Thank you for helping us!

Many thanks to those parents who have supported us by no longer bringing buggies and prams into the F1 classroom at the beginning of the morning session. Your baby is still most welcome if you would like to bring them in carrying them. We can no longer accommodate the buggies as it causes a safeguarding problem and is against Health and Safety procedures. Mrs Ibbertson and Mrs Renwick 

Tasting porridge

We all explored dry and wet porridge. We felt at the different textures and used exciting words to describe how it felt on our hands. Then we talked about washing our hands properly and preparing food correctly. We tasted porridge that wasn’t too hot, “It was just right!” Just like Baby Bears’ porridge.


We made masks.

We made masks to add to our role play so we could pretend to be Goldilocks or one of the bears. We are practising with scissors and glue sticks so we can then use these skills independently in our F1 setting.

Reception Admission Deadline – 15 January

SEPTEMBER 2020 – Reception Admission Applications

Attention for current nursery children and parents/carers of children eligible for a Reception place in September 2020.

The first closing date for applications for Reception places from September 2020 is 15 January 2020.

The link below will enable parents/carers to apply online on the DMBC webpage –

Please ensure applications are made before the closing date, if you need any assistance or would like to make an appointment to have a look around our school please contact the school office.

Thank you.

Our Celebration Event.







Many thanks to all of  the adults who took part in our celebration event. All of the children took home their star biscuit with their wish on the tag and their Diwali lamp to bring light into their lives.

Mrs Ibbertson

Making spiders using our fine motor skills.


We have been practising our fine motor skills! We have used the fiber optic strands to thread bobbins and used our cutting skills to make snips in paper to create fireworks.  We used pipe cleaners, cheerios and play dough to make spiders!  Perhaps you can try some of these activities at home?

Mrs Renwick

Mark making in Foundation 1

This week we have been mark making in different media. We have made marks in gloop and paint. Some of us can mark make the first letter of our name. This is a fun activity to do at home in soap or chocolate or jelly or mud!