To our year 6’s

Dear year 6,

This week you should have been sitting your SATs but as we experience uncertain times, this week is going to be a little different to every other year before it (some of you may be pleased haha) but deep down we all know you have worked so hard your whole primary school life towards these and although they are not everything, we know how much you wanted to sit them to prove to yourselves and the world just how much you have learnt.

I just want to let you know, that as we wake up this morning in these very strange times, I couldn’t be any prouder of you and no score on any paper could come close to the feeling of pride you have given me and the fellow year 6 team and the entire Plover community. You have coped so well being off school, not being able to see your family and friends. You have worked hard at home whether that be on google classrooms or experiencing other learning activities with your families and it has certainly shown us (even though we already knew) how amazing you all truly are. We know you’ll go up to secondary school as the fabulous students of Plover Primary School that we know you all are and with the results you deserve. So stand proud this week, smile and remember you are all amazing, you are all wonderful and so, so special. We really do hope to see you all soon for the leaving celebrations you deserve! #wearecrew💙