Super work from Year 6!

Wow! Year 6 have really impressed me today! We have been focusing on the book ‘Tuesday’ and today they had to write questions they had about the picture book. They blew me away with their questions and collaboration. Just look at their awesome work! Well done my lovelies! You really are superstars!

Our results from last week!

6B are loving our visual tracker of our targets! I am so impressed with our scores from last week and I am challenging 6B to increase their class average minutes on accelerated reader from 9 to 12 minutes. I know they can do it!

Well done superstars!

Super proud 6B!

6B have been working so hard in maths this morning, I have seen our collaborative norms develop which has resulted in great progress today! Remember our lessons are on google classrooms incase you want to do some extra learning at home! Well done 6B- you make me very proud!

Crew shoutouts!

We haven’t had much of a chance to catch up as a full 5/6 phase but today we did our first virtual assembly. It was lovely to hear what fabulous things our children have been doing in class and their highlights of the week as well as celebrating successes! Well done to everyone in 5/6 this week you have all been awesome but a bigger shout out to those children who received a shout-out from their teachers for their howls this week! Well done superstars! I am very proud of you all! #Crew5/6


Awesome collaboration in maths in 6B! I am so impressed with the learning behaviours that are being developed within our crew! The children are showing super resilience and super support to their peers! Keep it up superstars!

Accelerated reader!

Today 6B have started on accelerated reader. They have each completed a star reader test which has allowed us to direct them to appropriate books at their level. The children were so hooked into their new books and can’t wait to get started on their online quizzes!
Well done 6B! Who will be our accelerated reader winner this week? Check back on Friday to find out!

We are crew!

A huge shoutout to 6B! I am so proud of you all this morning! They have spent the morning researching inspirational people to name our crew after. They have learnt so much about so many inspirational people! They then had to select who they felt the most passionately about and present their arguments to the rest of the crew. It’s not always easy to stand up in front of people but they all did such a fantastic job! Look back later in the week to see the reveal of our new crew name!