The end is in sight!

Just to let all parents and carers know that next week [5th Feb] is our last swimming lesson. It has been great to see your children grow in confidence and become better swimmers. We have been quite lucky as most children remembered their kit and we lost no items of clothing!

Year 5 and 6 would again like to invite you to our Space themed Family Learning Day Thursday 6th February 1.30pm until 3.00pm.

We have some amazing and potentially messy activities your children would love to share with you!

Explore the Nasa Website and a Space web search. (Please make sure your child has completed the new school ICT agreement).

Were looking forward to making sharing some great activities with you all again!

National Space Centre

We have just returned from an inspirational visit to the National Space Centre as part of our Space Expedition.

The visit was an excellent opportunity for the children of year 5 and 6 to explore and find out about Space; including what it is like to be an astronaut, how stars form and the different planets within our solar system. The children were engaged from the minute they arrived, exploring the different exhibits. Then they discovered how the rockets, which are exploring space today, work. It was definitely an exciting, explosive show.
The highlight of the day however, was visiting the fantastic full-dome 360 degree planetarium. Here the children had the opportunity to explore outer space. They were guided by a presenter through the solar system, visiting each planet in turn to find out interesting facts such as ‘Planet Uranus was originally called George in honour of King George III’. All the children had a brilliant day; it really helped to bring our Expedition to life. They have come back to school excited to continue finding out about space and life beyond planet Earth.

I’d like to say a big thanks to all staff and parents for making the day memorable.

We are on our way home!

We are on our way home from a fantastic day out at the National space centre. I am unbelievably proud of each and every child today as their behaviour has been fantastic! The children have learnt so much and can’t wait to share their experiences with their parents and carers tonight.
We are aiming to be home for twenty past four, please can we ask parents to not park directly outside of the school at our time of arrival to allow our driver to park safely.

Road Safety

Today in year 5 we had a special guest in school who came to talk to us about how to remain safe when out and about.
The children learnt all about wearing bright visible clothing while it is darker earlier in winter, the different types of crossings we see and the importance of staying focused.

Sarah brought in lots of fun activities for us to do, including a tiny helmet for an egg! We learnt that if a small helmet can protect an egg from being cracked then a big one will do a good job of protecting our heads.

After a successful road safety session the children were gifted with activity books and mini car ‘squishies’. The children had a fabulous morning and we thank Sarah for coming in and helping us stay safe.

A busy Week.

This week in 5B has been nonstop! We have had 2 lots of child lead conferences, both of which were fabulous. It was lovely to see the children share their learning with their parents and have an open discussion about school.
We have started the first part of our survival swimming lessons, our first one without goggles- a challenge that the children did well to overcome. Next week we will try to swim in clothes!
We started fractions in maths, which the children are definitely enjoying as they are asking for challenges!
We are still working on newspaper reports in English, we are writing about a mysterious sighting of a UFO over Doncaster, we will keep you updated should there be anymore!
We have had a fantastic week, let’s keep it up!