Y1 Faith Day

Each term children will learn about different faiths and religions around the world, and understand how we respect people’s beliefs!

Year 3 Faith Day

This afternoon, we have been learning about the Islamic Religion, in particular, about the mosques where muslims worship.

After finding out some background information, we were really pleased to be joined by Rayyan’s mum, who talked to us and answered our questions about her faith.

After building our knowledge, we demonstrated what we had learnt by becoming Mosque Visitor guides.

I am so proud of how hard everyone worked. What a lovely way to learn more about the varied lives of people in our class, crew, school and community and to help us appreciate each other more.

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Ms Gent for coming in this afternoon to talk to us, we really appreciate you giving us your time.

Mrs Graves, Miss Farrow and Mr Schofield


Faith Day Year 4

4H have worked really hard today to build their understanding of the Muslim Holy Book: The Qur’an. They collated information from our Gallery Walk and transformed it into some beautiful posters to be proud of! Well done everyone; you have gained a wealth of knowledge in a polite and respectful way, and really taken pride in the work you have produced.

Mrs Haycock


Y2 Faith Day

We had a great day today in Y2 finding out about Islam. The children found out about the importance of prayer and when and what Muslims do when they pray. We were lucky enough to have our very own experts in Y2 and they were brilliant at sharing their knowledge with us.

Have a look at what we’ve been up to.


Year 4 Faith Day 🕌🙏

Today, we have been learning all about the Muslim Holy Book: the Qur’an for Faith Day. Massive shoutout to Aseel and Dania for doing some home learning and delivering an excellent presentation to the class about their religion! They should be very proud of themselves. The children asked some sensible questions and have learnt lots to be able create some informative posters about the Qur’an. Well done!

Miss Brown


F2B Faith Day

Today we learned about Eid. Muslims celebrate Eid. Their religion is called Islam. Zehra in our class in Muslim and we enjoyed learning and sharing knowledge together. We read a Muslim story about a family, like Zehra’s, who did Ramadan. Zehra explained Ramadan is when they don’t eat food in the daytime (fasting) but they eat food at night. For Eid, they share a big feast and sometimes have fireworks. We made Eid Mubarak cards and some children chose to give theirs to Zehra. We ate spicy food from Bakrs Mum. Some of us loved it! Some of us nearly cried because it was so spicy- we all had a giggle! What a lovely day learning about other people’s faiths. We celebrate our differences.

Mrs Bubb

F1 Faith Day

Today for faith day we have been learning about Eid. We have used our fine motor skills to have a go at creating Eid cards and tried some delicious Islamic food such as Samosa’s, kebabs, spring rolls and biriyani. We read the story Rameena’s Ramadan and looked at the Eid my first festivals video, we also listened to some Islamic music.

Miss Wood


RE in F2

F2 have looked this week at the Persian New Year in their RE session. We discussed how the Persian New Year is different to our new year celebrations as it is based around the beginning of Spring. The children then linked their fine motor skills to different pictures of spring. Well done F2!


Miss Wood