Run, run as fast as you can!

During outdoor play, the children read clues to find the Gingerbread Man. They used their phonics skills to sound out words. They read the clues and were successful in finding the Gingerbread Man. He will be hiding again tomorrow and there will be more clues to find!

Mrs Price and Mrs Bubb


We are investigating magnets

We have had great fun investigating magnets and finding polar north by hanging a magnet from a piece of string. The initial speed of the magnet spinning in both directions convinced the children that it was just ‘going cray-cray’ (their words NOT mine) and not actually working. They were amazed when it finally settled, pointing in the direction we had previously confirmed as being north with a compass!

Ellis took his learning a step further and investigated how closely he could push two magnets together before the magnetic force took over! Well done Ellis, extra special scientist shout out for you young man!

Well done everyone!

Mrs Haycock


Crew Farrow

Today, we discussed what Crew means to us and why it is important. In Crew Farrow we value the importance of sharing our feelings and looking after each other.

Pride Of Plover

Well done to Elaf who got our yellow T-shirt this week. It’s lovely to see how much your confidence has developed and how you are now joining in with phonics, saying your sounds clearly daily.

Miss Wood


3SG Investigating Magnetism

Today, 3SG have been investigating the poles of magnets and how they can attract or repel one another.

We also had a special expert visitor, Paul from Year 5. He is very interested in science and helped me teach the lesson – well done to everyone for working hard for me and our guest!

We are motivated!

Our crew challenge this week was to solve matchstick problems. I think it’s fair to say that Crew Haycock found this more challenging than some of the other tasks they have been set! The frustration that they displayed when I showed them how simple it was really was amusing to see from my point of view. However, I don’t think they appreciated how easily I solved them! Sorry guys, I pledge to be more supportive and less competitive in the future.

Keep grappling with our motivational challenges everyone!

Mrs Haycock


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Today, Year 3 went on a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw lot’s of animals, including some very playful polar bears. We also went to a polar bear work shop, and got to learn more about polar bears and climate change.

We Are Storytellers

Over the past two days we have been working hard to re-tell the story of the Gingerbread Man, using masks. The children have become very good at remembering key phrases and leading their own learning to re-tell the story during provision.

Miss Wood


A big thank you

Thank you to all those who have supported our fundraising this term. We have raised just over £700. We are going to buy books to create book baskets for places in the community, books for the children’s wards in the hospital and Kiddiewinks. We are also going to add to our reading for pleasure books that the children take home and all our EYFS children will have their own book.

If you know of a venue in the local area that would like a basket of books for children to read/share at the venue please let us know.

Mrs Price and the EYFS team