Our book recommendations Padlet!


Well done to the lovely 5/6’s who are adding to our phase Padlet of book recommendations! I know this has been so helpful for your classmates, allowing them to select a book based on their interests all thanks to those of you who are reviewing your books! It is great to see so many of you reading at home in addition to participating in your live lessons and work! So a huge well done for me and please keep it up!

The winner of the book review of the week will be announced this Friday during the yellow t-shirt assembly so please keep reading and keep reviewing!

-Miss Blackham


It’s ‘snow’ fun in lockdown!

The snow fell thick and fast today, and we really took the opportunity to enjoy it in school at playtime and lunchtime.

There were snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights galore, and mainly a real feeling of excitement from everyone.

It was great to see the children learning from home go out and enjoy the snow too – even if they did get cold hands.

Let’s hope we get to enjoy it a little while longer.

Please send me any photos of you enjoying the snow so we can share it on our blog.

Mrs Graves



Great work so far Year 3 and 4

I just wanted to do a ‘shout out’ to all the children in year 3 and 4 who have been logging on and completing work. You really are becoming experts in using classrooms and have make such progress since last Wednesday. Well done -I’m sure you can teach the grown ups a thing or two now.

We have had some lovely practical learning being completed at home and in school to support our Natural Disasters expedition, with the home made volcanoes coming along very nicely. I can’t wait till next week when we start being scientists and completing experiments with them. Advanced notice for next week, you will need some vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and if possible (but not essential) some red or orange food colouring. If you can’t get hold of that, some Coca Cola and a mint will work too.

We have decided to celebrate learning at 2pm Friday afternoon, by turning Plover Praise time into our very own ‘Plover Virtual Disco’ – so get your party clothes on, do your hair and get ready to boogie!

Check out our wonderful volcanoes – you still have time to make your own ready for our ‘explosive’ experiments next week.

Guided reading

Today we are going to use the words similarities and differences as we compare old bears to new bears. We are going to look at pictures of old and new bears and talk about what things are the same or different. Can you sort the pictures?

We have a reading activity to do today. If you are on pink books then complete the pink video. If you are on red books then complete the red video. If you are on yellow books or want to challenge yourself try the yellow activity.

Red shelf

Red 2B and Yellow shelf

Pink shelf

t-t-2547399-old-and-new-teddy-bears-display-photos (2)

Mrs Price


Good Afternoon from KS1 Crew

Hi Everyone,

Firstly let me give a ‘Shout Out’ to Paul who was our Yellow T Shirt winner on Friday.  Paul has been fabulous during our remote lessons, he is always eager to share his thoughts and it’s great that he keeps the conversation going.


Secondly the whole crew in KS1 would like to give out shout out to our pupils and parents who have persevered with remote learning.  We know that some of you have struggled with internet access and using technology (this includes me!). But the uptake to online learning has been fantastic.  Let’s keep this going.


Can I ask that you use the children’s Plover school emails when accessing Google Classroom and the live learning, other passwords will result in you not having permission to access.  I know we have spoken to some parents that are struggling with remote learning, if you feel you do need any further support please let us know usually we can get you up and running quickly.  Lastly, where possible we would advise you to try to access the live lessons as a teacher will talk you through each slide which can be easier for you.


Many thanks again,


Mrs Coward and the KS1 Crew

Reminder of Protocols when working online

Good evening everyone,

Thank you so much to the children who have joined us online today and have been working in school too.

Please can we just remind you of appropriate protocols when working online, especially in the chat down the side of the video call and the streams on Google Classrooms.

These ‘chats’ are places for children and adults to talk about learning so that you can let us know if you need support or need to alert us to something. Please remember that everyone can see this. Please do not use the chat to talk to one specific child unless it is about learning and you are coaching/supporting a peer. (For example, chatting to one child making arrangements to talk later should not be done in a school chat).

We understand children will want, and need, to communicate with their friends. They can do this by coming on during Crew and sharing feelings and thoughts in circle as we would in school. Children can also communicate with their friends in private, but please can this not be done through school communication.

Finally, children should not enter the video chats before the arranged session time when a teacher is not present. The times for live learning are outlined each day on the blog and Google Classrooms. Please do not log on a long time ahead of lessons and use this as a way to chat.

I hope you understand that we are asking for this to keep all children safe and using the technology appropriately. It is so important we keep the children as safe online as we do in school.

Thank you for your understanding.

Merry Christmas Everyone

What a fabulous day we have had in Key Stage 1.  It started with Mrs Ogle, Santa and their helpers on the gate – the children loved this and it was fabulous to see their smiling faces as they came into class.   We then took part in a quiz, watched The Snowman (we have been looking at the picture book in English – a video of this will follow), and then the fun and games began.


Is Mr Pickering singing or in pain? I will let you decide 🙂


I want to say how proud I am of my class.  They have been absolutely brilliant these last few days when the timetable goes a little hectic with Christmas activities.  I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fabulous Christmas.  I look forward to seeing you all in 2021.






What did the Romans do for us?

What an amazing half term it has been for Year 3 and 4.

We learnt so much about the Romans and what they did for us.

To finish off our expedition, we worked really hard to produce a video showcase of what we had learnt.

We know you have been excitedly waiting anticipating the red carpet premiere of our amazing work. I am pleased to announce that the wait is finally over!
Get yourself some popcorn and a drink (or flamingo tongues if you want to get into the Roman mood), sit back, relax and enjoy as we proudly present Plover Productions Rocking Romans…..