Pride of Plover Winner!

A huge congratulations to 2P’s Pride of Plover winner this week. This person has shown great determination and resilience in their learning this week. He has worked hard and has written at length to show his knowledge of Mary Anning. He has also used his assessments to show how much progress he is beginning to make in his learning. This shows he is keen to get smart! This award has been well deserved.

Well done to Sumit – a fabulous effort!


KS1 – Another Fabulous Week of Learning

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Here’s a quick round up of the wonderful learning that took place last week.

KS1 Autumn 2 Week 4 – YouTube

Remember to keep checking your child’s class blogs daily.  This is where we will continue to blog key information and fabulous learning.

From Mrs Coward and the KS1 Crew



Great Home Learning.

Shayen has spent his time at home doing extra learning about our dinosaur expedition. He has drawn a a dinosaur shape onto a piece of wood and then expertly used a saw to cut out the tricky shape. He still has all of his fingers as well! He then carefully painted the dinosaur and added little details. Great work Shayen!


Pride of Plover.

A massive well done to this week’s Pride of Plover winner for 2P, Darwin!

He has shown great determination to improve himself this week and this has shown in the way that he asks questions to make sure he has understood his learning. He is always looking at ways to challenge himself so that he can get smart. The home learning is also proof of his enthusiasm for learning.

Well done Darwin!


Fabulous Home Learning!

Tommy and Darwin have created some amazing models linked to our dinosaur expedition. Tommy spent a long time trying to problem solve how to fasten his dinosaur together so that it kept the shape that he wanted. Darwin used his knowledge and resources from home to build a dinosaur scene. I really love how he added the straw to allow his Pterodactyl to be flying in his scene.

Great home learning – well done!


Christmas Cards

The time is nearly upon us to start thinking about Christmas in school. Many children and adults ask us about cards. Due to the current situation, we have thought about how best to go about the giving and receiving of cards in school this year.

This year, please only send cards to children in your year group bubble (eg 1/2C, 1M or 2P).

From December 1st, children can bring cards and place them in the year group post box. This will be in their classroom. Cards can be dropped in any day up until 11th December.

On 11th December, the post box will close and no further cards can come into school. This will mean all cards will enter a period of quarantine. On Tuesday 15th December, all cards will be given out.

Please ask a member of the 1/2 team if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your support in helping to enjoy the joy of giving and receiving cards, whilst keeping everyone safe.

Reading CREW


How are you feeling?
Favourite Christmas film?
I’m checked in!

What is reading? Why is reading important? What are we grateful for?
This mornings crew was all about this. The children took responsibility for their reading records and came up with some pledges regarding how they will develop their reading skills.
They then shared some reading with their crew.

Mr Meade



PE Kits and Reading Books

Hi Everyone,

Can I please ask that you send your children with full PE kits.  A kit should include outdoor clothing, as where possible we will have PE sessions outside.  As we have easy access to our playground, we can be flexible on our PE days, could I suggest that a kit comes to school on Monday and stays in school until Friday.

Also please send your child’s reading book and reading record in to school on a daily basis.  Don’t forget to try to listen to them read each evening.   A few minutes each night really does have an impact.


Many thanks


KS1 Crew