Collaborative Learning in 4G

Our focus this week has been looking at the work of the Fairtrade Organisation and the difference it makes to communities around the world.

Thanks To help us understand more, we worked together to research what Fairtrade means to different individuals in countries that receive support from Fairtrade, as well as people in the UK.

It was fantastic to see such good examples of collaborative learning, with team leaders ensuring that everyone in their group was understanding and contributing!

4G and the Chocolate Factory (Museum)

What a fabulous day! We started in the workshop making edible wallpaper and the after lunch to the actual York Chocolate Story, where we learnt about this history of chocolate from its beginnings in ancient Mexico to how it came to York and the important chocolate manufacturers.

we discovered how chocolate is made from the raw ingredients and completed taste tests to compare.

After that we got creative again, this time making our own white chocolate lollies and then we learnt how the insides get into chocolate truffles.

So many of us thought it was the best ever school trip and would love to go back again another day – I think all the chocolate tasting had something to do with it!



Are Robots the future? Amazing afternoon!

Well done 4G on your fantastic robot design for the future! You made me very proud with your presentation and how you spoke to your family and friends about your learning! We were only just pipped to the post by 4W! Well done!




4G’s Family Fun!

There was a real buzz in the classroom this afternoon when family members joined us to get crafting!

We had several work stations running at the same time – in one area, children and their grown-ups were building our own giant box robot, in another area children were designing their robots from unusual images but the most popular activity was definitely the tin can robot design station. What imagination and creativity – I’m sure you will agree with me at how they have brightened up our learning environment.

We would like to say a big thank you to the parents, carers and family members who were able to join us for our family learning today or who sent tin cans and decorations to enable us to complete our activities – we could not have done it without you.



Robots take over 4G

Plover had a robot invasion today, as robots of all shapes and sizes descended on year 3 and 4. Class 4G’s creativity was certainly on show with some amazing costumes and really clever design. Well done to all the children, families and friends that help to create them.

We were getting ‘hooked’ into our class book today – ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We made predictions about the book from the clues on the front cover and then shared the first chapter.

Following this we tried our hand at acting – as we re-enacted the key scenes from Chapter 1 – I think we have some future oscar winners in our midst!

The highlight of the day was definitely this afternoon when the whole of year 4 came together to watch the brilliant film ‘Robots’. We even got to share some popcorn as we watched!

Well done 4G – another fab day!

Wednesday afternoon is the Year 3/4 Family learning event. We are wanting to make tin can robots but we need your help. Pleases could you bring any clean used tin cans into school on Tuesday or Wednesday so the children can make their robot.

Also, we would like old nuts and bolts and general metal bits and bobs to decorate the tin cans with – again, please could these be brought into school on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thank you

The Year 3/4 Team


Some examples of what we will be making!

4G – Off to a great start!

We’ve had a great first day back to kick off our Autumn term expedition “Are Robots the Future?”.

We started the day by thinking about what we already think we know about Robots and then thought about what more we would like to learn, for example, did you you they have robots in space?

We have used are critiquing skills to decide how we can improve our learning environment and then spent some time creating hub-shaped decorations to add to our English display.

This afternoon our collaboration skills we put to the test with a problem solving activity – how do we work together to build a giant robot-shaped puzzle – it was not as simple as it sounds – we really had to talk to our team-mates and plan ahead to ensure we all had a clear role.

We are looking forward to dressing as a robot tomorrow and having a film afternoon.

Just a reminder that we are having our family learning event on Wednesday 4th September 2-3pm – parents and guardians are invited to join in the crafting fun! Please could we have any clean empty tin cans and any nuts, bolts, milk bottle tops etc to help us create our own tin can robots to decorate our room.


3L – First Day Back

Today we began thinking about our expedition ‘Are robots the future?’ We have been busy thinking about robots and thinking how they could help us in our daily lives.

We have been making things for our learning environment – stay tuned for photos of the transformation.

A great first day back- well done 3L. I’m looking forward to seeing you in your robot costumes tomorrow!

Funky Friday!!!

Today in 4G we have been creative performers..

We have learnt a poem about being a bucket-filler off by heart and performed it to the whole class. We had to do actions and work together as a team to make sure our performance was great.

We then used the poem as inspiration to write our own acrostic poem.

We have had a great week and got on so well. Mrs Graves has been delighted with her class and cannot wait to get going with the learning in September.

We are bringing home a letter tonight that will tell mums and dads and guardians a little bit more about next term.

Next week we are back with our usual class teacher and looking forward to sports week!