Year 5

Hello Year 5,

For the Google Classroom you will need to go to the school website. The fact you’re reading this message means you’re here already!

Look towards to the top right corner and you should see where it says Log In.

Click on Log In and enter your username and password.

For example:




Your username will be the first part of your email address. So if your email is then your username is jbloggs.


You should know your password. If you have any problems with this then contact school.


When you log in the two icons you need the most are these.

The email allows us to send you messages – this maybe a password or help with a task.

The Google Classroom takes you to the tasks.

When you click on classwork the most important thing to remember is to click on View Assignment. When you have completed the task, click on Hand-In.

Stay safe and take care.

Mr Whitfield

INSET Day Reminder – School Closed Friday 18th September

Just a quick reminder for our Parents/Carers that Friday 18th September is a staff INSET training day therefore school will be closed to all children on this day. Please find a copy of academic calendar below as a reminder of our future dates and holiday patterns. A text reminder will also be sent …Thank you!

Supporting Social Distancing

Can I please remind all parents to ensure they use the one way system around school and also ensure a safe distance at the classroom doors when dropping off and collecting their children.  I understand that it is a busy time but we need to ensure we keep as safe as possible.  Can I suggest that when collecting from classrooms you queue near the classroom doors, at a safe distance.  This will avoid blocking any routes between playgrounds.

Many thanks everyone

Mrs Coward

What to do if…? Some frequently asked questions

With the huge amount of information and  changing guidelines, it is understandable that the school’s procedures around Covid-19 can seem confusing.

In the first instance, if a child shows any of the following symptoms, parents must keep them away from school and ensure that they are tested:

  • A new, continuous cough (where you cough a lot for more than an hour, or have three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours)
  • Fever – where your temperature is above 37.8C
  • Loss of smell or taste

In addition, the table below includes specific details about what to do in different situations for anyone else in their household (for instance, if a sibling shows symptoms.)

Please contact school if you have any questions.






Entering and Exiting School

It was lovely to see everybody this morning and I am pleased to say that all of our children are settled in their new classes.  I’ve seen lots of smiley faces!

Thank you to everybody for following the one way system put in place to allow children and their parents to safely enter and exit the school grounds in accordance with national social distancing measures.

We recognised this morning that it was busy around the KS1 area meaning that parents and carers were held up as they tried to follow the one way system and exit the school grounds.  Children in Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 can therefore be dropped off between 8:30 and 8:50am meaning there will hopefully be less parents on the school grounds at any one time.  Please note this will start from tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd September.

We are also going to extend our collection from school at the end of the school day.  Children in all years can be collected between 2:45 and 3:00pm.  This will start from today.

Thank you for your continued support.

Welcome to Foundation Stage

This is just a reminder that Foundation Stage children do not start school today. There are parent meetings today and tomorrow. If you are unsure of your meeting time please contact school.

We kindly ask that all adults attending meetings wear a face mask.

We are looking forward to meeting you all.

Mrs Price

Early Birds and Night Owls Clubs

New Government changes to the provision of breakfast and after school clubs has meant that we will be slightly altering the arrangement of Early Birds and Night Owls clubs to allow for social distancing in relation to Covid-19.

I am happy to say that at the moment we are able to continue to offer this out of school hours provision.  Please help us by booking in advance by either calling the school office or emailing

Details of our clubs are as follows:

Early Birds Club

  • £2.50 per session
  • Payment through Parentpay in advance (please remain in credit)
  • All ages welcome
  • Opens at 7:30am. The last breakfast is served at 8:30am. We serve cereals, toast with a variety of jams and spreads and juices. The children also have the option of fruit.

Night Owls Club

  • £5.00 per session inclusive of a light meal
  • Open from 3:00pm – 6:00pm (this is usually from 4:00pm – 6:00pm but will start at 3:00pm whilst our free after school clubs are not running)
  • Payment through Parentpay in advance (please remain in credit)
  • All ages welcome
  • Following a request from a few parents, we are are also able to offer a shorter session open from 3:00pm – 4:00pm at a reduced cost of £2

We want to be able to support as many families as we can however the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19 restrict what we can currently offer.  Therefore we ask you only book a space if you need it due to childcare for work reasons.

Just a quick update to share our new winter choice menu which will be available from next week for those children wishing to have a school dinner. We will be starting the week on Tuesday 1st September but on Mondays choice (pizza) then continue on Wednesday as advertised so no pork pie will be served to begin with. Payments must be made in advance via Parentpay for children in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 with the exception of those who qualify for free school meals.

Children still have the option to bring in a packed lunch from home and will eat this with their year group in the main hall.

If any child has a new food allergy or change which we have not been made aware of we will require a confirmation by doctor/medical professional so that we may provide your child with the correct food. Our main concern is to ensure we provide the correct food and in no way put your child at risk. Until this information has been received unfortunately we will not be able to provide a meal and a packed lunch from home provided.

We would like to encourage parents/carers to apply for free school meals. We can help with this at the school office or to get an instant decision, please apply online. We have also been informed of additional funding that may benefit some of our families so please apply using the links below.

Financial difficulties due to the Covid 19 crisis:

Doncaster Council has received some additional funding to assist those most economically vulnerable as a result of the Covid 19 situation. The funding is for help with food and essential supplies over the next 12 weeks.
This additional funding will enable DMBC to help more people who require help with food, fuel, basic household items, school uniforms, rent deposits and rent arrears as a result of this crisis.

Parents/carers who feel in need of this assistance please apply using the links below;

  • *  the Local Assistance Scheme for help with food, fuel, basic household items, school uniforms, or
  • *  the Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme for help with housing costs, rent deposits or rent arrears.Applications to both schemes are online at are able to take up their right to FSM by requesting this online at under the heading Children, young people and families.