World Book Day 2024

We are looking forward to celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.

It would be lovely to see the children dressed up as their favourite book character, but please don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy a costume!

Ā£1 Book Vouchers will be given to children on the day which can be spent in most supermarkets and book shops, but we do also have a Book Fayre coming into school the following week, and children can put their voucher towards the cost of a book at that event – more details to follow soon.

More information can be found on

Mrs Graves


5L Athletics

5L had a really fun morning building up a sweat. This weekā€™s athletics activities consisted of long jump, target throw and speed bounce. The children always have such a great time practicing their skills and learning how to be resilient.


Miss Wood

Year 5 PE

5L had a brilliant PE session this morning. They warmed up by working in groups to stretch and make letters and numbers with their bodies.They then worked on their team building skills to map out a route to ā€˜cross the riverā€™ while their team mates had to remember which cone was the correct one until they made it to safety.


Miss Wood.

Year 6 PE

A new half term meant new PE skills to learn. Moving on from hockey from last half term, year 6 had started their first PE lesson with team building activities and games. They are now moving onto OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities) and they have already started off brilliantly with teamwork and communication to help each other. They worked in groups to solve problems and work together to complete the challenges set for them. It was a hilarious but enjoyable session as all children walked away with smiles on their faces with the teamwork and CREW they displayed today.

Super proud of year 6, well done!



5L had a great time this morning perfecting their passing skills in hockey. They used their team building skills to defend and control their balls.

Miss Wood