What’s In Your Bucket?

This week we have started case study 3. We read the story Billy’s Bucket, then used our imaginations to decide where our buckets would take us. We had a go at drawing what would be inside our buckets, then some children chose to follow up their own learning by drawing and designing, the outside of their bucket.

Miss Wood


I Always Get Smart!

Methmi is such a fabulous young lady: she never ceases to amaze me! During Science lessons, we have been thinking about changing states and have been investigating the question: Does temperature affect the rate of melting? She took it upon herself to use a thesaurus to research a bank of vocabulary that she could use in her write up so as she did not repeat herself and to ensure her word choices were appropriate! Well done. What a superstar you are!

Mrs Haycock


We are marvellous mathematicians!

Well done and thank you to these superstars for being so kind as to help their friends understand how to compare decimal numbers using the < and > symbols! Your use of mathematical language was excellent. Talking your friends through the method of looking at each place value column in turn, and helping them to remember which symbol is which, enabled them to compare the decimal numbers accurately. Thank you and I hope you are proud of yourselves!

Let’s keep being kind to each other and working collaboratively so that together, we can make as much progress as possible before you become Year 5’s!

Mrs Haycock


KS2 Euros party! Thursday 20th June 4:30pm-7pm

On Thursday 20th June, KS2 will be having a Euros party to celebrate the game. We are asking children to come to the party dressed in either red, white or blue. If children do not have anything in these colours, they are welcome to come in any outfit they choose.

The event will be ÂŁ1.50 which will include a hotdog and a drink and all funds raised will go towards a McDonalds treat for the Year 6’s going to London and a McDonald’s treat for the Year 6’s who will be staying in school.

Additional sweets will be available to purchase in addition to raise further funds. The event will start at 4:30pm and finish at 7:00pm promptly. Children must be collected by an adult from this event.

Next week, KS2 children will be decorating their own plain t-shirts ahead of the game. If you are happy for your child to decorate a t-shirt, please send the t-shirt into school no later then next Tuesday.

Thank you for your continued support!

-Miss Blackham


Deaf School Visit

Year 2 were kindly invited to the Deaf School to support us with our learning for our Expedition. We were introduced to some of the children at the school and then we had to use their signing names to see if we could work out something about their personality. We did really well! Then we used some of the signs we had already learnt in school, along with some new ones, to play colour bingo. We had to focus hard because there weren’t any audio prompts. We had to watch and pay attention! Our last activity was learning to finger spell simple words and then to use the sign for that object. We have just started learning this in school so it was brilliant to get a chance to practice it!

We all had a brilliant time and learnt a lot. We all said thank you to the Deaf School for hosting us.


Come to Doncaster!

Today 2L has been learning about the features of posters. We looked at different examples of posters to help us understand what features they included to make them good. We decided that posters needed to be colourful, eye-catching, clear and bossy. Once we had finished, we critiqued each other’s posters and checked they had included all the features.

Mrs Lewis