Faith day in 4B

Today, the children have worked hard to learn about two new religions (Hinduism and Buddhism) and their Holy books (the four Vedas and the Tripitaka). It was great to see their enthusiasm and respect for learning about different religions. Well done 4B!

Miss Brown


Y2 Faith Day

Everyone in Year 2 worked hard today to learn about Buddhism. The children did a Gallery Walk of images of Buddhism and enjoyed discussing the similarities and differences between Buddhism and the other religions we have looked it. Today they found out about puja, a special ceremony, where Buddhists offer prayers to Buddha to ask for help or request their blessings. The children learned about the importance of a puja plate and the things needed to go on it.

Mrs Lewis


Hinduism and Buddhism in 3SG

For our faith day learning, we were first introduced to Hinduism where we learned about the origins of the religion. We recalled our Geographical skills to identify which countries have large populations of this global faith, then completed some reading activities to firm our understanding. We then continued by looking at how Hindu people worship in and out of their homes, comparing the differences.

Later, we were introduced to Buddhism and completed a fact file on what we had learnt about the religion as well as their manners of worship in temples.

Well done all!

F2 Faith Day

Today, we did some mindful meditation and talked about how it made us feel. Lots of children used the words ā€˜calm, happy, tired, sad, danceyā€™.
We then watched a video about BUDDHISM. The children talked about The Buddha and how he was enlightened and realised that there was so much suffering in the world but we needed to learn to be happy with what we have got. Buddhists use meditation to help them focus on these things. They celebrate the Buddha on Vesak day. Similar to some of the celebrations we have, they give cards. They also have lanterns to keep the dark away.

We made some lanterns to help us remember about Vesak.