Fun-packed week in LKS2

I can’t believe that there have only been 4 days at school this wee, we seem to have done so much!

In English, we have developed our speaking and listening skills by creating role plays about a disastrous visit to a dentist. We followed this up by starting our extended piece of creative writing – a diary entry about a disastrous visit to a dentist! We are being inspired by the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Demon dentist.

In Expedition, we had stomach churning investigations into how our digestive system works. We researched the functions of the parts of the digestive system and then things got a little bit messy when we created our own digestive system with bananas, orange juice, biscuits and a pair of tights!

A great week has been topped-off with today’s NSPCC number day. We have shared the book ‘How many Jellybeans’ which showed us exactly what 1 million jellybeans looks like. That inspired us to investigate different aspects of maths using jelly beans! We have weighed, timed, created 3D shapes, graphed, estimated and much more – and then we got to eat Jellybeans – win win!

I am so proud of working with the children and adults in LKS2, their hard work and enthusiasm makes me look forward to coming to work every day!

Mrs Graves


Giving back to our mining community…

Today, Noah, Lola and Agrima represented crew 5/6 and took the money we raised for Markham Main mining memorial to Dennis along with copies of our anthology of poems. The poems will be placed on a plaque to go inside the memorial garden. We feel proud of our mining community and we desperately wanted to give something back to them once we had learnt all about the miners and how they shaped Doncaster in our last Expedition. The sponsored walk was an amazing way to raise funds and we’d like to thank everyone who took part and sponsored our pupils. The anthology of poems are available to purchase for £1 each and the money raised will be donated to Markham Main. We are so proud of you all 5/6!
-Miss Blackham


Pyjamarama Day

On Friday 14th May, we will be celebrating Pyjamarama Day in school. Children are invited to come to school in their pyjamas for a suggested donation of £1. The aim of the day is to raise awareness of the importance of a bedtime story for all children. Donations will go to the National Book Trust, who use the money to help all children have a story in their homes to read. Children will be participating in some fun activities in school on this day, all linked to reading for pleasure.

NSPCC Number day

On Friday 7th May we are going to be celebrating NSPCC Number day. We will be focusing on number and other maths throughout the day. We would like children to dress up in something related to number if they so wish.

I am looking forward to seeing the different creations.

Mrs Price


The Great Fire of London Expedition – Celebration of Learning

Although the Spring term may have been different and provided challenges – ultimately we were so proud of KS1 for their perseverance, resilience and creativity!

Please find our celebration of learning video which shows the journey of our fantastic expedition whether it was at home or in school.

The poems we all created along with the awesome artwork for our final product anthology will be published and donated to the local library for the community to enjoy.

KS1 Crew


What a Wonderful World

Before Easter we completed our expedition by recording our Plover version of the song ‘What a Wonderful World!’ We will be using this in the celebration of our Spring Expedition in May but we thought you would like a sneak peak. You can watch it on Youtube here:

We have also completed giant collaborative artwork for our final product, The Great Wave.

We decided to delay celebrating our expedition until all children had returned to school, to ensure that they could all contribute to the Final Product- I am so glad we did as the result is fantastic.

Mrs Graves


We are scientists in LKS2

We have had great fun in LKS2 during Hook Week and we can’t wait until our dress up as a scientist/medic day tomorrow.

As well as getting creative to immerse our classrooms for our new theme “How do we make Doncaster more Healthy?”, we have developed our inner scientist, learning about animals and humans.

We have researched and learnt how to classify animal species and played a giant game of Tag to learn about food chains

I have spoken to so many children who have been really excited about our new expedition and cannot wait to find out more.

I look forward to seeing what this expedition has in store!

Mrs Graves


Our celebration video from last term’s Expedition!

We are so proud of you 5/6 for not only producing awesome work last term during challenging times when some of you were working from home and adapting to online lessons but also for the amazing fundraising you all contributed to for Markham Main mining memorial. You are all amazing and I hope you enjoy this video capturing a truly awesome Expedition!
-Miss Blackham