We are going to be on Trax FM!

Today, these children recorded with Trax FM as part of their little school project. Next week, from 3:30pm-4:00pm the children will be on the radio every day, answering questions and telling jokes for the whole week. They were all fabulous and I can’t wait to tune in!


Collaborative Learning in 4G

Our focus this week has been looking at the work of the Fairtrade Organisation and the difference it makes to communities around the world.

Thanks To help us understand more, we worked together to research what Fairtrade means to different individuals in countries that receive support from Fairtrade, as well as people in the UK.

It was fantastic to see such good examples of collaborative learning, with team leaders ensuring that everyone in their group was understanding and contributing!

Young Voices 2020

A huge hello and welcome to Plover Young Voices blog!

What a fantastic day we’ve had! The children have been brilliant throughout the day. The whole experience from beginning to end was amazing. The children sang like angels, the music was uplifting and it was an experience the staff and children will never forget!

4G have a Chrome Day

4G have used the brand new Chrome books today to take part in an online Kahoot quiz about fairtrade. It was great to see how our scores improved!

We then deepened our knowledge about Fairtrade by finding out what it is and what difference it can make.

Corey said, “Fairtrade is a charity that helps Farmers in poor  communities far away.”


Demi-Lou said “Fairtrade make poor people have better lives as they have money to get water without having to walk for miles.

4G and the Chocolate Factory (Museum)

What a fabulous day! We started in the workshop making edible wallpaper and the after lunch to the actual York Chocolate Story, where we learnt about this history of chocolate from its beginnings in ancient Mexico to how it came to York and the important chocolate manufacturers.

we discovered how chocolate is made from the raw ingredients and completed taste tests to compare.

After that we got creative again, this time making our own white chocolate lollies and then we learnt how the insides get into chocolate truffles.

So many of us thought it was the best ever school trip and would love to go back again another day – I think all the chocolate tasting had something to do with it!



4G Hook Week Day 2

Today we launched into our key text ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by comparing how the same book can have so many different front covers.

We have really enjoyed reading the first few chapters and can’t wait for our Dress-Up day on Friday.

We have continued making decorations for our room by designing giant sweets.

New Year, New Expedition

We have all come back to school very excited about our new expedition – and is it any wonder when our expedition is called: What’s the Cost of a Bar of Chocolate?



We have been thinking about the guiding question and what we want to learn over the term about Chocolate and what our classroom should look like.

We also discussed what it means to be ‘Crew’ and worked together to produced a fantastic list of qualities that everyone needs to be ‘Crew’.

And most exciting of all – we can’t wait for our trip to the York Chocolate Story next week on Tuesday.


Happy Christmas to the Wellness Centre

Miss Brogan and myself had the great task of visiting the Wellness Centre with a food donation this morning. The food had been collected by staff as a ‘pay it forward’ advent calendar suggested by Mrs Graves. The staff there were very welcoming and pleased to receive the donation. Glyn was keen to make links with Plover as the centre helps a lot of families in the Intake area when they are in need. I suggested maybe we could arrange a collection of school uniform at the end of the school year as this could help the financial burden for families