Making spiders using our fine motor skills.


We have been practising our fine motor skills! We have used the fiber optic strands to thread bobbins and used our cutting skills to make snips in paper to create fireworks.  We used pipe cleaners, cheerios and play dough to make spiders!  Perhaps you can try some of these activities at home?

Mrs Renwick

Mark making in Foundation 1

This week we have been mark making in different media. We have made marks in gloop and paint. Some of us can mark make the first letter of our name. This is a fun activity to do at home in soap or chocolate or jelly or mud!


Family observations.

Thank you to Ruben’s mum to be the first parent to send family observations to us in Foundation 1, using the 2 build a profile website. They were fabulous.

Please let me know if you are  receiving our observations of your child by e- mail and e-mail back to us, any exciting activities your child does at home.

Thank you

Mrs Ibbertson

What do I celebrate?

Clink on this link to watch a  video. IMG_1325                                                      

Over the next week we will be talking about how different people celebrate in different ways. It is the time of year when some people celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. We will be learning about the story of Rama and Sita, using our hands to re-tell the story.

If your child would like to bring in a photo of celebrations they have taken part in, we will share them in the classroom. Thank you to those parents who attended the Rainbow sessions on Fridays and joined in!

Mrs Ibbertson

Rainbow Family Session On Fridays.

Come and

Play in our


On Fridays there is a “Rainbow Session” where our children’s adults are welcome to come and play with their child in the Foundation 1 setting for half an hour.

          If your child attends just  the morning session please come to the Foundation 1 gate at 11.00 am. If your child attends all day or just in the afternoon session. Please come to the Foundation 1 gate at 2.30 pm.

Thank you for your support.

                                                                                           Mrs Ibbertson

Foundation 1 Bubbles and balloons!





We have been reading the book “Room on the Broom.”

We are playing with bubbles, balloons and potions!

Our dressing up can be the witch or the animals! We enjoy acting out the story with our props.

Mrs Ibbertson

Well done!

All of the new children and our previous early starters have settled in at the beginning of this term wonderfully. They are playing together and helping each other during the session. We have some very independent children with regards to toiletting, putting on shoes and coats. They have been confident when separating from their carers and happy to be joining us at school!

Mrs Ibbertson

Foundation One Stay And Play Sessions!

During transition week in Foundation One, we held our “Stay and Play” sessions, for the children and their parents who will be joining us in September 2019. Thank you to everyone who attended, it was wonderful to meet you all. Well done to our present Foundation One children who played with them and made everyone feel very welcome.

 Mrs Ibbertson