I have spent a very exciting morning in Sandal Beat Woods, as F2’s information board was erected. F2 children spent a long time researching woodland animals and creating beautiful artwork as part of their last expedition. I am sure you will all agree that their finished work looks fantastic. Our F2 children should be very proud of themselves. I wonder if you can spot your portrait?

The information board is within the fenced off area by the fire circles, opposite the park. I’m sure it will be very helpful to all members of the public and children visiting the woods. Due to current restrictions at the education center, the best day to visit the woods and see the sign is Tuesday as the gates to this area are locked through the week.

Well done F2!

Fantastic Friday

I have been blown away by the standard of home learning this week in all areas of learning. I have seen lots of children practicing number bonds and extending their learning to number bonds to 20.

I have seen lots of phonics practice with children using the graphemes in reading and writing.

In expedition learning, there have been lots of dragon eggs and dragons made using imagination.

The children in school have also been working hard and continue to settle in well.

Thank you F2 for a brilliant week.

F2P Pride of Plover

This week I have chosen someone who has a very big enthusiasm for learning. They love exploring and finding out. They like to ask questions and challenge thinking.

I have chosen Ethan. I am so proud of all the things that you have learnt to do during lock down. Well done Ethan.

Amazing maths

Lots of you have been working out number bonds to 10 this week. Some of you have been spotting the patterns too.

Mia and Brooke have extended their learning on number bonds today and have worked out number bonds to 20. Well done girls.

Listening to music

Lots of you have enjoyed listening to the soundtrack from How to train your dragon. You have used lots of adjectives and some of you have put these in your writing too to say how George felt. Well done to the children who also remembered to use conjunctions.

Well done to Mia for using because in her writing.

Number bonds to 10

The children in school and at home have been making 10 in different ways today.They have used counters, objects, part whole models, drawing and labelling to work out what numbers make 10.

Poppy was then challenged to see the pattern in numbers to 20 – well done Poppy for completing Mrs Keegan’s challenge!

Dragon kite

There has been some fantastic colouring today as children have been making Chinese dragons and dragon kites.

Harry was very proud of the kite he made.


Moving dragon

Well done to the children who have described a real dragon today. We shared some dragon facts in F2P hangout this morning. A Kimodo dragon can grow as long as F2P carpet- huge!! There have been some lovely dragon photos sent in today too.

Another skeleton

Firstly well done to all the children who completed the 5 day Act Fast First Aid Challenge.

Lots of you have learnt about looking after someone who is poorly. Thank you to all the mums, dads, brothers and sisters who have taken part in the challenge too.

Lena has made a skeleton today.

Some of the children in school have been shape detectives. Some have been practicing counting in 2s.

Have a lovely weekend and get ready to learn about real dragons next week.