Lots to share

What a fantastic week F2.  Your first week learning about dragons has been fantastic, from model making to writing. Those children in school have shown excellent behaviour and I am really impressed with your learning too.

You have created dragons in play dough and box modelling and some of them were breathing fire.

You have created castles for Princess Pearl.

Lots of you have been learning about plants in your garden and you continue to send in photos of how your plants are growing.

Next week we continue to learn about Zog as well as learning first aid.

Have a lovely weekend

PS Ellis also has the book “This is not a fairy tale”. I wonder who else has it?

F2P Pride of Plover

This week I have chosen Vivan for his effort in learning at home and school. I have been impressed with his art work particularly at home and Miss Lister has been impressed with his shape work and the effort that he has put into his writing. Well done Vivan.

Use your imagination

Learning today focuses on using your imagination. Make up your own story for Zog. You could do this in your play and in writing. Can you add equipment to your castle to make a small world area? eg trees, pretend water, characters.

Well done Zog

Today we would like you to make a certificate for Zog. Can you make Zog out of play dough using 3D shapes? Can you make a castle for Princess Pearl?

My new book

Look what arrived today – my new book! Thank you to Isabelle and Mia who both sent observations this week of them reading this book. I hadn’t heard of it before but it is a lovely book.

Have you read any other dragon books?

Return to school

Some parents have asked if they can change their minds about their children returning to school when F1 and F2 are able to start back, from no to yes. Mrs Ogle has said that groups have been set based on the decisions that parents had made so unfortunately we will only be able to take the children back where parents had indicated yes or where there are exceptional situations such as parents becoming key workers.

If you have any further questions about this, please speak to your child’s class teacher when we phone next week.

Mrs Price

F2 gardeners

We have had photos today of your gardens and how your fruit and vegetables are growing. Lena has started picking her strawberries and Ellis has picked his first cucumber. Well done young gardeners.

Make a fire breathing dragon

Today’s home learning

Today we would like you to write sentences about what Zog learnt. Can you make a dragon suing 3D shapes? Can you make a fire breathing dragon?