We are investigating magnets

We have had great fun investigating magnets and finding polar north by hanging a magnet from a piece of string. The initial speed of the magnet spinning in both directions convinced the children that it was just ‘going cray-cray’ (their words NOT mine) and not actually working. They were amazed when it finally settled, pointing in the direction we had previously confirmed as being north with a compass!

Ellis took his learning a step further and investigated how closely he could push two magnets together before the magnetic force took over! Well done Ellis, extra special scientist shout out for you young man!

Well done everyone!

Mrs Haycock


Fieldwork fun at Yorkshire Wildlife Park…

Approximately 17,595 steps or 13.12km of walking should mean your child will sleep well tonight. What a wonderful (but tiring) day! The polar bears were so active and our workshop helped us to better understand how enormous these fabulous creatures are. The photos really don’t do the day justice – you need to see them to believe them!

Your behaviour around the park was was fabulous 4H and shout out to everyone in the red crews for excellent behaviour whilst we were on the coach! I am so proud of you all.

Special shout out to Caleb who spent the day making as many notes as he could about polar bears!

Mrs Haycock


We are Scientists

4H have worked together to plan and carry out a fair test – helping them to find out which surface an object would move the furthest on. Different surfaces to test were considered and then voted for, promoting our use of British values. How to make sure we used the same force for every ‘push’ of the object was challenging, but with a little bit of extra advice from me, a sling shot was made to release our chosen object from. Careful measurements; releasing the cube from the top of it; and using the same people for the same role made sure that our test was fair. Well done everyone! Super Scientists in the making!

Mrs Haycock


World Wildlife Day

Years 3 and 4 were lucky enough to join a live, online lesson yesterday to build our background knowledge of the world’s biomes. It was great to see how much our children have learnt about the Arctic during this expedition.

I wonder if your child can tell you something new that they learnt from this opportunity.

Mrs Haycock


We are motivated!

Our crew challenge this week was to solve matchstick problems. I think it’s fair to say that Crew Haycock found this more challenging than some of the other tasks they have been set! The frustration that they displayed when I showed them how simple it was really was amusing to see from my point of view. However, I don’t think they appreciated how easily I solved them! Sorry guys, I pledge to be more supportive and less competitive in the future.

Keep grappling with our motivational challenges everyone!

Mrs Haycock


World Book Day 2024

We are looking forward to celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.

It would be lovely to see the children dressed up as their favourite book character, but please don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy a costume!

£1 Book Vouchers will be given to children on the day which can be spent in most supermarkets and book shops, but we do also have a Book Fayre coming into school the following week, and children can put their voucher towards the cost of a book at that event – more details to follow soon.

More information can be found on https://www.worldbookday.com

Mrs Graves


The Haka in 3F

3F have had so much fun this morning in PE. Their new unit is Dance and today they learnt all about the Haka and where it originated from. They then learnt the steps to the Haka, along with practicing their intimidating faces and hand gestures.


Miss Wood

We are so proud of our dancing superstar!

Well done to this incredibly talented young lady. What a half term you had! Having moved up a section to dance against the ‘Juniors’, Mia was one of the youngest of roughly 20 children who competed against each other all week in solo routines. She came home with 12 individual medals: 2 gold medals; 5 silver; 3 bronze; and 2, 4th place medals – as well as others for group routines! See, I told you she was talented! I can’t wait to come and watch you and your friends perform again.

Look out London’s West End…Mia is gonna take you by storm one day!

Mrs Haycock


‘Motivate Me’ Crew Challenges

In our crews, we have had to think really carefully about how we can achieve a team aim. It was much harder than we first thought it would be to lower the counting stick to the ground without anyone’s fingers becoming detached from the stick. It was amazing how much better we did when we actually communicated with each other!

Well done teams.

Mrs Haycock


Dance in Y4!

The children are focusing on Dance this half term and have had such a great time practicing the Haka. They learned a bit about its history and where it originated from. Then they put on their most intimidating faces to learn the first few steps.