Feel Good Friday

The staff at Plover Primary School are missing you very much and so we wanted to do something to put a smile on your faces and get you dancing! We would love you to join in and dance to Olly Murs’ song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLT1nwK44-U&list=RDcLT1nwK44-U&start_radio=1 Please send your dancing to ablackham@ploverschool.co.uk so we can create a pupil dance video for our blog! The video will be uploaded to our blog the first week back after Easter! We hope you all enjoy it and don’t giggle too much at our dancing!

Please click the link to watch Plover staff’s feel good Friday

Who would you like to say thank you to?

Life is different for all of us at the minute and throughout this worrying time we have all seen and heard stories of people who are helping us all.

Plover Primary would like to say thank you to all of the people who continue to help us but we need your help!

Please create a poster saying thank you to whoever you would like to – this could be to a specific person, a company or a service.  Then take a photo of your thank you poster and email it to


Posters need to be received by 9am on Monday 6th April.  We will then use them to produce a huge ‘thank you’ collage which we will share across the Doncaster community.

We can’t wait to see your posters!

We hope everybody is keeping safe.  Please remember we are only a phone call away and are happy to help if we can.

School Meal Vouchers

It is very likely that soon we will be moving to a school meal voucher system to replace the cold packed lunches that we are currently offering, as we will not have dinner staff on site.

School meal vouchers will be issued to anyone currently entitled to Free School Meals.

If you feel that you may be entitled to a Free School Meal, but have never applied, please don’t worry, it is not too late!

Applications can be made online via the link below and you will get an instant response if you are eligible. You will need your own name and date of birth, contact details, national insurance number or national asylum seekers number, your child’s name and date of birth, and the name of our school, Plover Primary.

If you are eligible, please either email or bring proof into school (can be on your mobile phone) and we will process your request.

If you need any help with the application, please contact school and someone will be available to support you.



Gorgeous pictures 🌈

How beautiful are these rainbow pictures created by our lovely children! They are definitely going to brighten up our community. Well done you four!
Please keep sharing your work with us to spread positivity across our school blog!

Parent Support Website

A big thank you to all our parents and guardians who have been supporting their children with the home learning and online tasks over the last week.

I know this has, at times, been frustrating – whether that be because of technical issues or the children not wanting to work – so with that in mind, we have put together a website with ideas and practical to further support you at home.

We will continue to keep adding to the site, so keep checking back.

Please do not hesitate to contact school if there is something you are struggling with, we have staff in school who can help.

You can access the website by following the link:



March 25th Update: We’re here for you .. we care, the support continues, the plan is working ..

In these challenging times we need to celebrate the good things even more. So here’s the latest update from schools across the Trust.

We understand that all of this can be overwhelming for parents and students.  Whether it’s about staying at home, the change of routine – or for students in school adjusting to being without all of their Crew and friends.

We cannot underline enough that wherever you are you are not alone. Don’t sit on a problem, or worry – however large or small you might think it is. Share it with us.

The Staff across the Trust are here for you all – and each other. Colleagues are and will continue to be supported – and this support will grow and be defined by what is needed most and who needs it most. Day by day.

Staff are doing remarkable work in school and at home. As well as making sure the students are feeling connected, listened to and still part of school, they are extending this warmth and reassurance to all of our school families.

  • Our schools are open
  • Our students are safe with us in school and we’re making regular contact with our students working at home.
  • Our curriculum is online
  • We’re providing meals for our children in school and for children who need them via pick up
  • Our schools will be open over the Easter Holidays for the students who cannot be at home and are currently still with us in school. We are doing this by using coordinated Teams, so that all staff will still have their holiday entitlement.

Please continue to look out for further updates and news. Beautiful work and magic moments are still happening across our schools and we will make sure we share them with you.

Thank you

School Meals

Free school meals are still being provided as packed lunches for children on a daily basis, even during this time of partial school closure. Please notify the office if you require a lunch for your child – this can be collected from school everyday from the school office.

If your circumstances have changed and you feel you may be eligible for free school meals, especially if your child is in Year 1 and 2, you must apply online. Click the following link and it will direct you to the DMBC website so you can complete your application. You will get an instant response on completing the application. We encourage all our families to apply even if they have been in receiving Universal Free School Meals in Year 1 and 2.