I am extending my learning!

Shout out to this superstar who has gone above and beyond to extend his already extensive knowledge about our expedition over the last couple of weeks! Well done Ellis: you really do take great pride in your work, young man! You should be ridiculously proud of yourself.

Mrs Haycock


1M Remember

Thank you to our expert visitors this week – ex Army Steph and Cornet player Sean!

Shout out to Elisa’s continued hard work and beautiful home learning. Well done to Mateo for working hard in Maths and expedition.

We have been artists this week in expedition using different materials and techniques to create our Flanders Fields and Poppy Wreath art!

We have been writers and learned about subjects and verbs, to write some lovely independent sentences.

In crew we learned about being a good friend.

A little visitor left us a special note to keep an eye on 1M ready for World Kindness day next week…

Have a great weekend 1M!

Mr Meade #LovePlover

Some beautiful work to acknowledge remembrance day throughout the school ❤️

We started our day with a beautiful assembly led by our gorgeous year 5’s. They recalled knowledge from their WWII Expedition last year. They then were joined by some year 2’s who read their kenning poems and then Mr Chandler played a beautiful song ‘the last post on the trumpet whilst we all gave a minutes silence. I have then been sent some gorgeous work throughout school of remembrance work that children have been engaging with in crew this week.

Well done everyone!

-Miss Blackham


We will remember them!

A huge shout out to our gorgeous Year 5’s who with some support from Year 2 pupils, led today’s remembrance assembly. I am so proud I just had to share the gorgeous song they finished their assembly with!

-Miss Blackham


Poppy Art Work

In 1LI today, we have been working hard to create beautiful poppy artwork. We have used techniques that all the teachers were recently taught, by Joyce from Buzeman Art, to recreate poppies using different art techniques. We used pastels to create a background representing the changing colours of the battlefields. We then used string and acrylic paint to recreate the poppy stems, before using pointillism to create the poppies.

Mrs Ogle was so impressed she awarded the whole class Headteacher’s award stickers!

Working Hard this Week!

In English we have looked at nouns and verbs around our new text ‘Where The Poppies Now Grow’.

In expedition we were historians and have learned about Remembrance day, the significance of Poppies and recited Flanders Field poem.

In Maths we’ve learned about addition and number bonds within 10. We enjoyed problem solving games in PE.

In We Care Wednesday Crew we understood the importance of staying safe online. #LovePlover

Rosa Parks

The children in 2P discussed the concept of race and racism. First we discussed the life of Rosa Parks and how she suffered years of discrimination and segregation.

Next, we discussed how people all have similarities and differences but at times some people will not be kind because of the differences. 

Through drama, role play and discussions we worked out what would be seen as racism and what wouldn’t. The children then linked this to the life of Rosa Parks and realised that, at times, some people will not be kind because of the differences. 

We used our knowledge to create a short piece of drama that reenacted the story of Rosa Parks on the bus. You can watch this here:


Inequality and Racism Roleplay

We have learnt about inequality and racism during this Rosa Parks topic. Recognising that it is unfair, unkind and inhumane to treat people different because of the colour of their skin, gender, disability, if they wear glasses or not etc.