Amazing writing and bridge building

Well done F2. Everyone was really engaged in their writing. Most children remembered to use first, next, then, after that and finally like we did in the re-telling of our visit.

In maths we have been using positional words and have used them in our model making. We have created bridges to help us cross the river.


We used the puppets to practice positional language and to describe to our friends where the puppet was.

We have also been practising months of the year and how they match to the seasons.


3D shapes

This week we are learning about 3D shapes. We have been on shape treasure hunts inside and outside. We have been building with 3D shapes and deciding which ones are the best for building. We have learnt lots of new words.

curved, flat, vertices, apex, edge, face, surface

Faces are flat.

Surfaces are curved.

Vertices are where 2 or more edges meet.

An apex is a special kind of vertex at the top of a cone.


We have learnt to name the shapes too – cone, cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder.

This is what the shapes look like.


Ideas for home learning

What shapes can you find at home?

Can you make a jungle animal using 3D shapes?

Play “I spy with my little eye a shape that has…..”

Please send us photos of your home learning.

Into Africa

Yesterday F2 and helpers visited the Wildlife Park. Despite lots of rain, the children were very well behaved and we saw lots of animals.


We found some interesting facts.

Meerkats eat crickets.

Lemurs have a queen and not a king and the one at the Wildlife Park is called Bumble.

Giraffes have a tongue that moves round in a circle to pull leaves off sticks.

Zebras are black with white stripes to stop them getting sun burnt.


Ready for the jungle

Well done to all the children for surviving their first full half term in school. They have learnt lots of new things and are progressing well.

We are getting ready for the visit to the Wildlife Park on Tuesday 5th November. School uniform needs to be worn under waterproofs and wellies. Each child needs a bag that they can put on their backs to carry their lunch in.

We have created a waterfall in our small world area with lots of animals. We will be learning animal names, where they live and what they do.

Please remember to return library forms if you haven’t already done so.

Have a lovely half term

Mrs Price and Mrs Shuka

Rain shakers

We had a busy creative day today. We explored the different sounds rice, pasta and beans would make inside a rain shaker. We then decided how we wanted to make our rain shakers and what we wanted inside them.

Here are some pictures of our day.


Some of us chose to draw patterns and stick different things on our rain shakers.

Some of us chose to paint and then stick.

African art and music

Another busy week. The children have been mud painting, looking at African pictures, dancing and playing African instruments.

Here are some photos of the jewellery making too.

Mud art

Drumming workshop – thank you to all the parents who supported us and enjoyed the drumming too! We had a great time with Steve.

And thank you to our younger visitors too.


What is it like in Africa?

This week F2 have shared the book A is for Africa. We have talked about the things that we could see that were the same and different. We have also learnt that life in the city might be diffferent to life in a village.





The children dressed up in African clothes and some of them tried to carry a doll on their backs pretending it was a baby. We looked at different African fabrics comparing them to our clothes. We loved the colours and patterns.





We made African jewellery which we have enjoyed wearing all week.

On Friday, Mrs Axelby came to talk to us about her work with Compassion and her visit to Africa. We learnt about food, toys, clothes, school and toilets. The children were very interested in finding out about the toys and the toilets!

Next week we will be learning more about life in Africa and exploring African music. It is the drumming workshop on Tuesday and open session on Wednesday.



This week F2 have been getting very excited about our imaginary trip to Africa. We have started packing our cases in preparation, throwing out our welly boots and winter hats and packing our sun-cream and binoculars. I wonder who or what we might meet on our travels?

Please remember to return the consent form for the Yorkshire Wildlife Park visit and make a payment for the African Drumming Workshop on ParentPay if you haven’t already done so. Thanks!