End of the week and new online classrooms

Well done to everyone who logged on, I have seen some excellent work this week and it’s been lovely to see how enthusiastic and eager you have been to challenge yourselves and learn new things.

Next week, things will look at little bit different. Instead of have individual classrooms for 3L, 3P, 4W and 4G, we are going to have 2 classrooms.  One called Year 3 and one called Year 4.  From Monday you just need to click on the classroom for your year group and complete you class daily check in and the learning that is there. You complete and hand in the work in exactly the same way.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing you back in our new online classrooms next week.

Stay safe and take care!

Friday 5th June

Good Morning,

Well it’s Friday and that means it is Pride of Plover Day!

There continues to be some nice work being handed in but this week’s POP is COREY!!!

This is because of his consistently high quality work that he keeps handing in. He really does put the same amount of effort into his work , as he did when he was in school and he is continuing to use all the Year 4 features in his writing.

I just wanted to wish Lola and Mohammad a vey Happy Birthday for tomorrow – I hope you have a lovely day both of you.

Take Care

Stay Safe

Mrs Graves



Morning everyone, I can’t believe it’s Friday again already.

I hope you all enjoyed your evening and are all ready for today’s learning.

Make sure you log on to your online classroom and let me know how you are. Also please make sure you complete your End of Week Critique. What sort of week have you had?

Please ‘hand in’ any photos you have of your final instrument designs or photo’s of your musical instrument. I’m looking forward to seeing them!

Have a good day everyone! Take care!


Good morning everyone!

It looks like another grey day outside today – where has the sunshine gone?!

Make sure you log on to the Google Classroom and let me know how you are today. There’s lots of learning to complete today and don’t forget you’ve still got two days to complete your musical instrument.

Enjoy your day everyone.

End of the Day

It’s been another wonderful day despite the miserable weather outside. Thank you to everyone who logged on to let me know how you were today.

Shout outs today go to Lauma, Matias, Ksawery and Alfie for good Maths and to Mohamad, Agrima, Layla and Esther for good English. Well done to all of you.

I am looking forward to seeing what your instruments look like on Friday. Nastazja has already made a wonderful tambourine.

I hope you all enjoy your evening!

Stay safe!

Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning,

Well for once I’m not saying what a lovely day it is outside! It is much cooler and it is raining – but that is good for the grass and plants at least!

I’m in class today, but it is very different to how you remember.

Thank you to Mrs Lewis for keeping things up to date for me yesterday, when I was in school and well done to Corey, Lola and Mohamad for the Biography writing they completed.

We are working towards our final product which will be a Tudor Picture Gallery, with a Biography.

We are doing our Google Class Meet tomorrow at 10am – please spread the word so we get as many online as possible.

Have a great day – keep safe!

Mrs Graves

Good Morning!

Morning everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your evening!

There’s lots to learn today so make sure you head into our Google Classrooms and make a start. We will continue looking at length in Maths, biographies in English and in Expedition today we’d like you design a musical instrument. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Have a great day and take care!

Story Writing Contest

The amazing Leicester Patron of Reading, Steve Skidmore, has launched his very own story writing competition especially for Off School!
Take your mind into an Imaginary world using the hints and tips Steve has put together in the series of four videos below containing great advice and ideas and watch Steve’s competition launch video with all the competition details you’ll need. There are great prizes to be won for each Key Stage (KS): KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2 and KS3!
Prizes include a signed book AND the opportunity to have your story read on video by Steve himself! 
Ready to take the challenge? Head to the Competition Zone on offschool.org.uk to enter! Your child’s entry can be submitted via the ‘Submit your Entry’ button at the bottom of the ‘Current Competition’ page. Either upload an electronic file of your story OR a photographed image of a handwritten story (ensuring that we can read this clearly).
Deadline for entries is Thursday 11th June at 12 noon. 
Good luck! 🙂