Final Product

We practised drawing our gingerbread men and decided how we wanted to decorate them. We thought carefully about what body parts we needed to draw for our gingerbread man and how we could use the sweets/chocolates as buttons and eyes.

Following our plan, we then decorated our gingerbread men that we baked. We used coloured icing drawn details, and as glue to get the toppings to stick.

Miss Wood


Baking Our Final Product

This week we have been following instructions to help us bake gingerbread men, for our final product. We enjoyed mixing the ingredients together and kneading it to make a dough. Then we rolled out the dough and used the cutter to create the shape of our biscuit.

Miss Wood


Happy Half Term

Siyar, Mateo, Dolunay, Maria, Sreelakshmi and Elisa Brough in some beautiful home learning artwork – magnificent artists!

Shout out to our superstar handwriters Flynn and Peyton. Well done Bailey and Henry for working hard on their reading.

Have a lovely half term 1M, rest, relax and stay safe! #LovePlover

Polar bear paintings 🐻‍❄️🎨

During hook, week the class painted a polar bear landscape inspired by the class text, “The last bear”, using a variety of media including: sponges cotton pads, cotton buds, paint brushes and match sticks. They should be super proud of their creations.

Miss Brown


Our artists of the week 🎨

Every week in 6B we select winners who have engaged so well in our expedition lessons and who achieve 4’s in their HoWLs. Last week our artists of the week were Ashton and Jada! They both achieved green standard in our art case study and I couldn’t be prouder! Enjoy your prizes guys!

—Miss Blackham