We are still scientists!

Today we have been conducting our scientific research into changing states – in particular how temperature changes in water as ice melts.

We grappled with using thermometers and then this afternoon, our English writing focus was how we write reports like scientists.

Well done 3G – we will report our results tomorrow!

Mrs Graves


We are Scientists in 3G

Today we have started our Case Study 2 – “Why Does Matter Change State?” for our “Why is Sugar Not So Sweet” expedition.

After finding out what we already know about Solids, Liquids and Gases, we then conducted our first experiment , so that we could see how to structure a scientific report.

Our experiment question was: ” Does the size of sugar granules affect the speed that the sugar dissolves in water?”

We conducted fair tests with Demerara, Granulated and Icing Sugar, as well as sugar cubes.

We have loved being scientists this afternoon and we are really looking forward to developing our scientific investigation skills over the next few weeks!

Mrs Graves


3G Pride of Plover

Well done Eifa, this week’s Pride of Plover. it was great to hear all the lovely things your classmates had to say about you as they voted this week.

Well done for helping others, working hard and being a good friend!

Mrs Graves


Save the date- Jubilee celebrations (Thursday 26th May 1:30pm) you are all invited!


-Miss Blackham


Sugar, Slavery and Servants!

We have had a great day looking round the gardens and Hall at Brodsworth.
Despite the rain, we tired the gardens completing our sculpture trail.

Then we followed the treasure hunt round the great houses learning about all the connections to the slave trade.

The hall is filled with amazing furniture, artwork and decorations and we were surprised at how much mahogany was used.We learnt some fascinating facts along the way too!

I am so proud of the behaviour of the children during the visit and especially how they didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits.

I’m sure the other classes will have an equally great time when they visit tomorrow!

Mrs Graves



This morning we listened to Ant and Dec launch the #take10toread campaign. This campaign is organised by the National Literacy Trust to encourage children to take 10 minutes every day to spend some time on their wellbeing and doing something that they enjoy – which could be reading.

They were launching their new book “Propa Happy” to promote positive mental health and all their proceeds go to the NSPCC.

They told us about a competition that the children can do at school or at home, to draw an illustration of something that makes them happy. We started in school, but the children can finish off their designs at home and I will enter any that I receive completed by 15th May.

So don’t forget to #take10toread!

Mrs Graves


3D Shapes for 3G

What are the properties of 3D shapes? What better way to find out, than to get hands on – so that is what we did!

Earn crew coins by completing the extra challenges on Google Classroom.

Mrs Graves


We are Historians!

Today, we have been exploring the reasons behind the end of the Slave Trade in Britain and the eventual abolishment of slavery.

We have discussed reasons and key figures involved and then we have used a sorting activity to apply our knowledge.

Well done 3G!

Mrs Graves