Did you guess what these were?

Do you remember the mystery eggs I found a few weeks ago? Did anyone guess what they were? I missed the caterpillar stage but now have lots of these little chrysalis around the nest. Soon they will hatch out as Vapourer Moths and fly away.

New arrivals

Finally after weeks of watching the spiders nest is full of tiny spiders. They are fascinating to watch, crawling up and down the webs. Each one is ans tiny as a grain of rice so you need to look really carefully. What can you find in your garden? Remember some things are so tiny, they are easy to miss!

Portrait Challenge

We’ve had some lovely entries for the portrait challenge, but we really would like some more.

William and Dahin and Darwin – your two pictures are absolutely brilliant!

Come on everybody get snapping!

Mrs Graves


Remember to send your rainbows/NHS posters

Here is a gorgeous example modelled by the lovely Ashton of the rainbow/thank a key worker poster for this weeks video. Please remember you can also send in your videos of your families clapping at 8pm on a Thursday! You can be as creative as you like and the deadline is now Friday 9am to give you time to get everything in. Please email to ablackham@ploverschool.co.uk

Feel Good Friday

As always, thank you so much to everyone who gets involved- we love seeing your happy faces! Next week we want to dedicate our video to the NHS and all other key workers so please send in pictures of rainbows, thank you posters, you and your families clapping for the NHS etc (you can be as creative as you like) can we please have all pictures to ablackham@ploverschool.co.uk by Friday at 9am.

If you want to be extra creative- have a look at this fabulous signing by Mrs Toyne and share any videos you do to go with our song! click here

VE Day

Today is VE and we have joined up with Green Top Primary to share some of our celebrations so far. Please send us any pictures you take from today of you celebrating at home.

Next week’s video will be our exercise video- this can be any form of exercise from dancing, running, kick ups, bike riding, trampolining (all with social distancing in mind). Please email your pictures to ablackham@ploverschool.co.uk

Rainbow Tree of Thanks

Our children in school have been so busy creating a beautiful tree of thanks to the Key Workers of the NHS.

I’m sure you will agree it is a lovely way to say Thank You and is now in our school entrance.



Feel Good Friday!

Here is this week’s Feel Good Friday- I hope you enjoy it! Thank you again to everyone who gets involved! We have had so many this week and it’s been amazing!

Next week we are treating you to two videos:

  1. This video will include your pictures you send to your teachers wearing your PJ’s and reading books for pyjamarma day!
  2. The second video be a fun exercise video- this can be any form of exercise, running, skipping, playing football, riding a bike, trampolining, dancing etc (be as creative and funny as you like with social distancing in mind) and please get all of your household involved! Shout out to Liam’s mum in 6B for getting involved in this one! All videos to ablackham@ploverschool.co.uk by Thursday at 4pm!

Happy birthday Captain Tom!

Thank you to everyone who sent in a card for Captain Tom! We have sent this video to his daughter and can’t wait for him to see it! We hope you enjoy it and remember to get involved in our Amarillo video which will be shared tomorrow!