Google Classroom Pupil Guide

Google Classroom is an exciting piece of software that allows us place learning online!

In order to help the children access this easily, Mrs Graves has prepared a document that will help the children get on to Google Classsroom!

Please click on the link below

Pupil Step-by-step Guide to Accessing Google Classroom from Home


Friday 3rd April

Good Morning 4G

Hope you are all well rested!

So, it is Friday and what do we do on Friday? Yes, Pride of Plover, so come back to the blog at 9:30 and I will announce who has got the Pride of Plover award this week!

I shared ‘spelling frame’ with you yesterday, so I would like you to have another go at that – add in the comment box how many points you get on the Defend the Tree game.

Next week we will be starting Easter so we have planned the work in a slightly different way. I would still like you logging on every day to complete the feelings chart.

Have a lovely day and check back later for Pride of Plover!

Mrs Graves

Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning 4G!

Hope you are all well.

Well done to those of you that spotted my little April Fool yesterday.

I hope you have been practising singing Any Dream Will Do! I have had some videos emailed already!

Mrs Ogle has shared another challenge that we would love you to do – making a poster to say Thank You to someone – so it would be great if you could do that in the next couple of days.

I want to say Thank You to Mr Whitfield for marking your work while I have been in school and Thank You to you all for continuing to login and do your work!

Take Care and keep safe!

Mrs Graves

Song Challenge

How about getting your vocal chords warmed up and taking part in our song challenge?

We would like to join in with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s challenge to sing Any Dream Will Do and see our children perform the song.

So, can you practise the song ‘Any Dream Will Do’ from Joseph using the youtube backing track (link shared on this blog) and then get your grown up to film you performing it.

Send your videos to and we will make a compilation, as well as share with Andrew Lloyd Webber! (Grown-ups – Please only send videos if you are happy for your child to be seen online.)

Not sure of the words? Here is a link to the lyrics!



Tuesday 31st March

Morning Everyone!

Sorry for the lateness of my blog, I’ve been running around in school and doing Joe Wicks with the children we have in.

There are some new activities in Google Classroom for you to complete. Please fill in the feelings check-in.

Thanks for the photographs of the buns you made yesterday – they looked delicious.

English today is writing out the instructions for how you made them – keep it as detailed as possible to make the instructions clear. Watch this video for how to make your instructions exact!

Can you beat your time in Fluent in 5? Make a note of how long it takes you and see if you can do it quicker. Kyle is getting quicker everyday.

Brogan, I am missing seeing all of you, but it is good that you are at home and keeping out of the way of this bug!

Stay safe,

Mrs Graves

School Meal Vouchers

It is very likely that soon we will be moving to a school meal voucher system to replace the cold packed lunches that we are currently offering, as we will not have dinner staff on site.

School meal vouchers will be issued to anyone currently entitled to Free School Meals.

If you feel that you may be entitled to a Free School Meal, but have never applied, please don’t worry, it is not too late!

Applications can be made online via the link below and you will get an instant response if you are eligible. You will need your own name and date of birth, contact details, national insurance number or national asylum seekers number, your child’s name and date of birth, and the name of our school, Plover Primary.

If you are eligible, please either email or bring proof into school (can be on your mobile phone) and we will process your request.

If you need any help with the application, please contact school and someone will be available to support you.


Monday 30th March

Good Morning!


Hope you are all keeping well. Looking forward to see you log in on the feelings chart and say hello!

You had a good week completing work last week, let’s keep it up this week.

I hope you had a good weekend – I managed to get some fresh air by going for a run.

Please could you share any photographs of rainbow pictures you have made for your windows – I would love to fill the blog with rainbows!

I was struggling with my internet from home last week, so if I missed anyone’s work, I will catch up today.

Just a reminder that the work I set is for during the school day – PLEASE do not feel that you have to do it after school time – there is plenty of time to work on things during the day.

Have a lovely day.

Mrs Graves

Friday 27th March

Good Morning all,


Well we have got to the end of our first week of our new way of learning and I am so proud of how you have logged on and completed your work – well done.

We are focusing on reading today – please log onto Epic Reading, read the books and complete the quiz, as well as spend 30 minutes on Read theory.

I will be loading up a maths shape challenge a little later and Expedition will be to design a logo and packaging for your newly invented chocolate bar! They will go up when you have done your reading!

Something a bit different today –  If your parents have Facebook, Chester Zoo are doing a ‘Virtual Zoo Tour’ from 10am this morning. They are going round the different enclosures and visiting different animals – should be lovely! If you can watch it, let me know on the stream what your favourite animal on the tour was and why.

Enjoy your day – get some fresh air.

Look out for shout outs later

Mrs Graves


Get crafty!

Lots of you have joined in with the rainbow challenge to draw a picture of a rainbow and put it in your window, but how about making a 3D rainbow decoration?

There are step-by-step instructions on showing how to make this lovely project. Why not give it a go, send me a picture and I can share it on  our blog!

Let’s light up our blog with rainbows!