Library Forms

All children have received a library form this evening. Please consider filling this in. This will allow your child to borrow up to 12 books totally free of charge at any one time. We are really trying to promote the love of reading across school and in class. Please hand these either to myself or to the office and we will arrange the card being brought into school.

Thank you for a wonderful half term 1/2T and thank you to parents and carers for your support. You should all be incredibly proud of just how hard your children have worked and how well they have settled back into school life. Have a fantastic half term break and see you on November 4th.

Home Learning

Home learning

  • Reading books can be changed every morning by the children from one of the colour banded baskets that are in the KS1 shared area.
  • Frog Learning – codes have been sent home this evening. If you lose your code, the school code is PLDN2, the Username is the child’s name and the password is their date of birth (full date, eg 05082014)
  • Maths with Parents – the school code is 549279

Please ask if we can further support you.

Potteric Carr

I am delighted to share the amazing work we did at Potteric Carr on Tuesday. The rain certainly didn’t stop us learning. Look at our beautiful habitats and animals that we made to go inside them! Well done Y1/2.

Potteric Carr

What an AMAZING day at Potteric Carr. Thank you to each and every child for making it such an enjoyable day for all involved. Despite the terrible weather, not one child complained about being wet! Parents and carers, they were an absolute credit to you all, as well as to the school.

I hope everyone went home and told their parents and carers what they were doing – we reminded them not to say, ‘Nothing!’ We enjoyed a walk to the Education Centre, a minibeast hunt in the woods, a pond dipping experience and making minibeasts and habitats for them in the afternoon. We found some incredible creatures, including spiders, frogs, slugs, millipedes, newts, centipedes and woodlice. In the pond, we found other creatures such as fish, pond snails, damselfly nymphs and pond skaters. In the afternoon we enjoyed creative craft and Miss Topliss will be driving to Potteric Carr to pick them up to display in class. We had to leave them today to dry and also to make sure that they didn’t get ruined in the rain!


I hope everyone sleeps well tonight – the children certainly gave it their all today.


Lastly, thank you to those parents who came with us today. Please let me know if you would like to join us on the next trip when the letter comes out.

Potteric Carr

Year 1/2T trip is tomorrow…please be advised the weather is expected to be very wet. Please send your children in waterproof clothing, warm layers, wellies etc.

Upcoming diary date… Thursday 10th October will be family learning. This will take place in the afternoon. Time TBC, so please watch the blog/app for exact time later this week, although this will take place during the later part of the afternoon. Please come and join us!

Potteric Carr

On Tuesday we will visit Potteric Carr. Potteric Carr is a trip where the children will be spending as much time outside as weather allows. Please be very mindful that the conditions we have experienced this weekend are likely to carry on into Tuesday. With this in mind, please consider sending your child in wellies/sensible walking shoes, a waterproof coat and warm layers to allow them to participate in the day without getting too soggy!

Warburtons Visit

On Wednesday we were really lucky to host Warburtons in 1/2T for the afternoon. We really enjoyed making sandwiches, learning about the company and discovering how to make healthy sandwiches. Warburtons were incredibly generous in giving all our children a pack of sandwich thins to take home to help them show parents and carers how to make a healthy lunch. We loved wearing the special aprons. However, the biggest hit was the hair nets! We enjoyed looking a bit silly in them and even Mr Butler joined in! We hope that Janet and Michelle will join us again next year!

Butterfly Life Cycles

This week, we have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. I have been really impressed to hear the vocabulary that the children have used to describe the life cycle. The pasta has really captured the imagination of the children. Thank you Miss Heaton for doing some shopping at the weekend!

Sun catchers

Today, Y1/2 have made amazing butterfly sun catchers. They have worked carefully and collaboratively to make these look absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait for display them both in the windows and in the Key Stage 1 area.

Congratulations to those children who have been appointed onto the school council to represent our class. These children are Jada and Shayen.