Octonaut maths

We had lots of fun exploring different ways that we can make 10. We learnt that the amount stayed the same but we could make it in different ways. We said the equations using plus/add as well as equal to. We did all this whilst playing with Octonauts which were swimming in water in fish tanks.

Following this, some of the children wrote their number bonds.

A shout out goes to Charlie who went on to explore the different ways that he could make 10. He predicted that there would be 9 ways. “I think there are 11 ways to make 10.”

Well done Charlie.

Mrs Price


We have had fun in Y1/2C Recounting our text

We used drama to really unpick our text Stone Girl, Bone Girl.  It took a while for the children to really ‘let go’ and enjoy taking part but when they did they were amazing!  Think my terrible acting spurred them on 😂.  Great to hear the discussions and how well everyone could recount the event

4G Pride of Plover

A big congratulations to Shashank in 4G. His consistent hard work and dedication has led to him him producing a very high standard of work that he can be very proud of.

I look forward to seeing you in the yellow t-shirt next week Shashank!

Well done

Mrs Graves

So proud!

4G have made me very proud today. They have worked incredibly hard to produce their information text ‘What did the Romans do for us?’.

After drafting, critiquing, redrafting and finally producing a polished version, they should be very pleased with the effort they have put in to create their ‘final write.’

They have demonstrated their historical knowledge of the Romans, that they have gained over the last few months, as well as tried really hard to write in the Year 4 style using the Year 4 features.

Well done everybody,

Mrs Graves


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F2P Pride of Plover

Well done to Bobby. Bobby has been working very hard. He has tried to meet and then exceed his minimum expectation. He is kind and helpful and has started coaching his friends and explaining learning to them.

Plover Praise Shoutouts

Shout out to these two superstars!

Mrs Leese was so impressed with Karlie-Rose who has been working so hard with her reading; and I have also seen Karlie-Rose use her phonics knowledge to spell words in her writing. Keep it up superstar!

Bobby, who sometimes finds writing a challenge, has shown great resilience and progress today by completing some awesome sentences. Coming up and writing his own adjectives about our text – Stone Girl Bone Girl. So proud ‘brilliant Bobby’ and you should be too!

Mr Meade


Pride of Plover in 1M

Congratulations to our Yellow t-shirt winner!
Lawand always works hard and is such a positive and polite role mole in every way.
Keep it up buddy 👏🏼

Mr Meade

Super writing!

Shout out to Coby, Maison and Johno for their awesome writing this week! I have been blown away by the gorgeous figurative writing then have been including. These three have also smashed colons and semi-colons today! It really has been a pleasure to read such beautiful writing! Total stars! I am so proud! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

-Miss Blackham


Calling budding pop stars!!

Year 3 and 4 are working hard to get ready for their performance of ‘The Rocking Romans’ which will be on our website all about the Romans. To help children prepare for this, you might like to practice the songs at home (lots of the children have been asking).


Please find a link above to the songs. We will be singing songs 1, 2, 3 and 8 from the list on the web page.

Happy singing!