We are scientists!

Year 4 have been thinking about the materials that are all around us and deciding if they are opaque, translucent or transparent. I wonder if they can tell you the meanings of these scientific terms? We also had fun predicting whether different materials would produce dark, faint or barely visible shadows. After shining our torches onto the different objects, we recorded our results and looked for patterns in them. Well done everyone. I wonder what we will investigate next?

Sorry about the lack of photos 4H – the rest are refusing to upload! 🤷‍♀️

Mrs Haycock


We know how the sun can be dangerous!

Year 4 have been learning about the dangers caused by the sun and how we can protect ourselves from them. Active learning helped us to search for the facts around our room in the first place. We then used these facts to produce a leaflet about the dangers we had learned about.

Mrs Haycock


6SB have been working as scientists! 🌷

6SB have been deconstructing plants and labelling their parts. They have been working really hard as scientists and I am SO impressed with their plants knowledge! Ask your children to recall the party’s of a plant to you!

-Miss Blackham


This Is A Home

Today we learnt about animal habitats and discussed similarities and differences between our homes to theirs. We learnt where different animals live and had a go at making our own habitats.

Miss Wood


Year 3 Glow Day Crew, Maths and Science

We had great day glowing today!

In crew we were thinking about “What makes me glow” and we had some great suggestions from being with family, to doing well at sport.

We enjoyed some glow maths, with a game of ‘Bin-glow’ and a Glowing Maths Facts pair work challenge, where we tested what we have learnt about place value over the last few weeks.

After a lovely lunch, we worked as scientists and investigated light and darkness – what are light sources and what is darkness. Did you know, the moon is NOT a light source! We then conducted our own scientific experiments, investigating whether temperature affects how brightly a glow stick glows, what does light look like when broken down into its separate colours and how does tonic water glow in the dark.

We had a great first ever Glow Day

Mrs graves

#Love Plover

Fruit/Vegetable Tasting

In expedition we looked at the story Oliver’s vegetable. We then spoke about how we know if is a fruit or a vegetable before trying some fruit and veg ourselves. I was so proud of each and every member of our crew, as everybody tried every single piece of fruit and veg. Some children then recorded whether they liked it with a happy/sad face whilst others showed me with either a thumbs up or down.

Miss Wood


Hot/cold Weather Clothes

In expedition we have been looking at what clothes we would wear in the Autumn when it is getting colder and what clothes we would wear on a hot summers day. The children did really well at helping me to sort the items of clothing into two hoops.

Miss Wood


Space Workshop

As part of our learning about Mae Jemison, we had Jenny visit us from Alfresco Learning. We worked in mini crews to make and launch space rockets. We used plastic bottles for the rockets, water for the fuel and pumped air in to them to launch them. We listened carefully to the instructions and safety rules so we could have lots of fun learning! We had a great game of space tig and then made constellations. What a fun morning!

3.2.1 BLAST OFF!

Today we had fun with Alfresco Learning and the Science experts! We made our own rockets and launched rockets that blasted into space like Mae Jemison. We learnt about how rockets work and the constellation of stars in space. It was great fun! We are scientists! #LovePlover