More gorgeous Expedition work!

Shang’s presentation

A shout out to Shang and Jasmine for sharing their gorgeous Expedition work with me today. I am so impressed with the efforts you have both put in. Jasmine has created a flow chart on how coal is formed and Shang has created some slides based on the day in the life of a child miner. I am so proud of you both girls- well done and please keep it up!

-Miss Blackham


Friday’s Phonics – tricky words


Phase 2 Tricky Word Cards Phase 2 Tricky Word Scavenger Hunt Checklist Activity Guide Phase 3 Tricky Word Cards Phase 3 Tricky Word Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Friday 26th Feb
1. Recap those tricky words and graphemes.
challenge yourself here or use your flashcards
2. Flash cards tricky word trucks
3, Recap digraph or
4. Today we will learning to read and write phase 3 tricky words: her, you, my. Choose these words on phonics play – train your brain. Look at which part of the word is tricky.
5. Play phase 3 tricky word scavenger hunt (attached files) or choose the phase your child is working on – see pledges
6.Draw a picture to go with my sentence:
You and her can sit in my car.
Send it to me to show you have read it correctly.

Pride of Plover

Congratulations to Edy for winning our Pride of Plover today. She has worked hard and tried her best all week. She has also been extremely kind to her friends. Well done Edy. We are proud of you and happy birthday too!

Mrs Price


1M Work and Posters on Flames!

Shout out to some of the astonishing Fire Safety Posters created in 1M this week… Plover Praise postcards to you all for the following reasons:

Roscoe – very creative, 3D, bold and colourful!

Harry – great illustrations and a clear structure!

Lena – eye catching, informative and bright!

Lyra – clear use of labelling and steps to follow. Effective use of punctuation.

Peyton – Important information, pictures and clear to follow!

Friday – Reading sentences

Bearhunt sentence reading

Today we will be using our phonics to read sentences. Look out for those tricky words! When you have read the sentence draw or stick the matching picture next to it.
If you are working on phase 2 graphemes and tricky words, choose the gold standard sentences.
If you are working on phase 3 graphemes and tricky words, choose the green standard sentences.
You can print the sheets or ask a grown-up to write the sentences and draw your own pictures to go with them.

Applying knowledge of doubling and halving

Applying understanding of doubling and halving
This lesson is a revision lesson. If you are watching with your child you can pause the lesson and talk through sections together. You can always go back and watch the lesson for that bit of learning again.
Start by practising what 1 more/1 greater than a number is? What is l fewer/1 less than the number?
Practise counting in 2s. Can you do that with number cards? What number goes next? Ask your adult to hide a number? Which one is missing?
We will recap lots of other maths today.
If you get chance, roll the dice and see if you can create a double.
Let us know what you have practised today.

Video of the lesson

Mrs Price


Week 2 Phonics overview

Here is an overview of next week’s phonics. Week 8 or, ur, ow.docxThroughout this week we will be recapping phase 3 digraphs or, ur, ow and tricky words.
This is an overview of the week with links to resources that you will need to print or get ready. All resources can be used on screen or written on paper if you cannot print. More detail will be blogged and posted on Evidence Me every day.

Remember for further practise:
Visit this site to recap any graphemes you need further practice on:
Visit to play phonics games. To login for free – user jan21 and password home

Superstar mathematician

Well done to Mason today for his amazing maths. He has been working on green standard but challenged himself further with his learning. He then explained his learning to other children.

Well done Mason

Mrs Price