Serving our community- delivering joy this Christmas with Dunelm!

Thank you so much to our Plover community for pulling together to deliver joy this Christmas. We have been researching this amazing campaign run by Dunelm in our crew sessions. Today, some of our lovely student ambassadors wrapped the donated gifts from the tags we were given to spread some joy to those less fortunate. We hope it has brought joy to our community. It is so important to us at Plover that we give back to our community. Thank you again!

-Miss Blackham


Working Hard in 1M

In We Care Wednesday Crew we learnt about kind hands and made pledge to encourage our friends to be kind.

This week in Maths we’ve learnt about shapes and sorted 3D and 2D shapes. Testing and stacking different 3D shapes.

In PE we practised our counting, catching and problem solving skills.

In expedition we’ve understood what is bullying and E-Safety! We made a poster to help keep us safe online, then designed some lovely Buddy Benches for our final product!

In English we’ve been writing sentences about why we are wonder’s – all with lots of active learning!

Ellis, Lacey-Mae and Kamari have been superstars in their learning. #LovePlover

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Discussing Online Safety in 1LI

Today, we have been listening to the story about Smartie the Penguin and how he understood how to keep himself safe online.

We sang the song to remind us

Before you tap and clickā€¦

You need to stop and thinkā€¦

And TELL someone!

For further information, please click on the link to visit the Childnet website.

52 Lives Kindness Badges

As part of world kindness day and leading into anti bullying week. We designed and created kindness badges to wear and remind ourselves, as well as others… to be kind! Beautiful work 1M. Show kindness and people will spread it all around! #LovePlover

Kindness Counts

F2 have made kindness badges as part of our whole school dedication to kindness. Today, we nominated members of our crew to wear their kindness badges. It was a great learning opportunity to really talk about what kindness looks like and how we can do it, even if we’re not quite there yet. We are looking forward to seeing the whole class wearing kindness badges on their uniform next week. In the book, we read earlier this week, it took some of the children a bit longer but we are Crew and we are all here to help you be the best version of yourself. You can Crew it: You can do it!

We also raised money for Children in Need today by coming to school in pur pyjamas. Plover children really are kind!

How can I be a hero to my friends? 1M

This week started with World Kindness Day. We showed our support by wearing odd socks and completing a sponsored walk to raise funds for our final product – Buddy Benches!

We were problem solvers in PE and worked on teamwork to solve the hoop games!

We had our Big Talk by the school nurses, who are experts in teaching us how to keep our bodies safe and let trusted adults know about any problems.

1M were mastering number and speedily made number bonds which had a part of 5 in.

Then finally we ended with pyjama day for Children In Need. Understanding how we can be heroes raising money for children in need and learning about why and who are positive relationships.

Shout outs to Dolunay, Jaxon, Esme and Peyton work working hard and being so kind! Have a nice weekend.

Mr Meade #LovePlover

We care Wednesday

We met Smudge the cat this week. He was in the story of ā€˜Be the kind kidā€™. We really enjoyed this story and it reminded us about the importance of being kind. We have been thinking of ways to be kind. We have even made badges to give out to people we see being kind this week :] It feels good to be kind!