F2P Pride of Plover

This week I have chosen Vivan for his effort in learning at home and school. I have been impressed with his art work particularly at home and Miss Lister has been impressed with his shape work and the effort that he has put into his writing. Well done Vivan.

F2P Pride of Plover

This week for F2P Pride of Plover I have chosen Roscoe. I have been impressed with all of his home learning this week. He has made a pirate boat, a telescope and has been on a pirate treasure hunt. Roscoe has also been at work in his garden, learning about plants and how to grow them. Well done Roscoe.

Pride of Plover

This weeks Pride of Plover is Shang! She always goes above and beyond especially now everything has shifted online. She puts in 100% effort and keeps her work of an amazing standard. She actively takes on feedback and rubrics her learning and up levels it from there. Both Mrs Keegan and I are blown away with your efforts. Keep it up!

The Pride of Plover Winner for F2S is…

Harry Green

Congratulations Harry! You have really impressed me this week with your hard work and creativity. You have taken on roles from Farmer Harry, making butter and growing things to Sheriff Harry, catching thieves. You are clearly enjoying your learning. Keep it up!

The winner is…

This week’s Pride of Plover winner is…

Bradley E!

Well done Bradley. You have worked so hard with independence and resilience and produced some great learning. Keep it up.


F2P Pride of Plover

F2P Pride of Plover award this week goes to Lena Cnota for her fantastic outdoor learning. She has worked hard every week during Lock Down and has been a superstar. Well done Lena.

F2P Pride of Plover

This week I have chosen Isla. Isla is one of our Key Worker children and has been working hard at home and school. She is very kind and helpful and looks out for the needs of others including animals. Well done Isla.

Pride of Plover Winner…

Well done for this week 3P, there has been some excellent learning.

The Pride of Plover winner this week is…

Shashank T.

Congratulations Shashank! Your comprehension and standard of writing has been excellent this week. You have been in the classroom on most days and have shown great perseverance. Well done!