Year 4 PE

Year 4 has been practicing their bowling skills again by throwing the ball to their teams, before they started practicing using their bats. In the last 20 minutes of the PE session, year 4 got into groups where there was a bowler, a batter, a wicket keeper and 2 fielders and they played a mini games of cricket. They were fantastic in their practice!

Year 3 PE

Year 3 had been practicing underarm and over arm bowling today. Their goal was to hit the wicket with their throws, then once they were confident on this, they moved onto hitting the ball with the bat. They worked on improving their batting skills by hitting the ball back.

Year 6 PE

Today year 6 had been learning ball skills for cricket. After observing how to bowl a ball, they practiced this by trying to hit the wicket and catch the ball. They then learnt how to use the bat and practiced swinging it to hit the ball to the bowler. At the end, year 6 played a mini game of cricket, batting the ball to the fielders. Well done year 6 for great practice today!