Free Blue Peter badges!

The BBC are giving away FREE Blue Peter badges to children aged between 6 and 15! The badge allows you to gain free entry to over 200 attractions across the UK including Museums and Zoos.

Browse the badges available on the Blue Peter website and follow the instructions of how to apply… it may be that your child needs to send in a poem, a letter or rhyme etc.
Great idea to keep the young ones occupied!

(It’s also worth checking out the 200 attractions on the website as there’s places we haven’t heard of that look fab! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️)


Do the boot dance!!

It’s cold, it’s windy, my feet are aching from being forced into summer shoes so…………celebrate as I can wear my small boots! I am happy, my feet are happy and the world is good!!

Lovely to see some of 5K and their pets yesterday and I hope to see more of you next week.

Cats do not sit but dogs do!

Thanks to those children who attended the Google Hangout. We shared our pets and found that cats do not want to sit and be fussed but dogs are happy too. Ruby’s and Jenson’s dogs were fabulous to see as was Oliver Mc’s lizard! All our cats were reluctant to be seen even when Marsels got his in a firm cuddle! My bert, Harry and Polly all made an appearance to say hello too.

Fabulous Foundation!

I’m back at school and have a Key Worker group down in Foundation! I don’t know who was more surprised the children or me! It has been a lovely change and a new string to my bow as I have never worked in that part of school. School life looks different to what I have normally been used to. It feels really strange to have work clothes back on and work shoes – my feet have been aching every night. Keep safe and hope to see you this afternoon online.!

Story Writing Contest

The amazing Leicester Patron of Reading, Steve Skidmore, has launched his very own story writing competition especially for Off School!
Take your mind into an Imaginary world using the hints and tips Steve has put together in the series of four videos below containing great advice and ideas and watch Steve’s competition launch video with all the competition details you’ll need. There are great prizes to be won for each Key Stage (KS): KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2 and KS3!
Prizes include a signed book AND the opportunity to have your story read on video by Steve himself! 
Ready to take the challenge? Head to the Competition Zone on to enter! Your child’s entry can be submitted via the ‘Submit your Entry’ button at the bottom of the ‘Current Competition’ page. Either upload an electronic file of your story OR a photographed image of a handwritten story (ensuring that we can read this clearly).
Deadline for entries is Thursday 11th June at 12 noon. 
Good luck! 🙂

Do you want to be on TV?
Calling all 10-12 year olds! Mrs Ogle’s friend is creating a game for a new TV show on CITV and he needs 10-12 year olds to be a part of it! If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a problem solver on TV then please click the above link to apply.

You must be aged between 10 and 12 years old!

Weekly Class Hangouts

As we continue to teach a lot of our children online through either ‘Evidence Me’ or ‘Google Classroom’ we would like to extend our contact further by a weekly ‘Google Classroom Hangout’.

Every teacher will host a weekly class catch-up as per the details in the table below.

Please encourage your child to join this as regular contact with their friends and class teacher will help them continue to feel a part of their school community.  This will also support with the the safeguarding monitoring we are required to do during this time.

F1 Mrs Ibbertson Tuesday  2pm
F2P Mrs Price Monday 10am
F2S Mrs Shuka Monday (to start Monday 8th June) 10am
1L Miss Lister Tuesday 10:30am
1/2T Miss Topliss Wednesday 11am
2L Miss Lotysz Thursday 11:30am
3L Mrs Lewis Thursday 9:30am
3P Mr Pickering Friday 9:30am
4G Mrs Graves Thursday 10am
4W Mr Whitfield Wednesday 1:30pm
5B Miss Brogan Thursday 10am
5K Mrs Keegan Wednesday 10am
6B Miss Blackham Wednesday 10am
6H Mrs Haycock Thursday 10am
6Ha Mrs Coward Thursday 10am