Measuring in Centimetres

After blowing our socks off in their maths assessments, the children have been learning how to measure in centimetres. They learned how to use a ruler, and what a centimetre is and also helped Tiny the Turtle to correct his mistakes.

Measuring using objects

Today, the children have been building their knowledge of measurements. We have been investigating how to measure using objects and how to ensure we can compare measurements fairly.

Active Maths

Mastering number – we noticed number patterns of one more and one less. We used cubes to measure and compare different lengths. We practised counting using Move & Learn activities. #LovePlover

Working Hard in 1M

In We Care Wednesday Crew we learnt about kind hands and made pledge to encourage our friends to be kind.

This week in Maths we’ve learnt about shapes and sorted 3D and 2D shapes. Testing and stacking different 3D shapes.

In PE we practised our counting, catching and problem solving skills.

In expedition we’ve understood what is bullying and E-Safety! We made a poster to help keep us safe online, then designed some lovely Buddy Benches for our final product!

In English we’ve been writing sentences about why we are wonder’s – all with lots of active learning!

Ellis, Lacey-Mae and Kamari have been superstars in their learning. #LovePlover

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How can I be a hero to my friends? 1M

This week started with World Kindness Day. We showed our support by wearing odd socks and completing a sponsored walk to raise funds for our final product – Buddy Benches!

We were problem solvers in PE and worked on teamwork to solve the hoop games!

We had our Big Talk by the school nurses, who are experts in teaching us how to keep our bodies safe and let trusted adults know about any problems.

1M were mastering number and speedily made number bonds which had a part of 5 in.

Then finally we ended with pyjama day for Children In Need. Understanding how we can be heroes raising money for children in need and learning about why and who are positive relationships.

Shout outs to Dolunay, Jaxon, Esme and Peyton work working hard and being so kind! Have a nice weekend.

Mr Meade #LovePlover