Our Plants Are Shooting!

When we arrived at school today, after the weekend, we noticed our plants had began shooting! We noticed that the roots of our sunflower seeds, were growing down through the bottom of the pot and the stem was growing up. We cannot wait to watch the stem grow even bigger and eventually flower. Our cress has also started growing in our egg shells, creating hair for our egg heads.

Miss Wood


2P at The Deep

We all had a fabulous time on our visit to The Deep. The children saw first-hand the negative impact humans are having on our seas and environments. 2P has decided that we must stop this and make a change!

We really enjoyed seeing a whole range of different species but seeing the sawfish and the stingray swimming over our heads was definitely a favourite! Take a look at some of the things we saw in our pictures below.


Save Our Seas!

2P have explored how humans have had a negative impact on our seas and oceans thanks to our need for plastic. We have looked at the history of plastic being found in our waters and how this even extends to discoveries in the very deepest parts of the Mariana Trench. 2P decided that we need this to stop! We have used our research to make posters to make people realise the damage we are doing.


3SG Wildlife Park Field Trip

We had a fantastic time on Thursday at the Wildlife Park.

The Polar Bear Workshop was really informative and it was great to get ‘hands-on’ with a polar bear skull, claws and footprints.

We then saw the real life polar bears – they were huge and tucking into their breakfast!

As a lucky bonus we also got a glimpse of the baby rhino – it was so cute, but didn’t stay out for long – I think we scared it off, as we were so excited to see it!!

The field trip will really help us with our writing – so look out for our persuasive texts!

We would love for you to join us next week on the 13th March at 1:30, when we put into action what we have learnt in our ‘Activism March’ to save the polar bears!

I was very proud of how the children behaved on what was a long and tiring day.

Mrs Graves


Super Scientists in 3SG

We have been investigating forces in 3SG this is week, to find out if the surface an object travels on changes how it moves.

We conducted a ‘fair test’ and had some interesting results. Overall, we decided that a flat smooth object moves further when travelling on a smooth flat surface. We found out that this is because when there is more friction, the object cannot travel as far.

Mrs Graves