New 6H meet the teacher times…

Good morning everyone.
Below are the two links for today’s meet the teacher hangouts.  I hope to meet as many of you as possible later on…

The above is the link for the 11 o’clock meet the teacher session.

The above is the link for the 2 o’clock meet the teacher session.
I hope they work and to see as many new 6H pupils as possible.
Mrs H 🙂

New 6H – I can’t wait to meet you!

Hi 6H of 2020/2021

I hope you and your families are all well.

I will be holding two different opportunities for you to join me on line for a little bit of a get together tomorrow.  The two time slots to choose from are 11am and 2pm.  I will send out the links/invites in the morning.

It would be great to meet as many of you as possible.  It will give you the chance to ask questions and hopefully I will be able to answer them for you.

You might be feeling a little nervous – but guess what?  So am I – and it’s fine to feel this way.  If you do find that you are feeling a little like this, then joining me online tomorrow would be a great idea.  I’ll do my absolute best to settle some of those nerves.

See you tomorrow, guys.

Mrs H 🙂

5K new class hang out

Just to let you know I am doing 2 hangout s for my new class. There are on Friday –

10am  – the meeting link is


2pm – the meeting link is


Hope to see you soon!

Monday 13th July

Good morning 6H,

It was inevitable I suppose, but if I am honest, I was hoping this week would never actually arrive.  How has the year whizzed by soooooooooo incredibly fast?

You have been in my thoughts over the last few days and I cannot explain how proud I am of you all.  Please keep an eye on Miss Blackham’s blogs in case there are any last minute changes or updates to Wednesday afternoon.

Just so you know, there is no theme learning this week, or maths.  Instead, Miss Blackham has organised some fun activities for you to do.  For those of you who wish to finish ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ I have uploaded all of the remaining chapters – believe me, it’s worth a read!

Have a great day everyone.

Mrs H 🙂

Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning everyone,

What a miserable morning it is!  Who has been singing to bring the rain?

Please check in daily – preferably during the school day rather than late at night.

Well done thank you to those of you who are keeping Miss Telford really busy with the marking of your submitted work.

This week is transition week. You have lessons from Plover for today and tomorrow, then from your secondary school from Wednesday onward.  Try your best with this work – first impressions count!

Have a great day everyone.

Mrs H 🙂

Thursday 25th June

Morning everyone!

How beautiful is this weather…really?  I love soaking up the sun but if you do too, please make sure you keep yourself safe by applying plenty of sun cream and drinking lots of water.

Our hangout is at 11 o’clock today in the hope that a few more of you might join us.

There was an slight technical issue with today’s comprehension answer sheet – I’ve uploaded it again but it’s a separate document just underneath the original one.

Please remember that I will be calling homes today to check in with those of you who we haven’t heard from all week and to remind you to order your leavers hoodie if you haven’t done so already – it’s getting very close to the final deadline for orders and payments (this Sunday).

Have a great day guys and please head into the shade to avoid heat exhaustion when needed.

Miss you all sooooooooooo much 🙁

Mrs H 🙂


10 am Today…Year 6 Hangout

Good morning everyone,

Please remember that today at 10 am, there will be a whole year group hangout.  This is to discuss your ideas for your leaving celebrations.  Plus, as an added bonus, Sven and Buzz will be online too.  They’re soooooo cute!

In addition, don’t forget that you must order your leaver’s hoodie by Sunday – no orders or payments can be taken after this date.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Mrs H 🙂

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning campers!

It’s going to be a hot one today – so first and foremost, please keep hydrated.

Thank you, as always, to those of you who check in regularly.  You really do make my life so much easier, guys.  I’ll be ringing round parents on Thursday to do my usual weekly ‘is everyone okay etc’ updates/check ins.  If you don’t hear from me, don’t worry – that’s because you’ve been checking in regularly and submitting your learning.

I hope to see you on Thursday morning – I am going to change the time to 11 am in the hope that a few more of you will join us. In addition, I’m going to try and prepare a silly game or two to entertain us but these will only work if there are more than the usual 3 or 4 of you.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Missing you all so very very much!

Mrs H 🙂

Monday 22nd June

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all well on what is another beautiful morning – I do love waking up to the sun shining through my bedroom window.

The deadline for ordering your leavers hoodies is this Sunday – no one can order or make payments after this day.  The link for placing your order has been added to the main page blog by Miss Blackham.  Your parents should receive a text about this today.

I hope you all have a great day.

Keep smiling and be happy.

Mrs H 🙂