First week back.

We have had a busy week settling back into our learning routines. We have completed editing and improving our narrative endings and we are now looking at the language of persuasion. In Maths, we are extending our understanding of place value and have enjoyed playing games to develop our knowledge. Please keep logging on to TimesTable Rockstars regularly to keep our learning going at home.

A reminder that we will need out OUTDOOR PE kit for our session tomorrow. We will need a change of trainers to go out on the field and maybe a spare bag to put them back into when we get changed as they might be muddy! It might also be a good idea to bring a warm sweatshirt and trousers so that we don’t get cold outside.

We are continuing to collect 5p pieces as part of the schools fundraising this year. If you can spare any, please keep sending them in. The class will get a reward to spend when the bottle is full!

Free books!

The children were really excited today to receive their very own FREE copy of a Roald Dahl book. They have been encouraged to take them home, look after them, treasure them, read them and share them with adults at home. Please encourage your child to read this book (or any other!) and enjoy the time together sharing the love of reading. Because all of the children received a free book, when they have finished reading theirs, they may wish to swap it with a friend’s book so that they can enjoy a different story as well.

Happy reading!

Another busy week ahead…

This week we have been learning about sources of light and we are looking forward to finding out more during our Expedition lessons.

In Maths we have been learning about adding strategies using rounding, doubling and adjusting. We have been persevering all week and we are feeling far more confident now.

We are eagerly awaiting our school trip to Magna on Wednesday and the Halloween Disco on Tuesday evening. It’s going to be a busy week!


We have been learning about electrical circuits and about how if they have a break in them the electricity cannot flow round. We made the bulb light up using a switch and found out about insulators and conductors.

Every day we have been talking about our behaviour rubric and it has been good to see children trying their best to follow the Plover Pledge.

Brilliant writing.

We have worked really hard this week finishing our descriptive writing for our own, imagined robots. There has been a lot of resilience in the classroom trying to peer critique our writing and then making further improvements. We have created some excellent adjectives and similes to make our writing even more effective.

We have also begun to explore electricity and electrical circuits. We had to work collaboratively to try and make a bulb light up using only the resources we were given. After much perseverance, everyone managed to achieve the goal. There was so much excitement in the room when this was achieved. We will continue to explore electrical circuits over the coming weeks.

A robotic afternoon

Today in Year 3 we have been designing our own robots for the future.  We have drawn what we think they will look like and have come up some with special features that will make our lives easier.  Some examples include, Max the Moneymaker (a robot that makes money), Gamer boy (a robot for gaming) and Rosie the Cake Maker who makes delicious cakes.

Next week we will be writing all about these robots and we will be finding out about electricity.


A magnetic week

During our expedition this week we have enjoyed exploring the names of the poles on magnets and we also experimented with attraction and repulsion of the poles. We also investigated the strength of the magnetic field of a magnet to see if we could make things hover.

We have continued to study the Iron Man and have been improving our skills of inference and prediction. We are keen to find out what the black squiggle was in the center of the star!

Hook week done.

We have had a lovely week doing art and craft activities; including our Family Learning on Wednesday afternoon. It was really good fun and we loved making robots with our special visitors.

It was really cool being back at school in our new class and it’s been great to see the calmness in the classroom. We are all really happy because we have done some brilliant learning and we are excited to explore the rest of our expedition.

IMPORTANT: PE days for 3P will be Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. The plan is that Wednesday will be indoors and we need the correct PE kit as well as our pumps. On a Friday, it will be outside (in most weather) so we will need our PE kit with some trainers to change into. We can bring a tracksuit for when it is colder.


Wednesday afternoon is the Year 3/4 Family learning event. We are wanting to make tin can robots but we need your help. Pleases could you bring any clean used tin cans into school on Tuesday or Wednesday so the children can make their robot.

Also, we would like old nuts and bolts and general metal bits and bobs to decorate the tin cans with – again, please could these be brought into school on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thank you

The Year 3/4 Team


Some examples of what we will be making!