The pride of plover winner is…


Miksang has really impressed us with his creative learning particularly over half term. He always works hard and finds different ways to enhance his learning. This week he has been baking and gardening but still found the time to be a good big brother.

Thursday 28th May

Good Morning,

I want to start this morning by giving a shout out to Corey and his really creative writing task. He wrote his diary entry last week online, but then he made some paper look old and reprinted his words in a Tudor Style. think you’ll agree how awesome it looks.

Corey explained how he did it: I put 1 spoon of coffee in some water and poured it over the paper, then dabbed it down and put it in the oven to dry.It went all crispy.

Well done Corey.

Dahin has sent an amazing portrait recreation – I can’t wait to show you all. Have you decided what you are doing? Get sending your photos to me – I would love to see them.

Have a lovely day, stay safe,

Mrs Graves.

Tuesday 26th May

Good Morning,

Hope you are enjoying the holidays. The sky is certainly very blue.

The work is on classroom for this week so please keep working your way through it.

Please get involved in this week’s competition to recreate a famous picture – I would love to see what you do.

I am thinking of having a Google Class Meet at 2pm on Wednesday -hope to see you then,

Mrs Graves

Monday 25th May

Good Morning. What a beautiful day to start the Half Term.
I understand that you may not want to do the usual school work, so I have put all the weeks activities on today, so you can see what you fancy doing. There are some lovely fun and crafty ideas, and I know a lot of you enjoy them, so it would be good to see what you create. Share photos.
This week’s school competition is to recreate a famous portrait. It would be lovely to see you get involved – you could even get you family to join in. There is a slide to give you ideas.
Please keep checking in everyday.
Have a nice day,
Stay safe.

F2P hangout

The next F2P hangout will be Monday morning at 10. This will then be a weekly event. An email has been sent to your child’s email address. If you haven’t managed to access your child’s emails yet, this is what you need to do.

Load the school website

Then log in to the website.

Your username is the first initial of your child’s name followed by your surname eg Joanne Blog would be jblog

The initial password is pa55word. You will then change to a password you will remember. You will then be able to access your child’s emails.

  1. Go to your email (when you log in to the school website with your username and password the email icon is at the top – it looks like M)
  2. Accept the email invitation (this will be on your calendar ready for next week)
  3. Wait until next Monday!
  4. Before the meeting starts, open your emails again repeating step 1.
  5. Find 9 dots near to the top right hand corner of the screen.
  6. Click these dots and open calendar.
  7. Click the event . This will open a separate tab and you need to click join with Google Meet. You will then be taken to the meeting.

You can also use the APP if this is easier.

If you have problems logging on, I can add parent emails. Just let me know in an email or on Evidence me.

Looking forward to seeing you all. Bring something that you have learnt or made to show your friends.

Mrs Price

PC Harry is on the case

Harry has really worked hard to set up his own police station. He’s been busy making wanted posters, a badge and filling in incident forms. I feel much safer knowing PC Harry is on the case!

End of day thoughts


Hope you’ve found the E-Safety activities useful. It is so important to stay safe online and these activities will really help you.

I have seen some really good problem solving with regards to perimeter today, well thought out out calculations and reasoning.

Tomorrow will be Pride of Plover again – who will get the virtual Yellow T-Shirt? We’ll announce the winners at 9.30am on here! Also tomorrow, if you are in the Google Classroom keep checking in the afternoon on the activities!

Keep washing your hands.

Stay safe and take care.


Thursday 21st May

Good Morning

It was nice to talk to some of you on the Google Meet yesterday, we will do one again next week on Wednesday and that may become our regular time slot.

I have not put on as many activities onto Google Classroom today as I really want to give you time to make your Tudor Houses. Remember there are PRIZES!!!! I also haven’t had many diary entries written as an exit ticket, so I would like you to get that done as well please. Well done to Corey and Mohamad, you have written really excellent diary entries – brilliant effort!

Miss Blackham is wanting more rainbow posters  so please email them to me or Miss Blackham – more information on the website front page.

Mrs Graves