work closely with mainstream staff to ensure that pupils can:

  • Learn independently
  • Take responsibility
  • Promote self advocacy
  • Contribute effectively
  • Reach their full potential

The Resource

The Resource base room provides an acoustically treated environment where pupils can benefit from one-to-one focussed activities and small group work in optimum audiological conditions to further listening skills and foster natural language development.


The Centre for the Hearing Impaired Resource at Plover School adopts an auditory/oral approach, supplemented through the use of signing.

This approach encourages the development of speech through everyday interaction and conversation, encouraging children to develop their ability to discriminate sound through a variety of experiences.

Multi-Agency Links

ARCHI works closely with other established agencies, these include:

  • Doncaster Royal Infirmary Childrenā€™s Audiology Department
  • Doncaster Service for Children with a Hearing Impairment
  • Doncaster School and College for the Deaf
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Cochlear Implant Teams