F2P Pride of Plover

Well done to Bobby. Bobby has been working very hard. He has tried to meet and then exceed his minimum expectation. He is kind and helpful and has started coaching his friends and explaining learning to them.

Pride of Plover

Congratulations to this week’s Pride of Plover winners. They have demonstrated their growing skills for independence in their learning but also how they have started to coach and support other pupils in their learning as well. These are fabulous skills! Well done to Kiara, Rio and Brooke on their fabulous achievements. Enjoy the special t-shirt this week and keep up these great learning behaviours!

F2P Pride of Plover

This week I have chosen Brooke for F2P Pride of Plover. Brooke has been in school everyday and has worked hard in all her learning. This week her writing has really impressed me. She has tried to use full stops and capital letters and has put spaces between the words as well as use her imagination. Well done Brooke.

F2S our winner this week is…


We are all so proud of you this week. Mrs Haycock , Mrs Pell and Miss Benn have had something great to tell me every day this week. Violet has been doing her best to work hard and be kind in her keyworker group. It’s not easy when you are the youngest person in a group but Violet has tried really hard and overcome challenges. Keep it up Violet!

F2P Pride of Plover

This week I have chosen Isabelle. Isabelle is always a superstar in her learning. She works hard and tries her best all the time even if she is unsure. She has shown this through her writing, maths and particularly in her model making. Well done Isabelle.

The F2S Pride of Plover goes to…

Dania Ali again!

I have been so impressed with how happily and sensibly Dania has settled back into school. She always arrives with a smile on her face and works so hard at everything she does. In addition she is still working hard at home. Well done Dania!

F2P Pride of Plover

This week I have chosen someone who has a very big enthusiasm for learning. They love exploring and finding out. They like to ask questions and challenge thinking.

I have chosen Ethan. I am so proud of all the things that you have learnt to do during lock down. Well done Ethan.

F2P Pride of Plover

This week I have chosen someone who has been working really hard and showing lots of perseverance and that is Karlie-Rose. She has been working hard on her reading and writing, using new words to describe things and has been trying new foods. We are very proud of you Karlie-Rose – well done.