We are going to be on Trax FM!

Today, these children recorded with Trax FM as part of their little school project. Next week, from 3:30pm-4:00pm the children will be on the radio every day, answering questions and telling jokes for the whole week. They were all fabulous and I can’t wait to tune in!


Hard at Work

This week 5B have been hard at work with maths and literacy lessons. We have done lots of collaborative learning around our theme of space. In literacy we have looked at newspaper reports surrounding the famous 1969 moon landing. In maths we have looked at area and perimeter and how to calculate it in shapes. Ask your child what they know about the moon landing, your guaranteed to be impressed.

Family Learning Day

Year 5 and 6 would again like to invite you to our Space themed Family Learning Day Thursday 6th February 1.30pm until 3.00pm.

We have some amazing and potentially messy activities your children would love to share with you!

Explore the Nasa Website and a Space web search (Please make sure your child has completed the new school ICT agreement).

Slime making (Not too messy honestly!)

Design space station any Lego donations would be gratefully accepted.

The surface of Mars

The surface of the Moon

Young Voices 2020

A huge hello and welcome to Plover Young Voices blog!

What a fantastic day we’ve had! The children have been brilliant throughout the day. The whole experience from beginning to end was amazing. The children sang like angels, the music was uplifting and it was an experience the staff and children will never forget!

Week 1 has landed successfully!

First week back has been completed. The children have really enjoyed hook week and the creative activities we have completed. The solar system model is in place and everyones rocket has launched around the classroom. The pupils interest in this topic has been brilliant ! The only thing missing from the classroom is a rocket model, a space probe or a satellite model if any parents and children are feeling really creative???

Paper Mache Madness

Today in 5B we got messy with paper mache. We worked together in small groups to each create a planet that we can use to transform our classroom into a space odyssey. The children loved getting messy and sticky and there was plenty of belly laughs trying to keep the balloons in place.
We can’t wait to show you our finished solar system!