Random act of kindness!

In crew last week, we challenged ourselves to be kinder. We discussed lots of things we can do as random acts of kindness. Today, we created birthday cards for a 90 year old gentleman who is alone for his 90th birthday as part of the adopt a grandparent scheme. We hope our cards put a smile on his face this weekend. Well done 6B

Miss Blackham


Improving our rapid recall of times tables!

You may see some of my lovely 6B’s wearing a sticker with a times table question on that they have been struggling with. We would love you to stop and ask them the question to support them with their rapid recall! They are really enjoying the challenge and I am already seeing an improvement with their times tables!

Our WW2 expert visitor

Year 6 are just getting started with our WW2 expert! I can’t wait to experience this with them as I know the lady is extremely knowledgeable and has lots of fun activities planned. I just want to thank parents for contributing towards these experiences for our children as they really do get so much from them! Keep checking your child’s class blog for more pictures of what we get up to during the workshop!

Check year 6’s blog for more photos!

Our remembrance family learning creations!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I really hope you all enjoyed your treats last Friday! A huge well done to the winners:

Samuel- EYFS

Miksang- KS1

Kyan- LKS2

Dalton & Ashton (who sent in a joint entry)- UKS2

I hope you enjoy your prizes! Please keep a look out for our Christmas family learning competition launching soon!

Plover will be England in the Rugby League World Cup

The rugby league world cup will take place next year. Doncaster will host some of the world cup games. As part of the celebrations, schools are involved in the event. (More details as we get them).


Rugby League legend Ellery Handley announced Plover will be representing England.





Children in Need 2020

Check out these goodies our cook made for everybody today!
We’re pleased to announce we raised a whopping £286.64 – thank you to everybody for your donations.

This week’s plover postcard winners!

How lucky am I to have a class full of fabulous, hard-working children! It makes choosing the postcard winners so hard! This lovely lot have been chosen for achieving their ME’s and pushing themselves to achieve all 4’s on their HOWLs. I’m so proud of you all! Keep it up superstars!