Re-hooking our English

Today we started a new cycle of English, having finished our diary writing cycle last week.

This English cycle is information texts about bones and muscles and we hooked ourselves in by creating these fantastic skeletons with cotton buds and card.

Darcy and Harper even had a go at animating their skeleton – great preparation for the final product. Well done girls for grappling with this, it is a great first attempt at stop motion animation.

Darcy and Harper’s short animation

Mrs Graves


Royal main stamp competition for national heroes!

Your child will come home tonight with a letter regarding this competition- all details can be found on the following link

If your child would like to submit an entry (and there are fantastic prizes to be won). Please bring your entry to 6B by Tuedsay 25th May and we will send your entries off on your behalf. 5 crew coins to everyone that gets involved!

-Miss Blackham


Thank you Doncaster Stories

Today we feel really lucky as Doncaster Stories, the Children’s University and the Doncaster Opportunity area have provided all KS2 children with bags and craft resources to take part in the Doncaster Reading Miles challenge!

All Children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are being encouraged to read at least 10 minutes a day and to work their way round their Doncaster map, earning stickers as they reach their destination.

Completing the map will count towards the Children’s University graduation and will earn the children certificates.

We are also going to have our own friendly competition in school.

To find out more, check out the YouTube video:

Mrs Graves


Expedition Celebration

A big thank you to the children who learnt their lines so well for the celebration event on Tuesday.

Mrs Poncia was our special guest to the finale event to celebrate the completion of our “How can we protect people from Natural Disasters?” expedition before Easter.

We presented her with the poem that we wrote, as she lives in the village of Fishlake, devastated by the floods in 2019 – she is even mentioned in one of the verses! She was very impressed and loved our artwork.

The final product will be going to Fishlake.

Mrs Graves


Pride of Plover

Congratulations Felicity, 4G’sPride of Plover this week for your hard work, particularly in maths!

Well done!
Mrs Graves


4G Pride of Plover

Congratulations to Felicity, our Pride of Plover this week. She has been working so hard, particularly in maths.

Well done Felicity and keep it up!