Being kind

Kayden’s family have been doing some volunteer work and in return they were gifted with some brand new Winnie the Pooh books. Kayden generously brought in each friend in his class a copy of the book for them to take home and keep.

4L have absolutely loved reading this book today, they asked if they could start it during their accelerated reader time.

Thank you Kayden

Miss Lotysz


Save the date- Jubilee celebrations (Thursday 26th May 1:30pm) you are all invited!


-Miss Blackham


Brodsworth Hall

We have had a fantastic day at Brodsworth Hall and we definitely got really lucky with the weather.

The children have learnt a lot from the trip and were amazed at how big the house actually was.

Brodsworth Hall

We’ve just finished our tour of Brodsworth Hall and are sat eating our lunch, before moving on to our tour of the gardens.

We are angle spotters

Today in Maths we have been looking at angles and identifying acute, obtuse and right angles. We wrote our names in chalk and drew in and identified the angles in each letter.

#love plover

Miss Lotysz

We are mathematicians

In Maths, we are moving onto shape. We have started off the unit by looking at 2d and 3d shapes and looking at the properties of these shapes.

#love plover

Miss Lotysz

LKS2 Field Trips this week

Just a reminder that our field trips to Brodsworth Hall are this week. 3G and 4BW on Wednesday and 3LS and 4L on Thursday.

The trips will all take place in school hours, so please arrive at the normal time in the morning.

Children will have to carry their packed lunches with them throughout the day, so if they have a rucksack, this will be much easier for them, as we will be walking through the grounds of the Hall, as well as inside the hall. We will be providing children with a clipboard, pencil, paper and activity booklet for them to complete various activities and tasks during the day, so again, it will be easier for them if they have a rucksack or bag to carry them in.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather, but there are no guarantees, so please make sure children are dressed in their school uniform, with a waterproof coat – half of our time will be spent outside, regardless of the weather and we don’t want the children getting cold.

Please remember your packed lunches, we would prefer to not have fizzy drinks and sweets will not be allowed on the bus – sorry.

We will not be visiting the gift shop, so there is no need to send any spending money.

We are really looking forward to the day, and I know the children are too. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher.


Mrs Graves


Tag- rugby fun!

Miss Wood

Times tables booster club

A huge well done to every child who has shown up to the times table booster session. We can already see that children who are attending are making big improvements with their times table knowledge. The test is quickly approaching so if you can attend and you haven’t so far, please try to make it. The session runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 8.30 am and the children also get a brioche breakfast bun.

Y4 times table booster

Don’t forget Year 4 times table boosters are on this morning from 8:30am. Come along to practise times tables, receive a brioche roll and for every session you attend, you will receive a raffle ticket to be entered into a draw to possibly win a box of Dunkin’ Donuts at the end of the half term.