Our library visit- reading for pleasure!

6B loved spending time at the library yesterday morning. We made a phase pledge to visit the library at least once a half-term to read for pleasure. As you can see the children had a fabulous time!

Please ask your children which book they read and by which author!

-Miss Blackham


Working Hard in 1M

In We Care Wednesday Crew we learnt about kind hands and made pledge to encourage our friends to be kind.

This week in Maths we’ve learnt about shapes and sorted 3D and 2D shapes. Testing and stacking different 3D shapes.

In PE we practised our counting, catching and problem solving skills.

In expedition we’ve understood what is bullying and E-Safety! We made a poster to help keep us safe online, then designed some lovely Buddy Benches for our final product!

In English we’ve been writing sentences about why we are wonder’s – all with lots of active learning!

Ellis, Lacey-Mae and Kamari have been superstars in their learning. #LovePlover

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Winter Poetry Handwriting Competition

Have you worked hard on your handwriting this year?

Are you proud of how beautiful your work looks?

Do you want to win a prize?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to enter our handwriting competition.

Look through the selection of poems in this blog and choose one appropriate for your phase, copy it out and decorate it using your best handwriting and presentation and return your entry to Mrs Graves.

Closing date: By the end of registration on Friday 1st December

See your Crew Lead or Mrs Graves for paper or line guides

Mrs Graves



Over the last two weeks the children have been learning about hedgehogs. They have made hedgehogs in different ways. They have learnt facts about them and have been writing about them. We had a fantastic literacy lesson this morning. The children’s writing was amazing. They could all say what they wanted to write.

Well done F2PR

Mrs Price