3GS Grappling with Geography

3GS worked really hard researching the County of South Yorkshire. They used images to make predictions and then used the internet to look up facts that they turned into a presentation that they shared with the class.

We are proud of how they worked in collaborative groups to complete the research and then how they had the confidence to stand in front of the class and speak. Really kind, specific and helpful critique was then shared by the class.

Well done guys.

Mr Schofield and Mrs Graves


We are geographers 🌍

This week in expedition, we have been locating and explaining the different geographical zones of the world. We also described and compared the geographical location of the Uk and Svalbard. To consolidate their learning, the class loved completing a blooket quiz. Shout out to the winners, Rahand and Elijah!

Miss Brown


We have taken a walk through the Arctic!

What a great first day back to the New Year! We have been introduced to our new expedition and have taken a virtual walk through the Arctic! Along the way, we met a few polar bears but do not worry…we all made it home safely.

Mrs Haycock


LKS2 Digital Map Final Product

Here is a link to the digital map we have produced to reflect our community. It contains links to biographies and fact splats written by the children and about where some people in our community come from and what the Romans did for Doncaster.

We are hoping to have a physical sign positioned at the entrance to school soon.

Mrs Graves


So proud of my boys!

I am so incredibly proud of my boys. They have been working so hard all term on their handwriting and the improvement is just amazing! I can’t wait to display today’s work out our handwriting heroes display to celebrate their success! Also, their explanation about deforestation is just amazing !!

-Miss Blackham


Hotseating Earthquake Survivors

We have been using our imagination and role play skills this week in preparation for our final write. To prepare for writing a newspaper report about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria earlier this year, we have been hot seating as earthquake survivors. To do this, we have had to imagine being a survivor and what experiences and feelings they might have had. We have also had think of questions that we might want to ask.

I am very proud of how everyone has worked this week, it has been a serious topic to discuss and they have been thoughtful and respectful throughout.

Well done 4G.

Mrs Graves