Blending and Segmenting in Phonics for Foundation 1.

Over the Easter holidays, we would appreciate all of our parents and carers, helping their child to concentrate on oral ( not written) blending and segmenting of the sounds in the alphabet, to make words with your child.

There are some very useful videos on ‘Youtube’ to help you with this.

Firstly, this video will help you to teach your child the ‘sound’ each letter makes, instead of it’s name. So for ‘a’ we say ‘ah’ and not ‘ay’. This link is a good explanation.

Your child does not initially need to be able to write each letter, but if they enjoy letter formation then please concentrate on the letters in their first name. Please write letters, formed as they demonstrate in this video, not capital letters.

Secondly, we are learning to say the initial letter sound in each word. This link explains what your child needs to be able to do. Playing the game, ‘I Spy’, is the best way to encourage your child to say the initial letter sound of an object correctly.

Once your child can say the initial letter sound of a word, we encourage them to blend the sounds together to make the word, so c-a-t is the word cat. This video explains how we teach blending letter sounds, to make words.

The opposite of being able to blend letters together, to make a word, is segmenting. When we segment letter sounds in a word, we say the word cat and we can say it is made up of the separate sounds, c-a-t. This link explains how to teach your child segmenting.

EYFS celebration

We have finished our expedition “Where do bears live?” We have learnt about bears, where they live, what they do, where they go and what they eat.

We celebrated with a teddy bears picnic.

Click on the picture. Have a look at the slides and videos of our learning. There are 3 to watch – Goldilocks, We’re going on a polar bear hunt and Bears bears bears bears.

We hope that you enjoy celebrating with us.

Mrs Price


Wonderful World Book Day

It has been a week since World Book Day, and I thought it would be lovely to look back and remember what a great day it was.

The website has been updated with photographs, so head over there if you want to linger over the pictures a little longer.

But for a whistle-stop tour of the day, check out our video…..

Mrs Graves



This week will end with a celebration of those who look after our children at home. The children have been working hard, to make a card for those at home, to say thank you for all of your hard work. We hope that you like it!

Wonderful World Book Day

We had a great day celebrating books at Plover. There were all sorts of characters walking around from Gangsta Granny to Mr and Mrs Twit; Mary Poppins and Wonky Donkey; Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in Grandma’s clothing- plus lots, lots more!

We had lots of potato photos for the potato character competition and some great reviews on the Padlet – check out the books that have been recommended – they are bound to make you LOL!

Our Masked Reader competition was very popular – well done to Harper in 4G for correctly identifying all 20 of the Masked Readers

We have lots of photos of the day so check out our World Book Day Website for many more:

Wonderful World Book Day!

In the Foundation 1 setting today, the children have had an amazing day enjoying books and stories. We read the story of “What the ladybird heard”, then the children made their wonderful ladybird hats! Don’t they look superb!

Re-telling the story

We wanted to share with you the photos that will be on this weeks TWITT which are of our F1 children telling the story of the Bear Hunt. They had a fantastic time using the outdoor equipment to tell the story.

Have a look at the TWITT each week to see more photos of EYFS learning.

Mrs Price