We are going to be on Trax FM!

Today, these children recorded with Trax FM as part of their little school project. Next week, from 3:30pm-4:00pm the children will be on the radio every day, answering questions and telling jokes for the whole week. They were all fabulous and I can’t wait to tune in!


Book and a biscuit

The children really enjoyed there first book and a biscuit session in 2L, it was lovely to see so many parents turn up and sharing a book with their child.

Book and a biscuit next week will be held on Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th and 30th January for all of Key Stage 1. It will begin at 2:30 and parents are asked to arrive through the Key Stage One gates.


What a busy week!

We’ve had such a busy week in 2L, starting with the family learning event on Wednesday. It was lovely to see so many grown ups in school making arts and crafts for our classroom and enjoying this time with your child.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division. The children have become quite secure with the method of working it out they have been taught. Any times table practise that can be done at home, would be really beneficial to your child.


Grown ups are welcome to come into school Wednesday 15th January at 2pm to make some crafts with your children.

The children are super excited and cannot wait to share their learning with you so far.

Hot air balloons


2L have had a lovely afternoon making hot air balloons ready to display in our classroom. They have blown me away with how amazing they look! Wednesday 15th January is our family learning afternoon, which will start at 2pm. During this time you will be able to come and participate in some crafts with your child and look at the amazing work they have completed so far.

Introducing Crew


Today in 2L we have been looking at introducing crew and what we think it means to us. We decided that Crew made us a family and that we would always look out for each other and help each other. The children were great at identifying what different Crew members look, sound and feel like.

Today your child has come home with their home learning menu for their new expedition, after an amazing amount and quality of homework from the last term I cannot wait to see what I receive this year.

I have also sent home a reminder of your child’s frog learning password, where there are some maths quizzes to be completed to help your child with addition and subtraction.