Return to school

Some parents have asked if they can change their minds about their children returning to school when F1 and F2 are able to start back, from no to yes. Mrs Ogle has said that groups have been set based on the decisions that parents had made so unfortunately we will only be able to take the children back where parents had indicated yes or where there are exceptional situations such as parents becoming key workers.

If you have any further questions about this, please speak to your child’s class teacher when we phone next week.

Mrs Price

F1 get together will be on Tuesday’s at 2 PM.

Today we trialled a video chat, “F1 get together at 2 PM.” Invitations were sent out to all parents. Thank you to those who attended. I have sent out another invitation for next Tuesday ,so please check your spam box if you can’t find it. We listened to the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk, retold with puppets and a play dough slug and snail!

Weekly Class Hangouts

As we continue to teach a lot of our children online through either ‘Evidence Me’ or ‘Google Classroom’ we would like to extend our contact further by a weekly ‘Google Classroom Hangout’.

Every teacher will host a weekly class catch-up as per the details in the table below.

Please encourage your child to join this as regular contact with their friends and class teacher will help them continue to feel a part of their school community.  This will also support with the the safeguarding monitoring we are required to do during this time.

F1 Mrs Ibbertson Tuesday  2pm
F2P Mrs Price Monday 10am
F2S Mrs Shuka Monday (to start Monday 8th June) 10am
1L Miss Lister Tuesday 10:30am
1/2T Miss Topliss Wednesday 11am
2L Miss Lotysz Thursday 11:30am
3L Mrs Lewis Thursday 9:30am
3P Mr Pickering Friday 9:30am
4G Mrs Graves Thursday 10am
4W Mr Whitfield Wednesday 1:30pm
5B Miss Brogan Thursday 10am
5K Mrs Keegan Wednesday 10am
6B Miss Blackham Wednesday 10am
6H Mrs Haycock Thursday 10am
6Ha Mrs Coward Thursday 10am