Collaborative maths

Awesome collaboration in maths this morning. I am so impressed with how resilient 6B have been today. They have had some challenging algebra questions and they have preserved until the reaches the answers! Well done everyone!

Awesome critique this morning!

6B have been fabulous this morning. They have worked collaboratively using RUBRICs to critique their writing. They all agreed how much this technique helped them improve and I can’t wait to read their writing tonight.
Well done 6B!

We are crew!

A huge well done to crew Blackham who won the football tournament this afternoon. You were all awesome and showed fantastic team work. Your communication and sportsmanship was admirable and I am so proud of you all!

Let’s keep up this awesome crew spirit!

Beautiful poppy paintings!

Well done 6B for producing some stunning poppy work this afternoon in preparation for Rememberance day.
I just wanted to say how much 6B have impressed me this week. They have been amazing and worked so hard towards the work going into their calendar. Please keep it up 6B I am so proud!

Have a fabulous weekend- you deserve it!

Swimming with plastic!

The Year 6 children have been well and truly hooked into our new cycle of writing! Today, they had the opportunity to swim with plastic at Armthorpe baths to take on the perspective of sea creatures, swimming in our plastic filled seas.
I am so impressed with the discussions and suggestions the children were having and how hooked in they were to their learning. The children reflected during the session and it was so powerful to see how this experience has impacted them. I can’t wait to read the awesome poetry that I know is going to come from today’s hook!
Well done Year 6, you have made us very proud!

New half term- new targets!

This morning, 6B have reflected on last half term and decided upon new targets for the new term! The children are determined to beat their new targets and they can’t wait to get started on them!

Pug literacy!

6B were so excited today to finally have some pug related literacy! They really enjoyed their five minutes reading fluency starter today. They read all about Sven and Buzz and what they get up to! They then had to answer a variety of questions on the text. Super work 6B well done!

Awesome peer critique!

Alex and Annabelle have blown me away this morning. They have worked so hard at editing and improving their writing. Their peer critique was so specific and they both said how helpful it had been towards improving their work. Well done to you both! £50 class cash each!