Google Classroom Pupil Guide

Google Classroom is an exciting piece of software that allows us place learning online!

In order to help the children access this easily, Mrs Graves has prepared a document that will help the children get on to Google Classsroom!

Please click on the link below

Pupil Step-by-step Guide to Accessing Google Classroom from Home


A great week!

Well done everyone for a fantastic week – you’ve done great work and I’ve loved seeing what you have a been up to. In 3L shout outs go to Shena, Nik, Arwa, Liam and Ashton  for great Maths, Layla, Phoebe and Shyaw for excellent instructions and Kian and Junior for great reading.

In 3P shout outs go to Cole, Shashank,Bradley and Zeynep  for great Maths and Esther, Alfie and Troy for good SPaG work. Well done to everyone!

Next week is Easter but make sure you still log on to our Google Classroom every day. I still want to know how you are feeling and there will be lots of ‘egg-citing’ Easter activities to do.

I hope you enjoy the weekend, stay safe and keep washing your hands.

See you Monday!


Pride of Plover

Our winner this week for Pride of Plover is…………..Ashton!

I have been so impressed by Ashton’s work online, logging on every day and working his best whether he’s doing Reading, Writing, SPaG, Maths or Expedition. Even though he started our time off with computer issues, he didn’t give in and carried on with his learning.

Not only has he been doing wonderful work in our Google Classroom but also doing other things during our time away from school like making posters and planting seeds. I’ve loved seeing his photo’s.

Well done Ashton, you really do deserve our virtual Yellow T-Shirt. Keep it up!

Good Morning

Morning 3L!

I hope you are all ok and had a good evening!

I’m looking forward to another day in the Google Classroom, lots of interesting learning to do before the weekend.

I have found this really great introduction to music notation called Mylene’s Music Klass on YouTube. Why not have a go yourself? It’s similar to what we did when we composed our Maya Music. Let me know how you get on.


Don’t forget to log on and do your daily feelings check in and let us all know what you have been up to!

Stay safe and keep washing your hands!

End of the day

What a super day!

Well done to everyone who logged on today.  Shout outs go again to Ashton, Nik and Shyaw for marvelous Maths, Layla, Phoebe and Liam for wonderful SPaG and Lauma for a wonderful piece of expedition learning. Your Maya artwork is fantastic!


Please make sure you have completed you daily critique and enjoy the rest of your day! Play some games, do some baking, build a den.  In my house we are getting very competitive playing Uno.  What about you?

Good Morning!

I want to start by saying ‘Happy Birthday’ to Dillan! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.

Morning everyone!

I’m looking forward to seeing your amazing learning today, remember you can still do other learning on TTRockstars, Epic! or Read Theory whenever you want.

I hope you had a good evening, remember, you don’t need to be doing work late at night! You need to rest and prepare for the next day.

See you in the Google Classroom.

Another busy day!

Well done for a fantastic day Year 3.  You’ve been working so hard and done some fabulous work! Shout outs go to Phoebe, Arwa, James and Esther for fabulous Maths and Layla, Troy and Cole for their Expedition work. Thank you for remembering to do your feelings check in and your daily critique. I love hearing about your day.

Again, congratulations for your hard work on TTRockstars and Read Theory, you are doing a wonderful job. I am really proud of you!

I hope you’ve had a good day and managed to get some fresh air, remember to keep washing your hands and take care!

Song Challenge

How about getting your vocal chords warmed up and taking part in our song challenge?

We would like to join in with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s challenge to sing Any Dream Will Do and see our children perform the song.

So, can you practise the song ‘Any Dream Will Do’ from Joseph using the youtube backing track (link shared on this blog) and then get your grown up to film you performing it.

Send your videos to and we will make a compilation, as well as share with Andrew Lloyd Webber! (Grown-ups – Please only send videos if you are happy for your child to be seen online.)

Not sure of the words? Here is a link to the lyrics!



Good Morning

Good Morning 3L!

I hope you’ve had a busy few days with Mr Pickering, I’m back today so if you have any issues let me know. Big shout outs to Dillan, Layla, Phoebe, Shyaw and Arwa who have been working hard and doing some fantastic work.

I made some of my own Chocolate Krispie buns yesterday although there aren’t many left now! Let me know how yours turned out.

Log on to our Google Classroom and have a look at today’s learning. See you there!

Excellent learning.

Thank you 3P and 3L for checking in today, it is great to see you. It is amazing to see how devoted some of you are to still doing great quality learning every single day. Make sure you tell all of your friends to log in and take part more often as well.

A big shout out to Liam, Shena, Shyaw, Cole, Alfie and Troy for some excellent research on the history of Cadbury’s. This research will really help you with tomorrow’s task.

Keep sending in the photos of the amazing learning you are doing at home, it really is brilliant to see what you are getting up to.

I will see you tomorrow. Remember, if you go out for a walk to get your exercise, please don’t use any play equipment in parks.

Stay safe and wash you hands!

Morning 3L

Good Morning!

I hope you had a good day yesterday, Mr Pickering will be watching out for you on Google Classroom today so if you have any problems he will help you.

Did any of you make Chocolate Krispie buns? If you did, send me a photo!