1M Work and Posters on Flames!

Shout out to some of the astonishing Fire Safety Posters created in 1M this week… Plover Praise postcards to you all for the following reasons:

Roscoe – very creative, 3D, bold and colourful!

Harry – great illustrations and a clear structure!

Lena – eye catching, informative and bright!

Lyra – clear use of labelling and steps to follow. Effective use of punctuation.

Peyton – Important information, pictures and clear to follow!

Year 1 Mathematicians

Our children have had great fun exploring measure in Year 1.  They have thought about height and length, they have compared measurements and used their hands and feet to measure.

They found objects at home or in the class that they were shorter than.



The children could order themselves (and us!) from tallest to shortest, giving clear sentences to show their understanding.




They could draw objects longer or shorter than their hands.


Great work everybody.





World Book Day

World Book Day will be celebrated in school and at home on Friday 5th March. We would love all children to get involved in the fun. This year, the theme of World Book Day will be ‘Books That Make You LOL’. We would like to invite all children to dress up as a character from a book that makes them laugh. There will be prizes up for grabs for the most creative efforts put into a costume.
There will be a ‘decorate a potato challenge’ which we invite everyone to have a go at. You can decorate a potato as a character from any book or even decorate several potatoes if you are making a scene from a book. We also will have a competition just for fun based on the TV show, ‘The Masked Singer’. Staff have hidden their identities behind books and you will be using the clues to discover who is behind the mask!
Vouchers will be emailed to all parents and carers for the World Book Day £1 books. These will take the place of the normal paper vouchers. Some shops are requesting paper copies of the vouchers so please check before spending the voucher. If you find you need a paper copy but do not have access to a printer, please let your child’s teacher know and they will print you a copy.
We can’t wait to see your costumes and celebrate with you!

Measuring in Maths :)

A lot of super hard work online today from our superstars who have been measuring and comparing different heights and lengths. Who is the tallest is 1M?

Great to see so many of 1M either in school or online today 🙂 let’s hope we will all be in the classroom together very soon!


Collaborative Remote Learning :)


Two Year 1 superstars collaboratively learning and supporting each other during phonics.

Excite, Challenge, Engage, Celebrate – which these two are clearly demonstrating.

Any questions or support needed with online learning, please let us know and we will support as much as possible.


Welcome Back 1M Crew :)

Good morning Year 1M superstars 🙂

I hope you have all had a nice, relaxing and safe half term!

I look forward to seeing every single one of you today whether it be online or in school 🙂

It has put a smile on my face to see some of you continuing to explore and work hard on the expedition activities we set…


We look forward to hopefully being all back in the classroom sooner rather than later, meeting new friends, learning new things and having fun as a whole class CREW once again 🙂

Video (1)

Continue to work hard, be kind and we will all get through it together superstars, grown ups and school staff!


Mr Meade


Happy Half Term Holidays from KS1

Hi Everyone,

The Crew in KS1 wanted to say …

Image result for thank you gif

…to all our fabulous children and parents.


It has been a ‘strange’ half term with some of our children working online and some in school.  But you have adapted and worked so well.  You have made us all super proud.

Over the last week we have been scientists exploring materials, this has included sorting materials, looking at the properties of materials – including burning them!  You have seen this work on the class blogs.

Many of you have enjoyed baking this week – I hope you really looked at how materials change when mixed and cooked!


In maths you were creative with the resources you used to help you.


Now I hope you all have a really well earned rest over the half term.  Let’s hope that next half term at some stage it is safe enough for us all to be back in the classroom together.

Keep safe everyone

KS1 Crew




Plover school sharing the love 💗

I am so proud of all of the children who contributed to the Santander ‘thank key workers’ valentines display. This is the display so far and I am sure you will all agree, it looks beautiful! Keep an eye out for the video of all the contributions, which will be coming very soon! Well done everyone!
-Miss Blackham


We Have Done It!

It is the final day of this bizarre and different half term… but you superstars and grown ups have all shown great resilience, perseverance and hard work – you should be extremely proud!

Shout out to Seb for making some yummy looking cakes and having fun in the snow for his Plover Praise postcard yesterday.

It is also brilliant to see our children working scientifically in their expedition lessons, continuing to read and earn raffle tickets, and show that can do attitude to get smart in their learning!

A reminder today at 1.15pm we will join Mrs Cowards Live hangout for our KS1 Pride of Plover, Plover Praise party games and appreciations!

It will be a lovely way to end this challenging half term and to see everyone in KS1 celebrate all their hard work and efforts, before we can have a little half-term break 🙂

Mr Meade