Plover school sharing the love 💗

I am so proud of all of the children who contributed to the Santander ‘thank key workers’ valentines display. This is the display so far and I am sure you will all agree, it looks beautiful! Keep an eye out for the video of all the contributions, which will be coming very soon! Well done everyone!
-Miss Blackham


Explosive Expedition for LKS2

Year 3 and 4 had a great time on Friday afternoon, seeing how effective their volcanoes were at exploding and here are some of the highlights…..

Well done to everyone that took part in school and at home – the smiles on faces and squeals of excitement were brilliant!

Mrs Graves


E-Safety Poster Competition

A very big well done to everyone that entered the E-Safety poster competition. I was so impressed with your posters and how much you have understood about staying safe online.

Here are the winning entries:





Well done everyone and keep staying safe online!

Mrs Graves


Amazing artwork in Year 3 and 4

It has been a great week of learning for so many of our children in year 3 and 4. So many children have been logging on and completing their work, it is great to see.

I have been particularly impressed with the artwork that has been produced during the Thursday afternoon art sessions with Mrs Foster.

They have been learning about the Japanese artwork ‘the Great Wave’ by Hokusai, to link with our expedition theme of Natural Disasters and today’s lesson moved on to using a tsunami as a subject to study using perspective in their drawings.

I am blown away by the quality of the drawing and the care and pride they have put into their work.

Have a flick through our gallery below (swipe left and  right) and who knows, one day, some these pupils might be displaying in real art galleries!

Enjoy our art!

Mrs Graves



What a start!

Despite the sudden switch to online learning, there have already been some excellent, creative examples of home learning for our new expedition ‘Is London still burning?’. Thank you to everyone who managed to get online today and have a go at some of the tasks. The live check-in will be at 9am tomorrow morning and then the live lessons will follow throughout the day. Please try and join us if you can. If you are having technical problems, please get in touch and we will help where we can.

Well done to Laci-Maee, Shayen and Tim in particular for you hard work today.

I hope to see you all again tomorrow!


Perfect Poetry!

Our Year 6 Crew have been poets today!  After writing  all about the polish aircraft that crash landed over Hatfield Moors in the style of a newspaper report, the children were challenged to describe the tradgey in a poem, using precise word choices to create impact.

A shout out goes to Mia and also Shang for using alliteration and personification in their writing.

Luke also gets a shout out for writing his poem in first person, as if he is the ghost telling the story.

Keep up the good work, Crew Chapman.


Great Home Learning.

Shayen has spent his time at home doing extra learning about our dinosaur expedition. He has drawn a a dinosaur shape onto a piece of wood and then expertly used a saw to cut out the tricky shape. He still has all of his fingers as well! He then carefully painted the dinosaur and added little details. Great work Shayen!