English 3rd July

Good morning Key Stage One

Here is the poem we have used as a model this week

One black horse standing by the gate, 

Two plump cats eating from a plate,

Three big goats, kicking up their heels, 

Four pink pigs full of grunts and squeals,

Five white cows coming slowly home, 

Six small chicks starting off to roam,

Seven fine doves perched upon the shed,

Eight grey geese eager to be fed, 

Nine young lambs full of frisky fun,

Ten brown bees buzzing in the sun.

Today, using our list from Monday, we are going to write our own poem in the same format.

The video was too big to put on the Blog today but this link will take you straight to the video. (If you do have any problems, email [email protected] and Miss Lotysz can share this with you).


Here are my notes from my walk on Monday

Here is my poem – the pink is where I have edited it!

Please remember your poem does not need to rhyme!

Send your finished poems to [email protected]