It’s bed time!

The children are all fast asleep after another busy day. They are so sad tomorrow is there last day as they have all had so much fun!

Waterfall group loved the dungeons and stream and avalanche have been extremely brave during trapeze!

We have a very exciting morning ahead of us before heading home. We will be uploading more photos tomorrow when all group leaders have had chance to upload them.

We will keep you all updated should there be any delays regarding our arrival time home.

I’d just like to say on behalf of all of the staff who have attended Robin Wood this weekend, just how proud we are of each and every child. They have been a credit to Plover and we are privileged to have shared this experience with them. Lots of amazing relationships have been built and it’s been amazing to  see the personality’s and characteristics shine out from the children.

Well done Year 5- you are all fabulous!

Tea time!

The children have enjoyed their tea this evening and are currently enjoying their team challenge! They have had another jam packed day and made lots of fantastic memories!

The photos are taking a little while to upload this evening so they’ll be uploaded ASAP.

Team stream!

#teamstream have enjoyed their time in the caves this afternoon. They have shown great resilience and team work! Well done superstars! The children are really looking forward to rock climbing next!

We will be uploading more photos later this evening- so please pop back to check our blog!

Team waterfall!

Team waterfall have enjoyed their afternoon on the lake canoeing and raft building. The children got very wet but I have never seen such excited children! They have had so much fun and they are gutted their time in the water is over! We are now drying off and having chill time before heading into the dungeons!


Lots of fun this morning!

The children are having so much fun! We are just sitting down to eat our dinner now. The children can’t wait to move on to their next activities. Thankfully the rain has kept away!

I would just like to say how wonderful all of the children have been on the trip so far! They have all been so polite and extremely resilient and they have been so encouraging to their friends. I know their teachers are very proud of them!

We will upload more photos at tea time!

Breakfast time!

Good morning from Robin Wood! The children are currently tucking into their cooked breakfasts and they are so excited! We have a room full of children with big smiles on their faces!

All of the children slept really well and are ready for an exciting day ahead!

This morning, avalanche and stream will be participating in night line and trapeze and waterfall will be doing knights quest and the big swing!

We will be holding a photo event with the opportunity to purchase a disk with all of this weekends photos on for a very small cost!

Please check back on the blog at dinner time for more photos!

All settled for the night!

All the Year 5 children are settled in bed and fast asleep already! We have just been to check on them and they must have been so tired from such a busy day! They’ve enjoyed their hot chocolates tonight and team challenges.

Please check our blog tomorrow for more photos and updates as we have another exciting and busy day ahead!

Team avalanche!

Team avalanche have really enjoyed the day so far! They have been working hard as a team in knights quest and they have shown great courage on the big swing!

Just a reminder we are only able to upload any photos of children who have their parent’s permission to have photographs via signed consent.

We will be organising something to share all of the photos (as we have taken lots!) ASAP!

Team stream!

Team stream have been working super hard during the knights quest and archery! They have been demonstrating awesome team work and they are having lots of fun!

All the children are really looking forward to eating their tea and participating in even more activities afterwards!