Year 5 Swimming/Jubilee Celebrations

On Thursday, Year 5 will still go swimming as normal. Therefore, please consider sending to children in either uniform or their own clothes, and then bringing their party clothes to get changed into once we return from swimming. We can give children time to get changed and ready for the party in the afternoon once they return to school. Thank you.

Year 5 debating

Year 5 have been preparing for a debate this afternoon (as well as swimming – what a busy morning). Linked to our story, ‘Pig Heart Boy’, we are gathering reasons for and against using pig hearts to support human transplant operations! #LovePlover

Year 6 bbq and parent vs children rounders fun!

-Miss Blackham


Save the date- Jubilee celebrations (Thursday 26th May 1:30pm) you are all invited!


-Miss Blackham


Museum Visit

On Friday, we had an excellent, informative talk from Doncaster museum. We have had a mix of Case Study One and Case Study Two – both History and Science were covered as part of the workshop. We learned all about medicine over time, and how this has adapted and changed. We learned about the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic and we explored how people reacted to different viruses throughout history. We learned about significant individuals throughout history, too. The museum staff even fetched some real objects for us to handle from the museum collection, which we were so lucky and grateful to have had in school. What an amazing experience! #LovePlover