We are historians

Year 5 have been investigating different pharaohs and inspecting the different artefacts that were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Diverse Doncaster – Where do I belong?

Last Friday 2P went to the Danum Gallery, Library and Museum and had a wonderful time finding out about Doncaster in the past. The children enjoyed handling artefacts and finding out more about Doncaster through the ages.

The children were a real credit to Plover and we were so proud of them. A great big thank you to all the adults who came with us.

Where do we belong?

2L had a fabulous visit to Doncaster Museum where we learnt more about the place that we call our home. We explored many different parts of Doncaster’s history and learnt about why Doncaster is famous all over the world. We handled and explored artefacts during our workshop and then looked around the museum to see how Doncaster fitted into the world. We were amazed to see that people from all over the world lived in Doncaster nearly 2000 years ago!

We were so excited by what we had learnt that we all want to go back again! Our brains are now full of knowledge to use in our Expedition!


1M Fieldwork Hook around Intake

Our day two hook was an active walk through Intake, our local community. We explored some of Intakes landmarks and found out some historic information about Danum Secondary School, Sandall Beat Woods, Doncaster Racecourse and Doncaster Deaf Trust. Thank you to the parent helpers for your support and well done to all of the children who walked, talked, asked and answered lots of questions – linking to our previous expeditions as well as our current expedition!

Back to the Past!

The children really enjoyed their first day back at school and looked amazing in their outfits from the past. We used this to explore vocabulary about the past, present and future and compared sources of information to spot similarities and differences.

We also used our expert visitor who used a drone to show us parts of Doncaster as seen from the air! It was really exciting to get a new perspective on our community.

We are all ready to get stuck into our new expedition!


Monday 15th April – KS1 ‘In my day’ Dress Up Day

In the Summer of 2024, Y1 and Y2 pupils will be studying Diverse Doncaster, a cross-curricular expedition looking to answer the guiding question ‘Where do I belong?’

On Monday 15th April, we will be having an ‘Old Fashioned’ clothes from the past dress up day. The purpose behind the day is to promote a love for our new expedition.

Please do not feel any pressure to go out and spend any money on new outfits. That is not what we are trying to do. Maybe you could borrow some items from a friend or old person, or even have a go at reusing and making clothes from old sheets. Be creative! The costume can be something very simple and we have attached some example pictures below to help:

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.

KS1 Crew

5L debate

5L were great historians today. They acted as children working 12 hour shifts in factories and then debated over whether they thought this was an acceptable thing for children to do at such a young age.