Fabric, buttons, ribbon

Hi everyone

Next term EYFS will be learning about “Where do bears live?” for their expedition. We will be creating bears. If any one has any old brown/beige fabric that we could use we would appreciate it. We will need to quarantine anything brought in so would appreciate it before Christmas.

We would also like the following:



tubes from wrapping paper


story character dressing up – Goldilocks particularly

We will be learning about old teddies. If anyone has an old teddy that we could borrow to compare to new teddies we would appreciate it. We will make sure that it is looked after.

Thank you

EYFS team


Christmas cards

The time is nearly upon us to start thinking about Christmas in school. Many children and adults ask us about cards. Due to the current situation, we have thought about how best to go about the giving and receiving of cards in school this year.

This year, please only send cards to children in your year group bubble (F1  and F2).

From December 1st, children can bring cards and place them in the year group post box. This will be in their classroom. Cards can be dropped in any day up until 11th December.

On 11th December, the post box will close and no further cards can come into school. This will mean all cards will enter a period of quarantine. On Tuesday 15th December, all cards will be given out.

Please ask a member of the EYFS team if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your support in helping to enjoy the joy of giving and receiving cards, whilst keeping everyone safe.

EYFS news

We have had a busy week in Foundation Stage learning about the Post Office and how postal workers help us. We have dressed up and delivered letters and parcels.

Here are some paintings of postal workers.

Both F2 classes had attendance over 97%. Well done.

The children are divided into 3 crew colours – red, yellow and blue. They earn crew coins for good behaviour, learning and being kind. The winning crew this week was red. Congratulations to the red crew.

In our crew sessions we have been learning about sharing and that sharing means we are caring for our friends and being kind.

Next week we are learning about the Jolly Christmas Postman, creating maps and re-telling the story. We are also creating our final product.

Mrs Price


Children in Need Day.

Today our children in the Foundation 1 setting have had a wonderful time. We have been speaking to our friends about our similarities and differences in our choice of clothes today.


Critiquing our houses that we have made.

We have made our houses after painting a box. We then put on a strong roof using card instead of paper and some windows and doors. After this, we talked about how we could improve our house. Some of the children added door handles, chimneys, letter boxes and curtains, after critiquing their model.


Our Family Tree

We have been drawing pictures of our families. Our drawings make up the leaves on a large, class, family tree. Thank you to everyone who sent in family photographs.
Our children are beginning to draw fantastic pictures.