Easter winners

Well done to everyone who entered the Easter egg decorating competition. There were some fantastic entries and it’s lovely to see so many parents have been involved. Our winners we’re Nelson, Beau and Rayyan. Well done!

Well done too to our Easter raffle winners Hasty and Kusang!

Have a lovely Easter break and don’t eat too much chocolate!

Finding the Difference!

Y1 have been working hard to find the difference between two numbers. I was so proud to see them working collaboratively to help each other. You can see the concentration on their faces! The discussions and explanations they were sharing was just fabulous to hear.

Super Work


Shout Out

Congratulations to Ryley on his Plover Praise Postcard. He has been a great role model in class this week, by working hard and being super helpful to his friends and teachers!
Well done!
Mr Meade


We Care Wednesdays

This morning in crew, we have been learning about the short and long term effects of alcohol on the body. We discussed how alcohol could lead to poor decision making, being violent and saying things that might upset other people- affecting relationships with our friends and family. I was impressed with the children’s mature attitude and responses they gave. Well done Crew Chapman/Haycock! #LovePlover

EYFS celebration

We have finished our expedition “Where do bears live?” We have learnt about bears, where they live, what they do, where they go and what they eat.

We celebrated with a teddy bears picnic.

Click on the picture. Have a look at the slides and videos of our learning. There are 3 to watch – Goldilocks, We’re going on a polar bear hunt and Bears bears bears bears.

We hope that you enjoy celebrating with us.

Mrs Price


We are Earthlings

We’ve enjoyed sharing the book ‘Here we are’ and discovering where we live and what Earth looks like from Space. The book has opened up lots of talking about who we are and where we come from, along with the wealth of languages within our classroom.

We’ve had great fun getting creative to create rockets and our planet Earth. We especially enjoyed bubble printing. It was a challenge to remember to blow down the straw and not suck!