We are going to be on Trax FM!

Today, these children recorded with Trax FM as part of their little school project. Next week, from 3:30pm-4:00pm the children will be on the radio every day, answering questions and telling jokes for the whole week. They were all fabulous and I can’t wait to tune in!


If any of our Parents/Carers are interested in volunteering to become Literacy Champions in our community we will be having a special training event at Plover after the half term.

You must book on to the session by informing the school office or speaking directly to Mrs Barras  or Miss Topliss and be available to attend on:

Monday 24th February 2020 from 1.00pm-3.00pm.

Volunteers can train to become Literacy Champions for free as part of this brilliant Literacy Campaign (which is Roald Dahl themed – if you’ve seen a buzz about golden tickets around Doncaster then you’ll be familiar with our campaign!).

Literacy Champions promote a love of reading through the activities they do. There is no set time a month or commitment expected from the volunteers.


Well done!

1/2T were proud of Kody today for really persevering with his writing. He has also corrected it too. Look how proud Kody is of himself! Keep up the fantastic work 🙂 

Thank you!

Thank you to Luca’s mummy and daddy for this beautiful map for our class. We are looking forward to using this as part of our topic and scratching off where we have all been!

Reading for pleasure

Look at Declan and Riley sharing a book about the Wright brothers! We are looking forward to learning all about them in the coming weeks

Even more home learning!

Even more fantastic home learning today! Thank you Tommy for your gorgeous helicopter. I think we are going to need an extension to showcase all these models!

Maths and English learning

In Maths, we are learning about multiplication and division. We are learning to form arrays. We have a new word, ‘commutative’. This means that multiplication can be done in any way. Eg 7 x 2 = 14 and 2 x 7 = 14. The children have been using BBC Super Movers to practice their times tables.



In English, we are learning about the story of Icarus. We are going to be retelling the story in our own words and adding our own ending.

Super Movers have some videos for grammar, spelling patterns etc that you might want to use and discuss at home.


More amazing home learning!

More amazing home learning in Year 1/2 this morning! Well done everyone! I am also really happy to hear two of our children, Tommy and Luca, were busy making their project collaboratively last night! Keep up the hard work everyone. Our display is looking really beautiful! 🙂

Family Learning

Wow! We had a fun afternoon at family learning! Parents and carers, thank you so much for joining us and for being fantastic at helping out your children with their craft activity. We can’t wait to hang these around the classroom and in our shared area! Looking forward to next time already!