Year 6 pass out!

Just a reminder Year 6 pass out is tomorrow at 1:45. Parents are welcome to join their children on the field for a picnic one last time before they will line up and be individually clapped out by the rest of the school and parents on our red carpet. Our Year 6’s have been amazing this year and they deserve their time to shine tomorrow. We would be so appreciative to everyone who comes to join us to cheer our Year 6’s on as they leave Plover.

On Thursday Year 6 will go and spend the afternoon at Hatfield water park on the inflatables and they will be treated to chip butty’s from the local chip shop for their last school meal.

I really feel privileged to have worked with such amazing children this year and I’m looking forward to spending the next two days with you before you go on to your next part of your journey.

You are all amazing and you will always be part of our Plover crew!

-Miss Blackham