Multiplying decimals – we are mathematicians!

Well done 6H for persevering through the assessment week that you have just completed – both calmly and confidently. I didn’t think it was possible to be more proud of you.
Then this morning arrived. Multiplying decimals was our nemesis a week ago. We’ve revisited this today and something has clicked. Keep practising those multiplication facts and your accuracy will improve further still. Well done super stars!
Mrs Haycock


Well done 6H

This week is assessment week and we are experiencing a practise SATs week for the first time this year. Everyone was great today and after the initial shock sank in, or the excitement wore off, all took the surprise in their strides. I am proud of each and every single member of 6H/Crew Piper. So well done guys.

Keep smiling.

Mrs Haycock


Pride of Plover Winner

Last week’s Pride of Plover winner was so happy when she was given her award – I honestly thought that she was going to burst into tears.

Katrina Groom was our winner.  She worked so hard all week long; just like she has done every day since September.  Katrina is one of the most caring young ladies I have ever taught.  She always makes sure that Treasure – one of the boys in our class who has both hearing and visual impairment – is safe and securely seated when he is in class with us.  She has been pushing herself with her knowledge of multiplication facts and is now beginning to see progress in her achievements.  I hope this continues as it is really pleasing to see the pride she has in herself.  Well done Katrina – I’m so proud of you too!

Mrs Haycock


5/6 Christmas cards

The time is nearly upon us to start thinking about Christmas in school. Many children and adults ask us about cards. Due to the current situation, we have thought about how best to go about the giving and receiving of cards in school this year.

This year, please only send cards to children in your year group bubble (eg 6B, 6H & 6C or 5W & 5K).

From December 1st, children can bring cards and place them in the year group post box. This will be in their classroom. Cards can be dropped in any day up until 11th December.

On 11th December, the post box will close and no further cards can come into school. This will mean all cards will enter a period of quarantine. On Tuesday 15th December, all cards will be given out.

Please ask a member of the 5/6 team if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your support in helping to enjoy the joy of giving and receiving cards, whilst keeping everyone safe.

We are Artists

6H have been using their skills of observation (along with a variety of other artistic skills) to draw an image of Douglas Bader. By critiquing the work they have produced on multiple occasions, they have been able to refine their skills to produce some fantastic art.

Perhaps you could ask your child who he is and why we are focusing our learning around him this week.

Mrs Haycock




Get ahead in your learning!

We will shortly be moving onto division using the bus stop method. Use this video to support you to get ahead in your learning.

Remember all maths lessons are accessible at the end of each week via google classroom to use as a revision tool. I am so impressed with the amount of children who are using google classroom to support their learning. Remember, if you share your learning with your teacher, you will be rewarded with crew coins!

Amazingly Awesome Artwork

Look at this amazing image of Douglas Bader sketched by Tilly Lambe! What a star she is!  Perhaps you could ask your child why he was so important in the Battle of Britain.

Cracking the Enigma Code

 Today we have been trying to crack the Enigma Code just like those who worked at Bletchley Park during WW2.  It was certainly a challenge! We wonder how on earth they managed this without the little clues we were provided with by our expert visitor.