Shout outs!

Well done on another fabulous day of learning Year 4! My shout outs today go to Regan (4L) for joining us in our online learning, I am very impressed with how much you have engaged. Esther (4G) for your engagement with today’s online session, especially with e-safety.

Keep it up Year 4!

Snow much fun!

Thank you for all of the lovely photos shared with members of staff of you all enjoying the snow.

It certainly looks like Abrianna has had lots of fun!

Well done Year 3 & 4! What a week!

A big well done to Year 3 and Year 4 for how you have engaged with online learning and worked hard in school.

Who would have thought at the start of the week that we would have had volcanoes, snow and disco – but we did and so hopefully that has helped you to have fun.

Miss Topliss and Miss Lister have been full of praise of the effort Year 3 have been putting into their learning and Miss Lotysz and myself feel the same about Year 4.

I look forward to reading the shape poems that you have been writing and also seeing your photographs of the fun you have had in the snow.

Enjoy your weekend and look out for this week’s Feel Good Friday video on the blog.

Mrs Graves



Plover Praise 4G

This week we have been learning about poetry and figurative language and today we have been putting our learning into practice.

Plover Praise postcards go to Esther, Pranav, Shashank and Cole for their great first attempt at shape poetry. Well done.

Pride of Plover

Congratulations today go to Mathew for his hard work in his online lessons this week. He has been making sensible contributions and questions which show how well he has been listening and learning.
Keep an eye on the post!


Mrs Graves


Pride of Plover

Well done for a super week 3T and 3L. I am really proud of all your efforts this week, both for the children online and in school.

I also just want to apologise for the ICT ‘glitches’ during the disco! I am seeking some ICT support to try and improve things for next time, thank you for being so patient with me. Miss Lister and I are lucky to teach such mature children!

Congratulations to Angel for winning the Pride of Plover for her independence and confidence when working online. Well done to Eva too for her independence when working online abs submitting wonderful work. Keep an eye on your post!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Feel Good Friday 15th January

Welcome to Feel Good Friday!

Please join us for our Pride of Plover Google meet at 9:15, when we will find out who will get the yellow T-Shirt. Join the call using the link in Google Classroom.

Remember you don’t have to wear school uniform today as we are going to have our first Virtual Disco – children at home and school can join in the fun together – put on your party gear and boogie.

Mrs Graves #LovePlover

It’s ‘snow’ fun in lockdown!

The snow fell thick and fast today, and we really took the opportunity to enjoy it in school at playtime and lunchtime.

There were snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights galore, and mainly a real feeling of excitement from everyone.

It was great to see the children learning from home go out and enjoy the snow too – even if they did get cold hands.

Let’s hope we get to enjoy it a little while longer.

Please send me any photos of you enjoying the snow so we can share it on our blog.

Mrs Graves



Shout outs!

Well done on another fabulous day of learning Year 4, even with all the distractions of the snow.

My shout outs today go to Ashton (4L) and Anastasija (4G) for working really hard to secure a method for short multiplication. Well done!

See you all tomorrow for another fab day of learning.

Well done Year 4!

Well done guys, I thoroughly enjoyed our online learning today. You are contributing so well and your behaviour online was very good. You are listening to each other really well.

Shout out to Pranav and Shyaw, I was blown away when you completed your work and then came online, asking if anyone needed coaching – TRUE CREW!!!

Shout out as well to Mathew – fabulous effort with your learning all day and I love how you contribute your ideas so sensibly in the comments box.

And for those of you I haven’t mentioned – you are making me very, very proud – well done, keep it up!

Looking forward to seeing you in the morning,

Mrs Graves