Measuring in Centimetres

After blowing our socks off in their maths assessments, the children have been learning how to measure in centimetres. They learned how to use a ruler, and what a centimetre is and also helped Tiny the Turtle to correct his mistakes.

Handwriting Competition Winners

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Handwriting competition – you have produced some beautifully presented poems and it was very difficult to judge.

Everyone who entered has earned a prize but the overall winners were:

Come and see me at play time on Monday for your prize.

Mrs Graves


Measuring Length 📏

In our lesson this week, weā€™ve been learning how to measure using non-standard units. Our Elfie set us a challenge to measure some of his new sleigh designs to see which one was the longest!

KS1 Celebration of Learning!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and celebrate the learning that the children in KeyStage 1 have done during their expedition. The children presented their learning beautifully and revealed the amazing Buddy Benches we raised money for. Seeing so many grown-ups listening to their children as they shared their books and participated in our kindness activities was amazing. A fabulous end to so much hard work!

We would like to give an extra special thank you to Flynn’s Grandad who very kindly made a donation towards the work that we have done. Generosity of this nature is overwhelming and massively appreciated!

Well done everybody!


Measuring using objects

Today, the children have been building their knowledge of measurements. We have been investigating how to measure using objects and how to ensure we can compare measurements fairly.

Active Maths

Mastering number – we noticed number patterns of one more and one less. We used cubes to measure and compare different lengths. We practised counting using Move & Learn activities. #LovePlover

Head lice information and advice

Within most schools at any one time, there will be a small number of children infected with head lice. Infection levels remain fairly constant so we need your help to combat the bugs!

As a school, it is our job to ensure parents/carers are provided with the advice and support to effectively detect and treat cases of head lice affecting their own children.

We understand your frustrations and concerns regarding head lice. The attached leaflet has some answers to your questions.