2P New Teacher Meet

Good morning current Year 1’s!

I hope you are all doing ok.
As you know, transition in school has been unable to happen in the way we would have liked this year. As a result, I know that you might be feeling a little more anxious about moving into Year 2 than usual. To try and help with this, I have arranged a short, online Google meeting that you are welcome to attend just so that you can have a chance to see me and put a face to a name (there will be a chance for your Parents and Carers to meet me properly during the first week back).
I will be offering 2 chances to meet me this morning. There is no need for you to be in both meetings so please only plan for one of the times! I have included the meeting code below. The times are either 9.30am or 11.30am.This is not meant to be scary in any way. If you simply say hello and maybe one thing you like or might be looking forward to, then this is all that is needed.
I hope this is useful to you and look forward to seeing you later this morning. If you are not able to attend, or don’t wish to, then enjoy your summer break and I look forward to meeting you in September.
EDIT: Thank you to everyone who was able to join me this morning. It was lovely to see some new faces and begin to learn some names. I also want to thank those who have emailed me a piece of writing to say hello. I really enjoyed reading them. I have now removed the link from above as there are no more meetings planned. Have a fabulous summer and I will see you all in September.

New Class Meet


I just wanted to remind you that we are having a NEW 4G class Google Meet today (Thursday) at 3:30pm and tomorrow (Friday)  at 10:30am
To join the meet click the link or type meet.google.com/ggo-oizw-uuc into the address bar.
I am really looking forward to seeing you all.
Any problems, just contact me at agraves@ploverschool.co.uk and I will get back to you,
Mrs Graves

Good Morning!

Morning everyone!

I hope you had a good evening. Don’t forget to let me know how you are feeling before getting on with the learning in our online classroom.

Another quick reminder about meeting your new class teacher. Make sure you check below for the day and time of your meeting later this week.

Today we are getting our new online classrooms ready for next year so  if you can’t access or loose access to the classroom later on today don’t panic! You can continue on TTRockstars, Read Theory, Epic or Rodocodo.

Have a good day!

End of the day

I hope you have all had a good day. Again I’ve seen some lovely work, well done to everyone who logged on today, it’s been lovely to see what you have done.

Don’t forget, later on this week you will be able to meet your new teacher. Make sure you have checked the blog so you know the days and times you can join the Google Meet to meet them.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

See you tomorrow!

Meet Your New Teacher!

As this school year comes to an end, we start to think ahead to next year. Our children have been informed who their teacher is going to be next year, had the chance to find out a little bit about them and are hopefully writing about themselves to share with their new teacher.

School restrictions during Covid-19 have made it impossible to complete the transition activities we would normally put in place to support your child with their move to their new class, however we would like to offer all children the opportunity to meet with their new children ‘virtually’.

We have arranged Google Meets on Thursday and Friday with all of our teachers. We have tried where possible to offer two times to avoid clashing times with classes and to provide some choice – children do not need to join both Google Meets.

Meeting joining codes will be shared via email and Google classroom.

Click the link to view the days and times: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tfv2Xbpmw3cGba6rKBKluoYx4YKI7Q0svF1gcqm0nPk/edit?usp=sharing


End of our last Monday!

Well done to everyone who logged on today – after a shaky start, we got there in the end! I’ll try again with the Challenge page tomorrow.

Shout outs go to Darcie, Dahin, Corey, Zeynep, Cole, Elizabeth and Nik. Excellent work today, well done! This Plover Posse Award is for you!

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon! See you in the morning!

End of the week

It’s the end of the week and what a busy one it has been!

Another day with wonderful work and children challenging themselves to do their best. Well done to you all!

I’ve seen great work from Cole, Amelia, Riley, Arwa, Dalton, Alesha and Nastazja and lots of you have again been earning Knowledge Points and improving your speed and accuracy on TTRockstars. Well done!

I hope the weather is good for us this weekend and you all have lots of fun.

I’ll see you on Monday for our final week in Y3 and Y4.

Take care!

3P Class Meet

Good morning 3P!

It is that time of the week again when we can have a virtual get-together. I have included the link below. Try to encourage any of the class mates that you have contact with to come and join us. It would be lovely to see even more faces! The meeting is at 9.30am again and hopefully all of the technology will work properly this week. I will remove the link after the meeting as usual. See you all shortly.

EDIT: It worked this week! Thank you for taking the time to come and join me. It was nice to see a different face in the meeting as well. Have a great weekend everyone.

Good morning!

Well Friday has arrived and there’s only more week to go.

Today we’ll be busy again in our online classrooms so head on over and make sure you let me know how you feel before making a start.

I have seen excellent perseverance, children challenging themselves on a daily basis and children who are motivated to learn even when they are not at school. I know it’s been unusual and hard to do your learning in such a new way but we are all very proud of each and every one of you. Keep it up, one more week to go!

Have a great Friday everyone!