Nevaeh spent a long time today making a bear puppet. She tried really hard to use different textures and add parts to it. She adapted her model to make the pieces fit. She was very proud of her finished model. We were all proud of her too.

Matthew also made a model at home. The children in school enjoyed asking him questions about it.

Well done for your fantastic models

Mrs Price


Phonics – Reading phase 4 tricky words


Monday 18th Jan
1. Recap those tricky words and graphemes.
2. Sing an alphabet song and say the
letter names

3. Learn to read phase 4 tricky words
4. Practice reading sentences (see the second photo). Can you add the missing tricky words?
Copy and complete your sentences.

Can you make up any silly sentences of your own? I can’t wait to see your photos.

Monday’s maths – grouping and sharing

The video link for today’s lesson.

This week we will focusing our maths learning on grouping and sharing. We will be exploring the concepts of equal and unequal groups, counting groups and then moving onto sharing.
Today we are going to focus on what an equal group and unequal groups look like.
Once you have watched the video there are sheets to complete. If you are working at green level make sure you complete both sheets. If you do not have access to a printer then draw the fields on a sheet of paper. You could use animals to put into the fields or any other counting objects.

These are the sheets to complete after the lesson.

equal groups

Explore equal and unequal groups. Send us photos of your learning.

Mrs Price


Week 3 Phonics Overview

Here’s an overview for this week’s phonics sessions (see link). This week we will be learning letter names and singing the alphabet. There are lots of songs, some are included here as examples. Feel free to sing your own but remember to use an English version with Z being said as zed not zee.

This week we will be focusing on the graphemes oi and er, reading and writing phase 2 and 3 tricky words and revising phase 2 and 3 graphemes. You may use the flashcards you have made or use these links each day:
phase 2 graphemes

phase 2 tricky words

phase 3 graphemes

phase 3 tricky words

Alphabet songs



To login to phonicsplay for free, use jan21 and password: home

Phonics should be taught daily at 11:10am. More detail with links will be added each day.

Handwriting caterpillar letters

Each morning we will be practicing letter formation. This week we will be practicing writing caterpillar letters. These are c, o, a d, g, q. All of these letters follow the same direction as c. Have a look at the picture and note where the letters start and how they sit on the line.
Attached is the link for BBC Bitesize handwriting.

BBC Bitesize handwriting

Happy handwriting

Mrs Price


Peace at last

Peace at last
This week we are going to focus our literacy learning on Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. Today we are going to listen to the story and compare the rooms, characters and sounds within the story.
You could share the book or listen to it on the YouTube clip.
We are learning to read and understand simple sentences. If you are gold standard (pink or red 2A) you are beginning to read the words and sentences. If you are green standard (red 2B or yellow) you are focusing on sounding out the words and reading the sentences. Do you understand the simple sentences?

Peace at last story link

Mrs Price


Bug Club

We have a month free access to ActiveLearn. This is an on-line phonics and reading programme.
As many children are at home and they do not have access to reading books, this is a great opportunity to read at home.
I have attached some support information for the programme.
Log in details have been sent to you via Evidence Me.


Bug Club phonics letter


Happy reading

Mrs Price


Today’s superstars

Thank you so much for all the fantastic learning that has been sent in. Shout outs go to Myla, Shay and Avianna for fantastic learning on line today.

Emma and Mason have worked extremely hard in school. They have made snowmen, painted pictures, made stories as well as reading, writing, maths, phonics and history.

Well done you two. I am very proud of the learning that you have produced today.

Mrs Price


Friday’s maths

Friday’s maths
Ordering and exploring numbers within 15
In this lesson, we will begin to introduce ordinal numbers and explore patterns of numbers within 15.
You will notice that you need the map for Old Mother Hubbard. You could create this map by drawing the different places.
To follow up the activity today can you explore what happens if you use different amounts of cubes/objects? Which numbers are odd and which ones are even?

This is the link to the video.

Mrs Price


Friday 15th Jan – phonics phase 3 tricky words

Friday 15th Jan
1. Recap those tricky words and graphemes.
Flash cards speed trial -ph3
2. look at the shape of the words: her, they, are, all. Which part can’t you sound out?
3. Practice reading and writing these words. Use your imagination, how can you write them? Use feltips, write them in shaving foam, make them out of dough. Put them somewhere you will see them so you can learn them.