Rosa Parks

The children in 2P discussed the concept of race and racism. First we discussed the life of Rosa Parks and how she suffered years of discrimination and segregation.

Next, we discussed how people all have similarities and differences but at times some people will not be kind because of the differences. 

Through drama, role play and discussions we worked out what would be seen as racism and what wouldn’t. The children then linked this to the life of Rosa Parks and realised that, at times, some people will not be kind because of the differences. 

We used our knowledge to create a short piece of drama that reenacted the story of Rosa Parks on the bus. You can watch this here:


Inequality and Racism Roleplay

We have learnt about inequality and racism during this Rosa Parks topic. Recognising that it is unfair, unkind and inhumane to treat people different because of the colour of their skin, gender, disability, if they wear glasses or not etc.

Tractor Role Play

We have been learning about harvest and Autumn. Outside we created a tractor to extend our learning in provision. The children loved pretending to drive the tractor and gathering corn.

Miss Wood


We are dramatic…no really, we actually are!

There are times when I wish I had recorded a lesson. Today was definitely one of those times. I’ve never seen so many over dramatic children posing as Roman soldiers in a variety of situations. When they ‘came to life’ as I touched their heads, some of their comments were absolutely priceless:

“Are we nearly there yet?” “Outta the way I’m gonna be sick!” “Hold on for your life, there’s another wave coming!”

“How cold is this water?!” “No one said about this before we set off.” “So…cold…so…far…”

“Where on Earth am I?” “What is that supposed to be?” “Why is it so wet and so cold?”

“Claudius ordered us to build a settlement but I’m too tired. I must sleep!” “Sleep now, build later.”

“Oof, urgh, hmpf!” “I don’t know how many more bricks I can pass you!” “How heavy!” “OW!”

“Let’s be ‘avin yaaaaaaaa!” “CELTS COMING!” “Who are ya?” “Attack!” “Incoming!”

I honestly don’t know where they get it from! Well done 4H now to transfer those actions and words into writing! You’ve got this, folks!

Mrs Haycock


Roman role play 🛡️

Today, 4B have been role playing as a Roman legionary invading Britannia. Well done to everyone for participating and sharing some great ideas. This will help lots with generating ideas for our final write this week.

Miss Brown