School meal choices & Financial help for those in need!

Just a quick update to share our new winter choice menu which will be available from next week for those children wishing to have a school dinner. We will be starting the week on Tuesday 1st September but on Mondays choice (pizza) then continue on Wednesday as advertised so no pork pie will be served to begin with. Payments must be made in advance via Parentpay for children in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 with the exception of those who qualify for free school meals.

Children still have the option to bring in a packed lunch from home and will eat this with their year group in the main hall.

If any child has a new food allergy or change which we have not been made aware of we will require a confirmation by doctor/medical professional so that we may provide your child with the correct food. Our main concern is to ensure we provide the correct food and in no way put your child at risk. Until this information has been received unfortunately we will not be able to provide a meal and a packed lunch from home provided.

We would like to encourage parents/carers to apply for free school meals. We can help with this at the school office or to get an instant decision, please apply online. We have also been informed of additional funding that may benefit some of our families so please apply using the links below.

Financial difficulties due to the Covid 19 crisis:

Doncaster Council has received some additional funding to assist those most economically vulnerable as a result of the Covid 19 situation. The funding is for help with food and essential supplies over the next 12 weeks.
This additional funding will enable DMBC to help more people who require help with food, fuel, basic household items, school uniforms, rent deposits and rent arrears as a result of this crisis.

Parents/carers who feel in need of this assistance please apply using the links below;

  • *  the Local Assistance Scheme for help with food, fuel, basic household items, school uniforms, or
  • *  the Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme for help with housing costs, rent deposits or rent arrears.Applications to both schemes are online at are able to take up their right to FSM by requesting this online at under the heading Children, young people and families.