Pride of Plover

Well done to Pebbles, this week’s Pride of Plover. Pebbles has kept calm this week and believed in her own ability. She has remembered to use the range of strategies in class to support her working out. She is also such a helpful and kind member of the class, doing jobs that need doing before I’ve even thought of them! Well done Pebbles, we are all proud of you.

Coming soon to a (home) cinema near you………

Lights, cameras, ACTION!

We have been working so hard to complete our final product for our expedition. Even assessment week could not halt rehearsals and filming.

We have a little more to do, but just to give you a taste of what is to come next week, here is the trailer to our film, ‘Rocking Romans’.

Keep your eye on the class blogs for the full film.

Mts Graves


Amazing Home Learning

Well done to Jack for his incredible home learning all about the Romans!

Well done to Arthur for his incredible expression when reading today!

Keep up the hard work 3T #loveplover

A Busy Weekend!

Well done to the following children who have had a busy weekend reading on MyOn…

Himani, Carys, Pebbles, Angel, Katie-May, Molly, Caziyah and Tommy B!

10 Crew Coins each! Keep up the great work!

Pride of Plover

Well done Jasper, for winning this week’s Pride of Plover. Jasper has worked incredibly hard over the past few weeks and is joining in on the carpet, working hard and showing super learning behaviour. Keep up the great work! #loveplover

Calling budding pop stars!!

Year 3 and 4 are working hard to get ready for their performance of ‘The Rocking Romans’ which will be on our website all about the Romans. To help children prepare for this, you might like to practice the songs at home (lots of the children have been asking).

Please find a link above to the songs. We will be singing songs 1, 2, 3 and 8 from the list on the web page.

Happy singing!

Home Reading

There’s been a reading buzz in 3T this afternoon! We have been looking at how to access school’s online reading, a service called myON. You can access this by logging onto the school site using the green log in button on the top right and then using the purple button in the tool bar at the top.

If you are struggling to use the school website access the app, please use the following link

From here, you need to put the name of our school, your child’s first initial and their whole surname (eg jbloggs) and the password (ask your child, they use it in school for Accelerated Reader).

This will then allow children to read a range of books which suit their reading level. They can quiz on the books at home, which link to their Accelerated Reader accounts in school.

A shout out to Katie-May and Carys, I can see you have been reading lots since you got in from school tonight!

Christmas Cards

Hello Year 3 and 4 adults!

The time is nearly upon us to start thinking about Christmas in school. Many children and adults ask us about cards. Due to the current situation, we have thought about how best to go about the giving and receiving of cards in school this year.

This year, please only send cards to children in your year group bubble (eg 3S and 3T or 4G and 4L).

From December 1st, children can bring cards and place them in the year group post box. This will be in their classroom. Cards can be dropped in any day up until 11th December.

On 11th December, the post box will close and no further cards can come into school. This will mean all cards will enter a period of quarantine. On Tuesday 15th December, all cards will be given out.

Please ask a member of the 3/4 team if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your support in helping to enjoy the joy of giving and receiving cards, whilst keeping everyone safe.

Archaeological Talk

Year 3 and 4 are currently enjoying a talk from Peter Halkon, a senior lecturer in Archaeology from the University of Hull. We can’t wait to hear all he knows about the Romans!

Our remembrance family learning creations!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I really hope you all enjoyed your treats last Friday! A huge well done to the winners:

Samuel- EYFS

Miksang- KS1

Kyan- LKS2

Dalton & Ashton (who sent in a joint entry)- UKS2

I hope you enjoy your prizes! Please keep a look out for our Christmas family learning competition launching soon!