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Tunnels, Burrows and lots of paint

F2 have continued to enjoy playing in provision and developing areas. After our visit to the woods, we have been learning about burrowing and tunneling animals. We’ve turned our reading area into a rabbit’s burrow and enjoyed building mole and rabbit tunnels in our digging area.


We have created some beautiful artwork this week. Children have enjoyed sketching and painting characters from Little Red Riding Hood. We are getting really good at mixing the colours we need. We hope you will look out for our art work around our classrooms as we’re really proud of it!

Forest School

Our Forest School children had a great session outside on Thursday. We are already beginning to remember our rules for keeping safe. Children worked together to find ways to move logs twice as big and heavy as themselves. They had great fun getting muddy, digging holes to plant trees and were really excited to find and re-home wriggly worms. Make sure you have your wellies next week as we want to jump in muddy puddles!

The photos you’ve been waiting for…

First of all, I’d like to appologise for the delay in uploading these – technology is not a friend of mine. So, sorry.

Here are the photographs of everyone enjoying hook week.  Questions were asked that made me cast my mind back to my university degree; solar systems were produced, including one made to scale; creativity was running wild; and my classroom was quite frankly a mess!

Collaborative Coaching…

Today, we have been working in teams to solve problems on fractions of amounts.  The coaches in each group were able to support their crew members and help them solve some very complicated challenges.  It really was fascinating to observe everyone making sure everyone else achieved success.

Family Learning

Wow! We had a fun afternoon at family learning! Parents and carers, thank you so much for joining us and for being fantastic at helping out your children with their craft activity. We can’t wait to hang these around the classroom and in our shared area! Looking forward to next time already!


Young Voices 2020

A huge hello and welcome to Plover Young Voices blog!

What a fantastic day we’ve had! The children have been brilliant throughout the day. The whole experience from beginning to end was amazing. The children sang like angels, the music was uplifting and it was an experience the staff and children will never forget!

4G have a Chrome Day

4G have used the brand new Chrome books today to take part in an online Kahoot quiz about fairtrade. It was great to see how our scores improved!

We then deepened our knowledge about Fairtrade by finding out what it is and what difference it can make.

Corey said, “Fairtrade is a charity that helps Farmers in poor  communities far away.”


Demi-Lou said “Fairtrade make poor people have better lives as they have money to get water without having to walk for miles.

4G and the Chocolate Factory (Museum)

What a fabulous day! We started in the workshop making edible wallpaper and the after lunch to the actual York Chocolate Story, where we learnt about this history of chocolate from its beginnings in ancient Mexico to how it came to York and the important chocolate manufacturers.

we discovered how chocolate is made from the raw ingredients and completed taste tests to compare.

After that we got creative again, this time making our own white chocolate lollies and then we learnt how the insides get into chocolate truffles.

So many of us thought it was the best ever school trip and would love to go back again another day – I think all the chocolate tasting had something to do with it!