KS1’s Expedition Environment

Check out all of the stunning crafts and designs all our KS1 children have created during hook week – it really has been a fantastic and immersive week!

All the children have been buzzing with the crafts, activities (beach hut, lighthouse, cliffs, sand and sea collage, fish & chip shop and menus, donuts and waffles stand, boat, whale, fish, seaguls) and have lots of wonders about our new expedition ‘Would you staycation in Doncaster?’

We will be exploring Doncaster and comparing it to the seaside as part of our locality study!

Massive congratulations and thank you to everybody – Go crew!


Plover Art

While we’ve all been away from school the Plover Artists have been keeping their creative skills busy by drawing, painting, making collages and models, colouring and creating digital art!

We’ve been working in our Google Classroom Art Rooms; linking our art to the weather, chocolate packaging, and the Tudors.

We’ve celebrated Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday by recreating some of his work with different materials, while looking at his style.

Our Art Studio, which is open to everyone to share their own artistic interests, has had lots of contributions, and some fun challenges have been set. We’ve been drawing our favourite cartoon characters, creating art to represent our favourite games, and we’ve been challenged to get the whole family involved, and create some collaborative art.

It’s easy to join in:

~ go to your Google Classroom Art Room, to find assignments linked to your theme. This is like our P.Block art lessons. You get pictures to work from, you can share your work for critique, and you can get help, advice and feedback. Don’t worry if you don’t have lots of art materials at home, you can use whatever you have!

~ go to the Google Classroom Art Studio to share your own artwork, and join in fun challenges. This is where you can share any art that you’re creating at home; whatever you’re interested in! There are ‘just for fun’ challenges, if you’re stuck for ideas.

If you’re not sure what to do, let me know and I’ll do my best to help!

Enjoy being creative…

Ms Foster 🙂

“Now, it’s time for the gallery…”