Sharing our Stories: 24/05/2024

Beautiful Work This Week

Chance to Dance – Royal Ballet at XP

We were delighted to be able to welcome the Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet programme ‘Chance to Dance‘ to XPE last weekend. Over two days the tech teams and over 100 pupils from five Primary Schools across Doncaster – including our own Norton Junior School –  rehearsed and then performed a specially choreographed piece based on a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

For months the children had been working in their schools, finally joining us at XPE last weekend to meet all the other participants and share their love of dance, working together to create a beautiful piece of ballet. Performing alongside them were Isabella and Valentino, remarkable solo artists from the Royal Ballet.

Over two performances several hundred friends and family filled the auditorium at XP enchanted by the stunning piece that was received with cheers and much applause. This is the second year running that XPE has hosted this event and it was a delight to welcome back the team from the ROH and Royal Ballet. 

Blue Planet – Product Curation at 23rd Owston Scout Hall

Beautiful work from KS1s most recent Expedition ‘Blue Planet’ is on display of the walls of the Owston Scout Hall! Their guiding question was ‘How will what I do today impact the world tomorrow?’.

The art focusses on three different countries they have been learning about: the UK, Africa and Antartica. The exhibition not only showcases all of the children’s artwork but also food and drink from the countries and facts that they had learnt about each country.

Visitors from Hong Kong at XP

XP Doncaster hosted 50 Visitors from Hong Kong last week. The visitors left feeling very inspired and praised our students for being so confident and articulate – we look forward to welcoming our visitors back to XP in the future!

We’re looking for an outstanding Learning Coach (Teaching Assistant and HLTA) and Crew Leader at XP Gateshead!

Find out more here and apply to #JoinOurCrew

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fishy family learning

What a lovely morning we had. I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most? The children or the grown-ups! It was lovely to see all the creativity and the team work going on in making some beautiful sea creatures. I have hung them and stuck them and draped them and admired them this evening. They have made our classroom beautiful! Thank you to everyone who came and supported their children in our colourful expedition, ‘What happens where the sea meets the shore?’


We are writers

4H have been working really hard to write about what Fairtrade is and how we can help to support this co-operative organisation. Your vocabulary choices are becoming so much more effective, everyone and I am really proud of how hard you have tried to plan in and include a variety of different fronted adverbials!

I look forward to reading and marking these pieces of writing in preparation for the production of our final product.

Mrs Haycock


We are dividing by 100

This week, we have been practising dividing by 100. To do this we have been dividing by 10, then dividing by 10 a second time. Using place value grids and counters has really helped some of us to see the division happening and therefore understand that we move the digits two columns to the right to divide a number by 100.

Well done everyone! Let’s continue to remember that it is okay to use the resources around the room to help us understand what we are doing.

Mrs Haycock


One Million Words

Wow, wow, wow! Well done to everyone in my Reading group, you have all worked so hard and together you have managed to read one million words over the last term!

The children have worked so hard to develop their fluency, comprehension and inference skills and they have been enjoying using our Reading Plus platform. As you can see, they were so pleased to meet their goal!

Well done to all of you, you are all superstars!

Mrs Lewis


F1 Faith Day – Diwali

Today we have revisited Diwali for our sticky knowledge, as part of faith day. We used cooours and blocks to create rangoli patterns, and looked at our floor book to discuss the diva lamps we made in Autumn term. We also watched a video showing Diwali celebrations.

Miss Wood